• http://www.facebook.com/mcneal.christopher Chris McNeal

    Thats great, I wish old people like this would shop where i work instead of the bitter ones that do now.

  • BabyFarts Magizax

    Enjoy the little things in life

  • guest

    this is the best video in a long time!!! noooki???? ohh that was a big work back in the day

  • Whiskey_Drinker

    Loved that video.. I'm still singing Sinatra as I type this.

  • jayhawk

    HERE WE ARE!!!!

  • Logicyup

    Knowing cool old people like this will make you a better person, they won't hold back on you and will call you on any bull shit they see. Worked with a guy like these two. Knowing him and his wife and spending time with them made me grow up when I already thought I was an adult. The stories they would tell were amazing, and any time he would pull me off to the side, I knew I was about to get some of the best advice anyone could ever receive.

  • Matthew

    It is weird thinking that when I'm their age we'll have the technology to download memories into a computer and live forever. I bet my AI clone and I will probably play in space like those two.

  • bukssna

    Man how awesome would it be for these guys to have a their show! I wouldn't miss it! 😀

  • sab

    Booda booda whats that underwear?.. UNDERWEAR? This is glorious

  • etcrr

    Never underestimate Old folk they love life and have a true appreciation of it. They could teach you pearls of wisdom that would do you well for the rest of your life

    • Uh, huh...yeah

      Like the pearls of widsdom your antiquated ass drops on us every day, on every post?

  • Anon

    Those guys cracked me up, especially when they thought he said nooki and started talking about it.

  • Bruins suck

    Boston Bruins are a bunch of losers with no talent… and there fans are racist and thats not cool

    • Hendo

      What the f*ck does that have to do with this video?

    • kris

      bahahaha someones a bit looped

  • hii

    lol gigantor

  • sshhh

    I want

    CaOlWhCXvNg&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaOlWhCXvNg&feature=player_embedded youtube]

  • mid13

    bahahahhaha! bootybootybooty what?
    I would adopt them.

  • TheJesus

    Harvey and Eddy rule.

  • mutant26

    I miss my grandparents. This reminded me of them. KCCO gentlemen. Well done!

  • bpierson85

    I used to work in a nursing home. This video is a great example of how if you just sit down and talk to some of these people they can be extremely entertaining and vibrant. Age is a state of mind and if you’re sharp you will always be young.

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    These two are freaking awesome i cant wait

  • tv_paul

    Give these guys their own bucket list type tv show and I'd watch it.

  • Bugman72

    Thanks for that post Chive!!!! What a great clip!!

  • Ekajevans

    I want my wife to be like this and I want her to be my best friend.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bradley.brothers Bradley Brothers

    Thanks Chive, you have once again put a smile on my face.

  • NYR144

    Hose guys are boss. I hope I'm like that at that age.

  • Elnene333

    These guys are awesome! Unfortunately, there will never be another generation like theirs. You can learn a lot about life from guys like these. They've seen a lot and they've lived it with more style and class then I could ever hope for.

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