• theCaptain

    My god… she loves camping fishing AND she can wakeboard… im in love. Will you marry me? you can accept at my twitter @wakeordie

  • Edward Lara

    fucking awesome, she deserves a medal! lol

  • sworbie

    I think she's lovely and has a killer smile. 😀

  • CameronCrazi2

    Kaycie your men in uniform love you too! Chive on from Mazar E-Shariff, Afghanistan!

  • corey

    Is this what this site is? Slutworld?
    Gross. Way to degrade yourself, honey.

  • Adam

    Dear lord….come to San Diego….I have my uniform I can wear for you, but think youll look much better wearing it for me.

  • Nick Name

    Marry Me?:,)

  • ddp

    Very pretty…but #30…DAMN!!!

  • http://gmail lucky

    hi.. Your nice look. I love you and girlfriend offer you.

  • bill

    nice smile 😉

  • Vector_Victor

    #11 "Nearing" your 21st birthday ehh?

  • bijou

    #5 Gorgeous smile!

  • justin

    #30 iI think iI just died. please resesitate me!

  • Capton

    Seriously ,, I think I’m in love

  • brent

    ::closes mouth::

  • F@$%theArmy

    In #12, I think she just farted! And in #15, you aren't fixing the car, you're watching a man fix the car.

  • Andrew

    Kaycie you are absolutley gorgeous. Chive on girl oh and #29 FTW!!!

  • Demo

    Kaycie, let's go have a beer over at the Ram. Love your pic #30.

  • drbman

    Way to Go Idaho!! awesome post! awesome chick awesome behind!#30

  • http://pdltd.blogspot.som TommyinIdaho

    I-D-A-H-O! Idaho! Idaho! Go! Go! Go!

  • Skanks rock

    You misspelled "attention seeking skank"

  • DaMitz

    #24 & #30…. I'd love to wake up seeing that view everyday…

  • DeltaAlphaOscar

    One of my favorite Chivettes, you can't imagine the things I'd do to meet her.
    #4 – Great Smile
    #10 – Bangin' body
    #14 – Seems fun
    #30 – DAT ASS ! ! !

  • BajanChiver!

    Kaycie your gorgeous! And your pics have fun loving written all over! Congrats on chivette of the week! 😉 KCCO

  • @Issheadaughter

    #18 you're beautiful doll. don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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