Daily Morning Awesomeness (26 Photos)

  • that guy

    #25 women are freaking amazing

  • ChandlerAlyson

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  • MWB

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm an idiot. I set my alarm for the chive shirts on EST. Stupid, stupid me. Carry on and KCCO.

  • NaTaS

    #17 Cheater

  • Gregory

    #13 Poor kid doesn't even know his life is all downhill from here…

  • http://www.facebook.com/kamikaztastik Zach Heckman

    #22 star boards

  • KayakAggie

    #9 My sentiments exactly.

  • Bob

    #17 Amazing

  • Skedaddle

    #25 it don't get much better than that


    #5 OH DAMN!! ITS GOIN DOWN IN NATURE #11 MC Donalds Menu Shirt #17 Motivation!! And Dedicated Awesome!!

  • John



  • kelso909

    #13.. that kid already has life figured out
    #14.. belly button tumor! classic!

  • Shap

    10 not the first ball she's taken to the face.
    11 'merica

  • SpartyOn81

    Love the love for MCA, RIP big guy

  • tommytwotime

    #2 oh my god!!! so cute! #10 hahahaha!!! holy shit that sucks! #14 jesus christ is that a goddamn alien chest burster coming out of his bellybutton?????

  • Captain



  • Paul

    #20 Wonder if they jumped in to save the bird?

  • Richard

    #15 – Stupid, and not even real. The image doesn't move up with the screen. It's green screened. Fail indeed.

  • http://backrowheckling.tumblr.com/tagged/writing Chowdahr

    #3 Is totally going to be a Find Her

  • motojunky27

    #26 I guess going swimming right then would be a bad idea?

  • chobobo

    #17 amazing! Chive on!

  • troy

    #25 Chive u have to start a new double hump together thread please for the lurve of all the chive followers out there in the world of cyber space and bored as bat shit people at there computers all day PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • GreenDawg58

    #13 on the right… Who is her? We must know!!!!

  • bzazz

    #24 that kid is way to drunk to be driving!

  • rafael iriarte

    i just watched a show Steven hawking hosts that featured that women and the company that makes the suits

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