Let’s jump start Hump Day with a mystery tush in HQ (31 Photos)

You'll recognize the tush below from the HQ DAR and SC over the past year and I think these cakes deserve their own post. When our mystery Chivette first submitted she wrote,

"I have a very good job and I'd prefer to stay anonymous for now. That said, I work hard on my bum and I want to contribute to the Chive community, I want them to see it. You keep me a secret and I'll keep taking pictures of my bum, deal Johnny?"


Happy Hump Day, Chivers.

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  • dan

    the lips on #2…wow

  • Chivoso

    Lose 15lbs and get back to me.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Frankystein123 Frank Li

    You can bounce a quarter off of those things!

  • All men in america

    We will keep u employeed if u lose your job!

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  • Beluga

    #22 Fap fap fap fap fapity fap fap ….

  • Dickle

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Johnny

    you guys do realize that all of these beautiful tushes belongs to a gorgeous woman right?

  • CanadianPiper

    #4 #19 #24 #30 – The men in your life are way too lucky to be waking up next to you.

  • Mushu

    All I can say is Pure Love

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  • hdiig

    dear mystery chivette…
    you win the game…

  • stunned.

    her body drives me crazy! her curves are SO perfect.

  • Anonymous

    very good

  • Ant

    Definitely not unlucky #13!

  • http://picsclix.blogspot.com Pics4you

    #30 Love that ass :*

  • absure2

    Al so great thanks

  • CLD29

    The Bun is beautiful, but how hard did you work on the BT. Those BT views are wonderful. MTG!!
    #2 #4 #9 #10 #13 #19 #22 #26 #30 #31

  • buckethead

    Damn, if only…

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