The most expensive materials on the planet (16 Photos)


  • Bob Loblaw

    Last time I order the antimatter risotto.

  • lovebeingachivette

    i was thinking geez, has coke really gone up that much in just a few years? lol looks like a lot of others agree.

  • Shid

    #16 today only I'm selling antimatter at 50% off!

  • Bryan

    Good grade pot here in dallas is 20 a gram so take that saffron

  • Zrock76

    I heard that a priest in the Vatican has a big jar of antimatter

  • Jason

    Technically anti-matter isn't a material. Materials are matter. anti-matter is the opposite

  • SaltLakeChiver

    What about Unobtainium?

  • Backseat Chiver

    F saffron, Cannabis is $20/gram and much more useful.

  • Ballen

    #10 Just find some Libyan nationalist that want a bomb and make one with pinball machine parts

  • Sean

    LSD is that much because an active dose is around 15 micrograms. (microcgam= 1/1,000,000 gram). In reality, a dose costs about USD $5.

  • Dealer

    Hahaha heroin and crystal meth have become the new "rich mans" drug? I think your numbers are off quite a bit

  • Buckeye


  • khyzer

    i buy weed for 20/gram. fuck saffon #1

    • Mulchenbaum

      That sucks for you. I pay 25 for 3.5 grams of top shelf. Colorado baby!

  • Raven

    U need a new coke dealer if your paying that much

  • Verbal_Kint

    #8 damn. I remember when this was $100…

  • Thomas

    Pot is going for $20 a gram????

  • Anonymous

    Suspiciously missing from this list: Printer Ink.

  • Heisenberg


  • Jay Kalinowski

    Lost Anti-matter
    Reward : 50$
    Post here if found…


    • Brick

      I found it! But when I picked it up it went into nuclear fission…

  • Cocaine Guru

    $254 for a gram of cocaine is not Real anywhere…. I live in Peru, here you can get a good kilo for a solir $4,000. a kilo has 1000 grams…. cant be that a kilo in the streets will be $254,000. Refuse to believe it…. even in the USA i Know its around 40 a gram.

  • andyp311

    how come so many people know that actual value of coke, and meth?

  • Patrick

    why is cocaine so expensive in the US??

  • @hutton2420

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug!!

  • Anonymous

    $215 for a gram of blow, you are getting ripped off!

  • canada1111

    Pots 10$ a gram here in Canada..

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