The most expensive materials on the planet (16 Photos)


  • cicadetta

    What, no printer ink?


    What about gas?? It may not be as expensive per gram, but throw in my money, an arm and leg and the fact that it's got a grip on my balls would make it more expensive.

  • Retired Navy

    Oh well, I guess my dead brain cells did'nt make the cut this time.

  • Skippy

    We pay AU$300 a gram of coke in Australia. That's unfortunately the standard price so maybe we should get some tug boats and drag south America a bit closer!!

  • Parallendicular

    #16 How do you price Antimatter? There's only ever been a few micrograms of antiprotons in existence. Unless they're pricing it based on the cost of producing it?

  • Angel

    Coke is. $35-45 a gram in Houston

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  • tommytwotime

    #16 I totally found some antimatter in one of the boxes I never unpacked from when I last moved!!! I'm going to be so rich it'll be cray

  • Greg

    It’s spelled “Taaffeite”.

  • Ianusmc

    Ahhh I remember when I gave some plutonium to some guy named Doc Brown…. Wonder what he Everett do with it???

  • ahhh

    Little did Dan know, but when Anti-Matter comes in contact with Matter, the two fuse and become photons (or light) and give off energy…So…I do believe his neighbor hood should be a bright abyss…

    • tapsnapornap


  • emma

    huh?? ccoke is like 40-60/g…..this is a dumb post

  • edd

    Californium is one of the most valuable elements. Suck on that Francium, Polonium, Germanium, and um, Americium. Also berkelium.
    All you other elements, and the places they are named off of, are implicitly inferior.

  • Yamomzboyfriend

    This list is so wrong! Why is Cali shrubs not listed? Where is cocaine 215 a G? Pussy should be #1….it breaks a good dude everytime! LOL

  • Rick

    don't forget Printer Ink … $3,000 per litre (or $8,000 per gallon) according to wiki …
    god, that stuff's expensive!

  • Jiub

    The real problem with buying anti-matter is, where do you store it?
    If it comes in contact with normal matter (hint: everything), it dissolves.

  • Adam Hacke

    Where's printer ink? It should be on this list.

  • Cristian Jaeger Ricalde

    LOL! who's your dealer? you're getting ripped off dude

  • BigKid

    So if we sell a litte antimatter, the debt problem would be fixed….?

  • Jason E

    All the crack heads came out for this one

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  • Anonymous

    The cocaine pricing is way off. Otherwise a really cool article!

  • I'm just saying.

    All of these materials are dirt cheap compared with the price of semen. I let go of just a few grams of it eight years ago and now she, my daughter, has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • saffronfan

    How do you measure the money worth of antimatter? Just curious.

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