An article on theCHIVE community y’all might enjoy …

chive lead An article on theCHIVE community yall might enjoy ...

We recently gave an interview to Washington Times columnist Jeff Barrett. I’m not posting this on theCHIVE in a sort of hey-look-what-cool-shit-people-are-saying-about-us! way; as many of you know, I’ve denied interviews to larger publications as I have no interest in using mainstream media to spread theCHIVE word.

However, this interview is largely about the Chivers and the kindness of theCHIVE community. Plus I figured since I’m constantly asked these very same questions I could kill, like, 2 million birds with one stone here. At the very least these are my honest thoughts on the Chive and provide some insight to its humble beginnings. Also, it’s Leo’s birthday today and I thought this would be fun for him to wake up to.

Entire article right here.

Deep cleavage gallery to follow in about a half hour.

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  • TonyM

    A big thanks from all the soldiers.

  • Gerry

    The Washington Times? meh

  • mateo

    Even though it wasn't mentioned directly, I still bet you guys get more pussy than rock stars and frank sinatra combined. Congratulations on looking for the good in people instead of the crass selfish greed that seems so often to dominate. My next motorcycle build will be a KCCO tribute.

  • CorbinKeith

    Im fully erect thinking about myChive. Refer back to the Simpson photo as well.

  • Oliver Vorian Wang

    Leo looks like Brann Dailor in this photo.

    Without those ear-hoops, of course.

  • Jared

    I handed my notice in at my current job 4 weeks ago. I was introduced to the Chive the second day of my notice period and due to being given no work I have sat and looked through months and months worth of posts which has massively helped pass the time. Thank you Chive!!!!

  • Smack76

    myChive EPIC win

  • Jordan Tunnicliff

    the MYChive paragraph has just given me a chubby. I feel the internet was built for this single purpose! Can. Not. Wait!!!!!

  • Mathias Courbois

    Great article guys. I've been following the site for a little over a year now and it's been great so far. And it just stays interesting! Unfortunately I always miss the KCCO shirts. But I'll get one soon enough.

    Can't wait to start spreading the Cool all over Belgium!

  • R. Vest

    I would like to propose that you never, ever link to any other site that does not embrace the "single scroll" model. As I take my cursor across some of your links, I think to myself "No, I'm not going there. I'll have to see all of their shit load ever time I click next." Now, I know that some of you with extra-fast broadband will not care, but hey, I'm in the middle of suburban Los Angeles and my neighborhood has the choice of DSL or bend over and let me fuck you without a hug and a kiss Time Warner… so yes I appreciate the single scroll!

  • ump726

    Finally, while my girlfriend is "pinning" I'll be able to be "tapping"!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao

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