It’s summer, say goodbye to your annoying roommates (23 Photos)

  • LIJay

    If I never have a roomate again, it'll be too soon.

    • DadX

      Don't ever have kids, those shits are worse, plus you can't kick them out until they are 11

      • LIJay

        Haha right on.

    • johnny depp

      Anyone who leaves a note to their roommate is passive aggressive; just talk to them.

      • RoadSodas

        I used to leave notes just because my roommate hated it so much! He would always casually mention how much he hated passive aggressive people but wouldn't mention the specific passive aggressive things I did; thereby himself being passive aggressive…dick

  • MarauderV8

    You should see how many hidden penises are on my ship.

    • Brutal Deluxe

      That's weird. On most ships, they're just out in the open.

      • MarauderV8

        We can't do that, the Naz… I mean, officers don't like it.

        • Cap'n Man

          You hide the somewhere dark and shtinky
          Avast ye bitches! In yer bungholes

    • r00s7a

      Easy there sailor!

    • Master_Rahl

      bwa ha hahahaha still laughing about the phrase "urge to create penises" – I'm so immature, and I've made my peace with it.

    • Sgt E

      Haha, yeah when I was on the Boxer for a MEU, a buddy of mine drew so many hidden phalic pictures all over the place; including every port we made… he's got 100's of pictures, and they're really quite detailed…lol artistic almost.

      Sgt E

    • Shea


      • MarauderV8


  • BuffaloJustSayin


    Dear Diary, Jackpot.

    • GernBlansten

      Handed on a silver platter…..

      • Blake


        • TheGreatCornholio

          I'll be a good citizen and check in on her… For the whole night.


    • Kate

      I hate that stupid saying…why is rape funny?

      • MylesofStyles

        It's only rape if she wakes up.

    • SanDiego

      lol this never gets old

  • nikki

    thank god my roommate is a sane, clean freak chivette 🙂

    • browneye


    • Monte Chiver

      R u both single?? Can we get hump, burnt & gap pics?

    • kiki

      pics or it didn't happen

    • openureyes

      The despo nerds of this site prove once again how pathetic they are.

  • Seldi84

    #19 I would have gotten on with that dude.

  • MgoBlue

    Soon… I will kill my roommates.

  • BostonRugger

    #13 Spends time coloring eggs when it would have only took a small amount of time to clean the fridge.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      My first thoughts too.

    • Witchlover


    • Frank

      I took it as though those were left over Easter Eggs the roommate made that are still in the refrigerator from a month ago.

      • BostonRugger

        I guess someone has never made easter eggs.

        Step one write on egg with clear wax

        Step two dye egg

        Areas with wax will not dye

        • 0331

          no matter how many times you stabb it.

        • JHL1

          Because once you dye an egg, you can never ever change it's color again. Not even in small segments like words.

        • Rita

          you can scratch them after they are dyed and receive white text.

    • DoC

      Probably was in the process of making Easter eggs and made a couple special ones at the same time. Not the point though, you're clearly the bad roommate. Cleaning up after people gets old. Its the principle of it.

  • MarthaJeane

    #12 – Hoarders the "But it was on sale" edition.

    • figleaf

      Not a veggie in sight.

      • MattKL


  • littlet

    Love it

  • organix85

    #18 That's a pretty big box of piss.

    • winfields

      and the obvious Bear Grylls comment (then again, I don't think that's ever been over used) so never mind.

    • Brutal Deluxe

      I hate it when I get my box of piss confused with my box of wine.

  • jenner1185

    #6 Made me giggle. Very creative.

  • Paul from the gump

    I will bet you a million dollars that the post that goes up after the post announcing the shirts are available is a sponsored post.

  • SadeShadz

    #1 I'd kill him :/

    • BuffaloJustSayin

      Oh well that's not creative. Kill him? Come on. Really?

      • SadeShadz

        Hmn, true. Maybe I should just return the favor – and not give him a heads up. What would you do? I'm all out of creativity at the moment.

        • techno_viking

          I'd fuck his mom. Don't use your pillow…

        • Lava

          I did this, no heads up. Totally worth it.

          • SadeShadz

            *evil laugh* my man!

    • DrunkOldMan

      Why not just piss on his toothbrush, then wait a week to tell him.

      • SadeShadz

        Haha! I like, but something more should be done 😀

    • Monte Chiver

      Maybe Eric gets none so Matt was trying to get his bed some action??

    • Feistybi;)ch

      I wouldve just switched pillows n not said anything.

    • burlap

      Bare arse farts all over his pillow. Pink eye sucks

      • SadeShadz

        Gross :S

  • Mlsa37

    Read this, save time:

    A bunch of corny comments from people who think they are hilarious. There. Now you dont have to scroll through this whole thing

    • shitfaced

      Read this, save time:

      Mlsa37 took the time to write something thinking they were being funny/clever. Thereby becoming one of the very people they sought to undermine with their witty comment.

      • @icallLTLspoon

        And does it on multiple posts or copies someone else who did it on other posts…not sure which though. Too lazy to research

      • tbone

        If you're coming to The Chive in order to save time you've missed the point of this website.

        • Rick_


    • Craigery

      I had to scroll through the whole thing to get to your stupid comment.

      • Mlsa37

        If you did, then you are an idiot. This is on the first page. Good try though

        • Brutal Deluxe

          Go step in front of a steamroller.

          • Mlsa37

            You have an obsession with me dont you Deluxe? How cute 🙂

  • crazydog

    Between 9am and midnight folks should be able to have noisy hetero sex at least half the time….noisy sex is way fun. Hot lesbians should be able to have all the noisy sex they want 24/7

  • Spencer

    For all of you waiting patiently on thechivery for the kcco shirt. I just discovered the BLACK KCCO its hidden at the bottom of on the bookshelf. click the cats cradle book! I am so f8cking pumped!!!

    • cpl alvarez

      nice find!!

    • Ahhhhh

      Shit doesn't work

      • Spencer

        Child, Please.

    • John

      Was all bummed that I missed the BFM 3-D shirt. But THANKS to your tip got me one of these bad boys instead! You RAWK!

    • Blame_anxiety

      Thank you so much for the tip. 2am Eastern and I still got one

    • Rye

      Thank you kind sir just got one. My dreams have been fulfilled.

    • beef

      you are a saint

  • whyme1973

    #11 I'll check on her.

    • Mlsa37

      Good one. How old are you 12?

      • Brutal Deluxe

        What a fucking dick you are!

      • whyme1973

        Sorry Ashley.

    • techno_viking

      Yep. It's still wet…

    • hakai20

      Sounds like my ex, whose name actually is Ashley. If it's her, run for your lives.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Good, you check on her, she is 350 lbs and has a nasty flesh eating disease growing out of her folds. Thank you for taking on that responsibility.

  • Option

    i'm glad other people fucking hate having roommates

  • Shanayyy

    #2 the dude decides to troll and wake her up at 9:01 lol

  • Eric



    It doesn't count as sex if you're by yourself.


    P.S. – Don't use your shampoo.

  • Andrea

    Taught my roommates how to chive earlier this year… sad I'm leaving them for the summer!

    Glad we just found the hidden going away gift though in the bookcase on the Chivery……..

    • Raj

      So you taught them how to browse a website? Nice going!

  • D.j. Williams

    shirts went up for sale early

    • Big_Curt

      I was actually busy doin work at that time…..sonofabitch

  • DaveBmore


    • DaveBmore

      And the shirts are down 😦

      I got mine though. BFM3D!!!

  • *dash*

    #11 pics or GTFO

  • Johnnybravo60025

    Easily the most passive aggressive post I've seen on here in awhile.

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