Just a few stunts on a streetbike (20 photos)

  • etcrr

    Fuckin nuts man

  • whyme1973

    In a controlled environment, I am truly impressed with the way these guys handle their bikes. It's the idiots that do this stuff on the public streets that drive me nuts. No regard for safety to those around them.

  • http://twitter.com/Speedstripe @Speedstripe

    Anything motorcycle related makes me wish my Ninja could come out of the shop sooner.

    I agree with whyme1973, stunts in controlled environment, with proper gear, and proper backup plans for when things go wrong.
    Caution and tight control for street riding.

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  • Who needs nuts?

    Looks like a cheap method for "Gender Reassignment."

  • SuperGoose

    #11 "Crazy Dan" Jackson…. Back in the Honda days. Classic.

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