Dad decides to take a photo of his son every year on the first day of school (13 Photos)

  • Chrisy

    Sooo cute. The picture idea and the guy.

  • Action Jackson

    #13 All grown up and ready for unemployment

  • johnnychivealive

    What is with the floating video ad???

  • Patrick

    The socks just get shorter

  • Bassinator

    13 years and still never got around to paving that driveway. Must be tough playing ball hockey on that

  • da goober

    that was awesome! i would do the same if i was a parent

  • Alex

    Cool kid rocking a Dbacks hat!

  • kelso909

    #10.. no back pack as a freshman as Ice T would say.. "fuck it!"

  • Chivoso

    That tree is all up in them damn power lines and the utility company won't do a damn thing about it.

  • grannie pat

    This is really cool….I told my grandaughters to take a picture of kids in from of Christmas from the very beginning of the first borns…about the same but as time goes on family grows in numbers also…

  • 907Chiver

    I see the neighbors painted their house…

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