The baobab tree doesn’t get quite the recognition it deserves (12 Photos)

  • PaulaIsAblueWaffle

    If this tree ever made it to america it would become illegal, look at what we did to cannabis.

  • pearlbullets

    U2's last great album was named The Baobab Tree.

  • Derek

    So does it live for 5,00 years or is it immortal?

  • adventxero

    I totally want to climb those trees

  • Nicnac

    Legend is the baobab used to be a beautiful tree and it boasted about this. God was so angry, he reached down, ripped it out of the ground and re-planted it upside down.

  • Stephen Clark

    The Baobab tree is also found in the Caribbean, mainly on former sugarcane exporting islands.

  • triplecap

    Not sure about all African countries, but in Tanzania they also call this the "Upside down tree", presumably because the branches look more like roots. There's an interesting story about how the tree grew so big that God turned it upside down.

  • Taylor

    5000 years eh, that tree doesn't look a day over 4980

  • LSUfan

    How do I go about purchasing one of these, or how much would it cost?

    • jjj

      You can buy seeds online

  • Gob

    It's no Ticket Oak

  • narrator

    Simba shall be the new king of pride rock!

  • bcarson810

    The Giving Tree IRL

  • Chocolate Panties

    I used to rate a tree on how climbable it was

  • Awesome

    This is so My Side of the Mountain…

  • mrjimmyos

    I think I saw this thing on Ray Mears where these tribes people mentioned how women sometimes give birth in these trees

  • john stamos

    that's a huge bitch!

  • Phishie

    The description of these trees remind me of a fictional book I read, but I don't remember what it was called….man this is going to bug me.

  • OldYou

    I find this difficult to fap to.


    Great post Chive…the power of mother nature!

  • skuz

    i would love to try and build something out of that tree though i have a feeling its very dense and probably dulls blades fast, but still the amount of wood you could get out of it, its an incredable thought

  • hii

    is this the same type of tree Rafiki lived in?

  • ChitownJC

    There's a Chuck Norris joke in here somewhere. Anyone?

  • LoveCircelli

    dont share this too much…or the world will find out and take it for themselves and we will no longer have these beautiful trees -love circelli

  • Martin

    I do not much like to take the tone of a moralist. But the danger of the baobabs is so little understood, and such considerable risks would be run by anyone who might get lost on an asteroid, that for once I am breaking through my reserve. "Children," I say plainly, "watch out for the baobabs!"

  • web


    The baobab tree is amazing : theCHIVE

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