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These photos Thebigcaption

These photos Thebigcaption

  • john

    First bitches!

    • Tweeker

      You maybe first and yes you are a bitch for pointing that out. Have a great day being first on 1 of millions of posts on the net 🙂

    • Hipster

      #7 – No – I would actually do a Warhol kind of print for something like this. Printers are too here and not there (where I and my companions stand)

    • DaUndeadDodo

      Hey! Nobody likes you!
      Except maybe your mother, and other close relations. They might like you, still.

  • yup

    ahaha second!

  • andy

    cool post!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      ummmm, yeeaaahhh, I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you there, Peter.

    • ObiOne

      yah this post sucked, none of those were even funny or clever. except maybe #23

  • winfields

    #4 and #5 – oh you CRAZY Asian folks…

    • winfieldsmaster

      If Asian people are in a group they're crazy? If white people are in a group are they just fat tubs of lard?

      • bill

        yo bro, yo…you mad?

      • Dr. Fap

        That was a witty response. I am so proud of you windfieldsmaster. Well done.

        • winfieldsmaster

          Mad cause of right?

          • winfieldsmaster


    • wdh

      oh you LAZY white folk…

      see what i did there?

    • therealguy

      Your comedic career is safe, for now, cuz you anonymously failed..

  • Phil


  • Justin Lentz

    5th, wait am i doing this wrong? Hahaha

    • yup

      No you are bang on number 5

  • Jimmy

    Please stop cat Saturday it's terrible

    • Meh

      or… put Cat Saturday on The Berry where it belongs and populate The Chive with kick-ass dog posts every day of the week.

      • da kid

        Agreed. Dogs doin g shit like bangin that ho

    • Jimmy

      Replace cat Saturday with snatch Saturday, it would make the world and the chive a much better place. Anyone who like cat Saturday has disgraced themselves an their families. Loving cat Saturday is like hating America. Supporting cat Saturday is the same as supporting terrorism.

      • Morten Der Alte Norup

        See Underbakers comment below .
        No one is forcing you to see those posts. Maybe it's time you moved out of your mom's basement.

    • Underbaker

      Let me untie you from that chair and take the toothpicks from your eyelids. Now tell me what evil person is forcing you to look at something you don't want to?

      • figleaf

        Yeah, WTF?

        Do these folks open and scroll Cat Saturday – not liking cats – just in case an epic tush is posted and they miss it? Or???

        • Jimmy

          We are pissed that cat Saturday is basically the only thing posted on Saturdays and it's just plain aweful.

          • Underbaker

            So TheChive staff don't deserve the weekends off? I think Mac only does the cat Saturday thing as a bonus for his love of cats.


      LONG LIVE CAT SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Misty

    third! are we seriously doing this?

    • yup

      you're not even close to third..

  • @bdaley84

    #27 for all but one it seems

    • Underbaker

      What all those pansies in DC forget about hazing is that it is also a bonding process that gives the receiver a sense of accomplishment kind of like a passage into manhood that builds trust, camaraderie and esprit de corps among those that go through it. Do some people take it too far? Yes, but there are always people who take things too for.

      • mom b*nger

        A sense of accomplishment or just the feeling in your gut that you've been humiliated and no longer have to fear being humiliated again? Realy bonding. In more civilized countries things like hazing don't exist. Picking on 1 kid is low, easy, lame and called bullying.

        Greetings to you
        Also, i b*nged your mom

        • Underbaker

          Hazing and bullying are two different things. Bullying is just picking on people to cause misery and give oneself some weird sense of accomplishment or power over another individual. Hazing is putting people through hell so that they can meet the challenge and join a brotherhood/sisterhood of people who have gone through similar experiences. Hazing has a very rich heritage in our military and colleges. It is also practiced throughout many cultures as rites to manhood/womanhood. When I was in the USAF and made Staff Sgt they had a tacking on ceremony where the Commander and my Supervisor tacked on my new stripes by punching me in the arms on either side of me, then every one in attendance came by to shake my hand and further tack on my stripes. Yes my arms were very sore for 2 days, but I felt like I earned them stripes and were accepted by others as someone who deserved the. In later years tacking on was banished from the USAF and I have to say that stripes I earned in those days did not feel as important to me.

  • USMC

    #27 the army and their antics. Sometimes they have pillow fights!

    • Dave

      At West Point we had a pillow fight that sent 19 people to the emergency room… so "USMC" isn't wrong

    • SgtHoopster

      Hahaha. Rah. They're meaner than a bag full of kittens.

  • Jim

    #18 "This is Sparta!" College addition

    • B!!!

      *edition . Or maybe you meant addition and only you get your jokes!

      • Internet Police

        When you correct someone, everyone hates you

        • B!!!

          Are you correcting me? I mean if the Internet police said it, it must be true. Therefore by default I hate you and so does everyone . Seems logical

      • Jim

        Yes *edition. Sorry for the incorrect spelling, I've been up all night studying.

  • chiver

    Mobile ads, the second caption that has nothing to do with picture. Also get im the way.

  • LIJay

    #11 That really wasn't pleasant in the least.

    • LIJay

      Who the hell thumb-downed this!? You like seeing chubby Asians with their dick outline showing through their speedo??

      • mrnormalpenis.

        he has a really lumpy weiner outline. i'm pretty sure he's being assisted by a wadded up newspaper.

        • Liltob

          Exactly what I was thinking as well I was like we all know this Asian stuffed his speedo!!!!

        • LilRob

          Exactly what I was thinking as well I was like we all know this Asian stuffed his speedo!!!!

      • amykayyy

        That's what I was thinking…

        • wdh

          i have news for the both of you..

      • wdh

        you kinda look like that chubby asian.. just sayin..

        • LIJay

          You mean except that I'm not Asian, nowhere near as chubby, and my dick is bigger?? If that's the case, then so be it. However, well done. Do you feel like a detective or a badass or something? Me > You, by leaps and bounds.

          • wdh

            LOL, look. I only wrote that because on your post, if you move your mouse over to the pictures of you and the post, you guys have the same silly facial expression. And i thought it was funny. Still do. And i thought it was funny how you comment first on your on post because you got all but hurt when people were thumbing down your post. And i make a little joke so now you have to save your dignity. I get it. KCCO

  • jack of all trades

    #17 Amen to that. It was so annoying! #24 First world problems.

  • AsciiAdam

    I did not laugh at any of these. Might just be in a bad mood today, or these could suck. Not sure which. Will check back tomorrow to find out.

    • Pouie

      Artsy font is not as funny.

      • Catalystika

        It could've been worse. The font could've been comic sans.

        PS… that goofy Yoga Fire one (#31) should have been Yoga Flame. Still not funny, either way.

    • Turd Ferguson

      They suck. It's like they were captioned by my mom.

      • THAT_GUY

        I laughed more at your comment than i did at any of these pictures. well done

    • Craigery

      Whoever made them spent so much time choosing fancy fonts they forgot to make them funny.

      • Lev

        You're right, their priorities were not on the content. Great example: there are as many Adidas logos as there are Nike in #21. Combined with the obnoxious font, the picture was ruined twice.

    • bill

      i'm with you, bro. most of them weren't funny, the other ones I just didn't understand…whatever.

    • Rico McMeeko

      Ascii. I know what you mean. Seems like they were done by that new guy…

  • B!!!

    #28 I'd watch it, just to see Bill Murrary

  • trl87

    #8 second only to the bacon rainbow

    • TheUChiver

      Shoot em Elizabeth

  • hark1985

    #35 I want to know more about your tradition!

  • jack of all trades

    #33 Looking for the Barbasol can from Jurassic Park

    • TgGonz

      No wait I think your contact is over here.

  • Trav1121

    Holy lord! The text in most of them is almost too obnoxious to look at… You can tell this is from elsewhere…

    • Meh

      They are from THE BIG CAPTION. Living up to its namesake!

      • Eric

        This was literally the worst caption thread i've ever seen. What happened to my usual favourite thread???

    • ...

      lol, well you have to give chive time to steal from other sites. when the good caption sites run out, they have to go lurk somewhere else

    • Baron von Ister

      …unlike all the other content which is totally original?

  • hark1985

    #3 Come at me bro

    • Kenai

      I know… this is obviously NOT haters gonna hate…

  • @TheDood13

    this makes my day tolerable

  • etcrr 130p

    #10 Thats a shuttle leaving earth hence it says goodbye earth ,very funny and nice i like it very much.

    • trl87

      I see what you did there

    • Bullshit Face

      That was funnier than any of the fucking captions…damn, these sucked.

    • ObiOne


  • Tar Tarlton

    #28 I literally laughed out loud; at work. Well, it was more of a snort.

    • WillyPGuts

      absolutely awesome

    • Dr_StrangePants

      SOL ?

  • craigmarchphotography


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