• KCJake

    Do not engage in any sort of fencing or sword play? Yeah, I bet nobody does that.

    • Brian

      I know right! Buy our lightsaber, but don't go all Jedi on your friends.

    • MattKL

      When they said that, it guaranteed no one would listen to them.

    • Jesse

      If they didn't want me to use it as a light saber, they shouldn't have made it look like a light saber.

      • Livin' Legend

        Or called it a "laser saber".

    • Kaiser

      dumbest, most fake bullshit ever.

      • JHL1

        No there have been many many lightsabers sold that are much more fake.

  • antitango

    George Lucas lawsuit incoming in 3… 2……

    He just can't help himself.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.holliday Joshua Lee Holliday

      You're a little late, he had sued them before they even came out with these.

  • Dakota

    but could it cut a hand off???

    • BType13X2

      naww just causes somewhat serious burns returning mine today attempted to vanquish my boss well he's alive and now I have a lawsuit on my hands rather then a murder charge such BS.

  • Kyle B

    Ill take three

  • matt

    Do Not Point Laser At Remaining Eye.

    • etcrr

      You'll poke your eye out kid or cut half your head off

  • vashfire

    i think i just shit my self

    • Mattman


  • dacrawla

    But are they as powerful as "The Schwartz"?

    • Schwartz

      Nothing is as powerful as me

  • Whiskey_Drinker

    I can't really afford one right now…. ah….. Fuck it….

  • the jaco

    um bull shit! not lightsaber! i pretty much jizzed in my panty when i watched this, but i looked it up on youtube… and its just a laser that burns through shit… heart broke…

    • Pete

      Um… isn't a lightsaber just that?

      • moogle

        That's the joke…

        • Pete

          I'm not sure the jaco was joking.

  • Ohhhboyyy

    It says not to bring it on a plane lol. At least they warned u…

  • http://www.facebook.com/chelsea.schmillen Chelsea Schmillen

    when the f— would i use this in a controlled environment?! i'm game for classrooms and parties!

    • Mcchocolate

      Unruly kids

  • bryan

    I would give up my first born child for one.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      Oh My GOD that's so unspeakably wrong it 's… it's… it's… unspeakable! You can sell your son for a LOT more than the cost of one of those!

  • etcrr

    Ok here's all my money, Wait, what do you mean It won't work they way I want it to?

  • Logicyup

    But can you light your cigarette with it? Cause that would be great, someone ask for a light, whip out your handy dandy light saber, and scare people half to death.

    • DJR8D


    • Fuk

      Fucking epic.

  • Havaard

    So buying one. I will be sure to submit pictures of the burns to Chive.

  • Big White

    Shut up and take my money!!!!!


    Too far guys. Normally I am an advocate of all your advertising partners but when I read the title of this post I legitimately thought someone found the physics loophole and was working on a theoretical prototype. Damn you for getting my hopes up.

  • MattKL

    Very awesome. Everything they said not to do with these, I would do as many times as possible.

    • etcrr

      Perfect post for I do what I want lol

  • ekewaka11

    They have the money and tech to make a real life lightsaber…. but the video looks like it was made by a highschooler using Virtua Fighter music.
    (Not to mention that somehow wearing "laser shades" makes a difference on your safety)
    Seems legit.

    • Simon

      And it was from a company called Wicked Lasers.

    • ngrfgt

      it's basically sunglasses more specifically designed to protect against the wavelengths their lasers operate at…but yea, a good pair of sunglasses should do fine

  • mikehawk

    Alright Mac, YOU buy one and then let me know how it works.
    I would wear the shades as a precaution though.

    • lol

      Id prefer for you to demonstrate it on CATS too

  • Brian P.

    This is genuinely retarded and I accept any and every thumbs down you give me. Like I give a fuck.

    • Kaiser

      this. exactly this. how the mother fuck is this even a post on this site.

  • Deep sea chiver

    I've sold all of my worldly possessions, started growing my hair out, and bought a robe and boots… Now shut up, and take my money.

  • Aksnowmonkey

    Am I mistaken or is this just a plastic tube with a laser in it? I bought my nephew one for $5 at the fair.

  • Wilson

    You only see the laser when there's smoke, then they have a plastic tube over it, containing the laser. All the other times it's just been added using After Effects.
    It's NOT a lightsaber, it's just a powerful laser

    • http://www.facebook.com/nate.birkas Nate Birkas-Schatz

      Not if your using Wicked Laser's 1 or 2 watt lasers… you can see the beam in the daytime, no smoke.

      I'm pretty sure that's what they're using in the video.

    • Son of Dad

      At work we use 4000W CO2 lasers to cut 3/4" carbon steel… that's a powerful laser. These are laser pointers with fancy handles.

  • http://www.facebook.com/the1j.reed Jonny Reed


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