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Chivettes bored at work (54 Photos)

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  • Darrell

    #35 Moar Please! WOW Fantastic!

  • JayPenn

    MOAR of #42 #49 and #53 They can all come and work for me…

  • Jeff Albertson

    #3 You're amazing! Please to have MOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!


    Oh hell yes, flat out gorgeous stay safe and KCCO

    • Mike Oxlong

      Can't tell if bewbs are large or bullet-proof vest!?!?!?!

  • ret

    Why do I never get pulled over by a cop looking like #43

  • Shat_Thrice


    All. Time. Best.


  • ZREX

    I am so thankful for hot attention whores who need to be validated by comments from strangers

  • Balargon

    #30 MARRY ME !!

  • kmorrill4

    #11…. MOAR….MOAR…..MOAR…..MOAR…
    Oh, and MOAR!!!! She is SO FINE!!!

  • Ty Boy

    Hey #9 if a bear with chainsaws for hands attacked you i hope he doesn't touch your face because i think that shit is cute as hell!

    • TheUChiver

      What an awesome pick up line!!!! Chicks dig awesome pick up lines.

  • Darrell

    #49 Love the double Whammy mirror shot! Gorgeous!

  • droz

    look at all the sluts doing slut things

    • Ang

      Look at the jealous one whining like a bitch?

  • Ass

    Why is it every girl that works at texas roadhouse and a nice ass I love it #15

    • Mike Oxlong

      Because the food sucks!

  • justin

    #25 not quite sure that's not a dude.

  • IRightI

    #9 #32 ONE sexy girl!!!! MOAR!!! #54 FTW

  • confewuzed

    She won't send a photo to you privately, a random stranger. But she'll send it to a site that broadcasts it to thousands. Huh?

  • Rick

    #9 is the winner in my book Sexy btch and i meant that in a nice way.

  • Scottyboy16

    #5 GOOD GAWD., #19, those eyes, #28, #33 and #35

  • Steve

    #17 yummy,now thats nice

  • Christopher M. Bland

    #29 you have a perfect pair. Perfect I say.

  • Gavin Rock

    # 46 MOAR PLEASE!!!

    • Anon


  • burlap

    #53 i would love to have some pure joy

  • Traumahawk

    What is it about this that makes this so hot? Gawd there are too many beautiful women in the world.

  • whyme1973

    #9 Goddam!

  • SulsaKnight

    Some very beautiful and bored Chivettes. Especially #30. Good Lord you’re gorgeous! Love this post!

    • SuperDanMan4290

      Chive…We need MOAR OF #30!!



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