Black is Beautiful (39 Photos)

  • jay

    Wow I recognized a couple of these women…here in Texas….

  • fact

    black don't crack.

  • ukulelemike

    #22 #24 #39 The best of both worlds!

  • haydogg

    Thank u chive!!! The brothers chive too!!!

  • checker

    this is a real pandering job. it could have been done well but it was just put together by someone that is NOT interested in Black women. It seems to have been done under duress because The Chive is being scrutinized for being white centric or racist. I don't know if that is true or not. If you are going to pander at least find some better images and DONT Doctor images to make it look you have African American chivettes. I have not seen a real one yet. it was a lame and cowardly post.

  • Not Impressed

    Why not have a white girl post see the double standard.

    • checker


  • JT1120

    Didn't they have a hit back in the 90's?

  • weston

    this is bullshit. so racist. what about a "white is beautiful" thread?

    • Yonce

      Every other thread

  • thatdude

    more Va$htie

  • OG22

    All these chicks pay with EBT cards.

  • OG22

    BET and EBT is not an accident

  • redeagle

    #1 Absolutely gorgeous xoxoxox

  • ChandlerAlyson

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  • brianp

    #11 #14 #33 #38

  • J Utah

    #9 Find at once

  • JuanMa… Moar moar moar, please find her!!

  • brian

    #10 Christina milian is the best

  • ToneSinclair

    who is #36…I need more of her

  • Hiro

    #1 Holy Mole-y she's hot!

  • Tim

    #12, #13 and, #20 are same woman right? Fantastic physical specimen.

  • Jason E

    #17 what a lovely trio

  • Tocallov

    Christina Milian is not black…but hispanic…sooooo..


    • Drill

      Didn't know hispanic was a race.


    I seriously cannot believe all of you ignorant chivers. I cannot comprehend all the hatred that flows through your veins. Seriously it doesn't matter if Asian, African American, Eskimo, or Alien isn't your preference but if it isn't your preference then why waste anyone's time by commenting? It makes me think that you negative people have a secret fetish with the people you put down. Don't lash out because you are embarrassed. Fucking idiots!

  • Rich Graff

    This lonely white guy says he wants to see MOAR of this everyday. GIT R DONE Chive.

  • annoyed

    OH MY GOD!

    chive just posted a bunch of chocolate honies and everybody is pissed off by it…why?

    sometimes i think the entire planet earth HATE black people…..


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