• chiver

    Hey chive, im gonna need you to go ahead and stop those mobile ads, ok, great. yeah

    • KO617

      Download AdBlocker for Firefox or Chrome…

      • chiver

        Yeah that will work for blocking mobile ads.

        • asdasd

          They have ad blocker apps for android and apple OS phones you know. You should try looking them up.

    • celso_0

      You know I downloaded adblocker for firefox…now the damn vids won't play if they have a video ad in front of it.

    • tom

      aaand you completely miss the point, please leave the chive and go be moody elsewhere…

    • Boogaboos

      The power of music

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Is someone cutting onions again?

    Great story and yet another reason why I love the Chive.

    • http://twitter.com/Dabooshy @Dabooshy

      This. This so much.

      It's kinda dusty in here.

    • Evan

      No, but its really hot and that fact is causing my eyes to sweat. Not tears though.

    • http://thechive.com derrrrrrr

      You love the chive because all they do is repost shit from reddit?

      • Admiral Ackbar

        Yes, because I don't have time to spend all day on reddit like some people. I like the fact that The Chive scours the interwebs for the things that I may find interesting or enjoy seeing. I like the way they present the content and if I don't like what's there (i.e. Caturday) I don't spend a lot of time looking at that stuff.

        Try not to hate so much Derrrrr. Maybe you'll make more friends without all the hate.

        • derrrrrrr

          Sorry, me new to internets.

          • edslerson

            Fuck war.

  • sweet baby jesus

    this guy deserves to toot his own horn

    • Joe

      oh i see what you did there…… nice

  • Matt

    Love when the Chive gets all heart felt on us.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    He kept calm & chived on way back in WWII. Wow.

    • fed

      well, that's where the original keep calm & carry on came from

      • d1sturbed91

        If that was a shirt id buy that too
        And yes I know theres probably somewhere on the internet to get it but the internet is a scary place to travel alone. Ill pass

        • ry_linch

          try RedBubble, they've got heaps of tees on there along the lines of Keep Calm & …….

  • Tim

    This. This is awesome.

  • LIJay

    Oh heck yeah, that was awesome. Thanks for you service, Colonel!

  • Kyle

    Just awesome!!

  • Tanner

    Wow it is insane how in midst of WWII and D-Day, a simple song played on the trumpet can make people step back and stop what they're doing.

    Faith in humanity..restored

    • sam

      it's like when both sides took a mutual unspoken ceasefire on Christmas and heard each other singing Christmas songs. Although I believe that was WWI not II.

    • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

      War tends to bring out the surreal.

    • Jaba

      Back then, even amidst the wars, there was faith in humanity. What society has become today is what has destroyed that faith. They were right, it was the greatest generation.

  • Steve

    You're my boy BLUE!!!!!

  • labatanga

    Not only did this guy fight in WWII…but he did so carrying a mother fucking trumpet on his back. Talk about dedication and love for something that you won't give it up for anything.

    • Thanks

      This video and this comment made my day. No shit bro. What a badass. KCCO

  • Ross

    thats amazing!

  • Leddy420

    Wise words from an old man. "enemy" is such a strong word, considering most of them were just protecting their country/home/families and had no idea what was truly going on in the background.

    • Raul

      This battle took place in France, how were they protecting their homes?

      • HansMajoris

        All of our battles with Japan took place on foreign soil after Pearl Harbor, were we not still protecting our homes?

      • Leddy420

        It was a comment directed in general to soldiers/servicemen from every country and every continent.

    • sadman

      German solider: "Hans, have you ever noticed that we have a skull as our symbol? Are we the baddies?"

  • https://www.facebook.com/bob.pope1 Bob Pope

    Trumpet Playing Level: Over 9000!!!!!!

  • Jim

    You sir, are a hero.

  • KCCOCleveland

    amazing stuff chive, i love old war heros

  • _Moose_

    Tends to be the bravest men who can admit they are scared.

  • goodguysfan

    What a badass. Another American hero. Thank you for your service, sir.

  • Forever Indebt

    The Greatest Generation.

    • Rob_Just_Rob

      Not necessarily, I served with young men and women from this generation. He exemplifies a military tradition that goes all the way back to 1776. He is an American Hero but we still have them.

      • antitango

        Their Generation is called The Greatest Generation, just as I'm the Pepsi Generation.

  • DP13

    Damned allergies

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    Should have shot the sniper when he surrendered!!
    What? I'm just being practical.

    – Fan testimonial: "well it is ONLY the best site in the whole world. It has all you need and Paula too 😉 – insanely great"

    • goglas

      That was the unwritten protocol for captured snipers…quite right too…sneaky way to kill someone

    • antitango

      Practicality doesn't always win. First, captured soldiers provided negotiating leverage. Second, by him being captured, one warrior on our side did not have to kill him. I don't say killing is bad in war, but sometimes the act itself is enough to push an unfortunate person's state into dark territory where the human soul cannot well live. Perhaps by this German sniper not being killed, someone on our side was able to stay sane and go home to his wife and son.

    • elbruces

      Now I'm all nostalgic for the old days when America followed the Geneva Conventions.

    • EDDY


  • CaptCheez

    Psy Ops Level: WWII

  • colmk

    I'm sorry, I would just like to buy a t-shirt. WTF is the problem?
    If you're going to sell merchandise, buy enough stock for Christ's sake.
    Available for about 10 minutes every couple of months?
    I go on eBay & buy an identical rip off t-shirt for a third of the official price.
    The only one losing money here is you Chive.

    • Just Sayin'

      This may not be the place for you pal

      • Herewego

        I'm not your pal, friend.

        • duckor

          don't call him friend, buddy.

          • yuuup86

            He's not your buddy, guy.

            • Jose

              I'm not you guy, amigo.

              • Sylvain R.


    • Me.

      You don't deserve a shirt.

    • colmk

      OK. bit of an OTT rant & I deserved that.
      I bought a KCCO t-shirt on eBay after missing out the last time. It sucked.
      You have to admit, it is frustrating if you don't hear about the new batch going on sale in time?

      • Mark

        That's kind of the point man. It wouldn't be the same if everyone and their dog was walking around with a shirt. Supply….demand…

      • Preston

        The chive is building a brand and that's how they feed the fire of Loyalty. Sure they sell less shirts but they make a game out of it for a lot of a people and keep people entertained, which is their business.

    • Jim

      Maybe you should cry about it a little more.

    • Jason

      Read the article on the page today about the genius branding of the t-shirts. KCCO

    • ry_linch

      i shared your frustration too once, but then i became a man, waited patiently at theChivery and bought a shirt, simple!! Even with getting up at 2:30am and with our awesomely shitty australian internet!!!

    • tbutt23

      Its all apart of the adventure that is theCHIVE. Patience young one.

    • Web2992

      Maybe if you were a little more observant there would be an opportunity, sayyyyy….. Right now. To order a super special kcco shirt.

    • Shoelessjoe

      Wow, you are so right. Not getting a t-shirt immediately when you want one is a real hardship. Especially compared to a guy who stormed through gunfire and corpses over the beaches of Normandy (and who knows what else). Grow a pair.

    • Shawn

      First world problems

  • J Bone

    a pioneer and a legend. if i'm half the man this guy is someday, i'll have succeeded.

  • LouX

    Unfortunately if he did this in today's military he would be brought up on charges.

    • tbutt23

      Article 90 – Willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer. The man is still a badass regardless.

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