Redheads are the torch that get me through the dark times (35 Photos)

  • revdannyb

    #22 my kinda woman

  • jsmooth11

    2,12,29,33 🙂

  • JTomas

    Extremely disappointed in you chive. I love redheads. But, this time you have failed me. I hate fake readheads. Only real Gingers deserve to be called Chives Best Redheads. I only saw about 3 or 4 at best on this weeks. Maybe you can do better next time.

  • 99today

    Whoever took photo 25 should submit to top photo contest! EXCELLENT!!!!!

  • fenris

    Aaaand head over heels.

  • dan

    #24 and #25….gorgeous

  • Sean

    #19 Always stunningly gorgeous! Hope to see you next week!

  • adam tomblin

    i would like to fuck all of these chicks and the other thing i would like to say is 10 fuckin 10

  • Jonny

    No soul means no red-heads in the afterlife, better get working on that elixir of life then!"

  • guy

    Marryy me #22?

  • Tumble70

    34 you have amazing blue eyes

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