I see what you did there.. (32 photos)

  • Slappy

    #22 I love Talledega!

    • fo sho

      epic weekends to be had at 'dega baby..even when theres tornadoes all around ya like 2010.

  • ballsdeep.

    #32 straight up awesome.

  • tommytwotime

    #8 ha! #11 so THAT'S where Nelly got the band aid idea from!!! #29 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! FUCK! #32 fuck yeah…

  • Anonymous


  • chiver1234

    what the hell is going on in #9 ….i don't see what u did there

  • Yamomzboyfriend

    #8…Please show how you did that if not photoshopped!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=13752682 Zach Rochner

    #27 This is why I want to make a realistic recruiting commercial. When I joined the Marine Corps, I thought I'd be doing drill with M1's in my dress blues and fighting dragons. Instead, I pull shit like this. IT'S SO MUCH BETTER!

  • TAW

    #20 Survey results: 5 out of 5 high school girls will fellate just about anyone.

  • prostituteordaughter

    hahaha I love that band #3 He plays bass for Say Anything now.

  • https://www.facebook.com/therealkingking Jeremy King

    #32 Ewww, disgusting – said Nobody.

  • bhifi

    #32, hot on so many levels

  • Paddy

    Wheel of fortune one is fake both s's would show up

  • all

    #5 Nom nom nom.
    #11 There should be a young boy on the cover.

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