Redheads are the torch that get me through the dark times (35 Photos)

  • roly

    not to be a total dick…but this is the first thing I thought of when i saw #6

    • lloyd

      Yeah, you're kind of a total dick.

  • goldenboy

    12 And 33.Are the best looking Gingers in here….

    • Skye Madison

      lol i dont have red hair.

  • Tripp

    I ❤ redheads but who wouldnt love to see a persian girl post? Think about the contrast maaaaaan

  • Ben Dover

    #26 all I can say is WOW

  • checker

    sorry but this is the LAMEST redhead post in a long time. what is wrong at Chive central today? upset by that Black is Beautiful post or something??

  • JAY

    #33 even moar please

  • theRoddick


  • sumblackdude

    #23 i wish i could wake up with you every morning : p

  • Dan

    #4 #15 #16 #23

    I forgot how miserable my job is after seeing those beautiful women. Please send Moar.

  • checker

    i figured it out! BOB is responsible for this post. he wouldn't know a beautiful woman if she fell on him after falling 10 stories!

  • Justin Hensley

    Good lord..20 and 27.. just take a shit day and brighten it right up.

  • @stoupher12

    Redhead… cowboy boots…..Yes Please

  • khyzer


  • PenthouseTommy

    I think #12 is pretty damn sexy

    • Skye Madison


  • iruvsushi

    22 more. My hipsteress queen. I love u

  • tylrd67

    #17 Handlebars!!

    • bdg

      Pippy Longstockings!!!!!

  • deleted6750212

    #18 stop posting shit, you're not cute.

    • ginger120687

      i know youre looking out for a friend, but saying im ugly isnt making him look any better either 🙂 Good job at the tough mudder though!

    • bdg

      Shut up Fuck nugget beautiful is beautiful-Go wash your mom's hair!

  • Mando


    Being Hispanic and only date Hispanic girls I would totally marry this one. She's smoking hot.

  • Will Brunner

    Hasn't stolen many souls…
    #20 #25 #26

  • captain_freedom

    That's a big AMEN Bob.

  • Jeff

    #29 Moar!!

  • steelers4385

    Hahaha 15 is most definatley photo shopped. I love red heads though. I love women in general!!!!

  • Aaa

    #23 MOAR!!! Please find!

  • Falthor

    #1 nice thanks.

    #18 at first I was like, DAMN they're hot. then I realized… my twin daughters (2 years old right now) Like Pink and purple…. goddamnit I'm in trouble when they grow up.

  • Jacob Keheian

    #29 Emerald eyes? WOW!

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