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    Crying like a baby. Thanks this Man and the Chive for the tears of joy. If we could only drop boom boxes instead of bombs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TiminPhx Timin Phoenix

    He's a great man who helped defend our country and the young German soldier made a wise decision.

    But you shouldn't forget that most likely somewhere within the sounds of that music, me were crawling in the mud, coming up with a knife and plunging into another man in order to survive and defeat the enemy.

    The enemy was of an evil force. It ironically had brave men, good men, scared young men like the one who surrendered. But they were the ENEMY.

    If you are in a position to grant mercy, that's fine, but you don't risk your life, the life of your fellow troops, or your mission to do so. Your main mission in war is to kill the enemy, destroy things, and come home alive with as many of your fellow troops as possible.

    I think the time for reflection about your enemy's humanity is after the battle, possibly well after the war itself. Too much introspection during that time can get you killed.

    Maybe it's the Marine part of me, but I think it holds true for those chivers who have worn the uniform.

    • http://twitter.com/EminentFate4L @EminentFate4L

      I'm a Marine and I agree strongly with your first sentence, though I have to stop there.

  • Leatherneck

    Oorah Sir.

  • Joe

    dust in the air… getting in my eye…

  • antitango

    Learn from men like this. At the last Pearl Harbor reunion, I believe 13 veterans from the war attended. Why? That's about all that's left!

    "The Greatest Generation" is almost the non-existant generation. They have tales to tell if only we'll listen. You won't get many opportunities as they simply don't build too many men like this anymore.

  • Pearl harbor chiver

    I'm in the Navy and Damnit I'm proud if it. Videos of our nations heroes always strike a chord with me. God Bless this man, and anyone else willing to fight for there countries.

  • Christopher

    Thank you sir, and thank you Chive. Stories like this, and the positive and kind nature of most of the comments, are appreciated. It's great that there are so many people in the world who can appreciate both the light, funny, and sexy sides of life as well as the deeper ones. Apparently they're called Chivers.

  • Camp

    Men like them are why wars end.

  • Ricky Ross

    Amazing Video. I sent this to my family and friends. War can bring out so many different emotions in people. It's crazy to think that the fate of the world can rest on the shoulders of a bunch of 19yr olds. Crazy

  • JLev

    Damn allergies again…

  • Always Last

    As each of you thank this veteran and his generation, please keep in mind that for the last 11 years our very own "greatest generation" have been sacrificing themselves in far away places. Whether you believe in the cause or not, these men and women deserve the same thanks that you give this veteran.

  • David

    The song he was playing was "Lili Marlene" – a song made famous by the wonderful Lale Anderson in 1939.

  • Travis Campbell

    This clip came from a video series called "Utah WWll Stories" put out by PBS TV. Every story told in the series is of bravery and compassion by the heroes of that war. I highly recommend watching it.

  • 1manband

    The part that we have lost, the part that we have forgotten in our youthful rush to hate each other over the isolation and anonymity of the internet is simply this. May it change your life, make you more aware of others beyond yourself, make you realize what life really is and what part you play in this grand game. And may it help you make the right decisions from now on.

  • Dave

    I'm late to the party, but this was f*cking awesome. Thank you, Chive!

  • Hannah

    It's sad to know that that generation of heroes is almost gone.

  • Pikesville

    The type of life this guy had leading up to deployment is what shaped his character. Your neighbor's kids will be on the front line soon…

  • Bannon

    Except when that German soldier went to his commanding officer and said "I don't feel like fighting anymore. American trumpet guy changed my mind." I bet his wishes were granted immediately without any consequences. And yes. Lots of sarcasm on my part.
    Beautiful story though. Would like to know the aftermath.

  • Tanya

    That was a truely amazing story!! It gave me goose bumps!!!

  • Laurie

    God bless you, Col. Jack! I'd say KCCO, but it could be argued that he invented that phrase/attitude, so he already does!!

  • HillLena

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  • Busternut

    War is Hell. Neither soldier wants to be there.
    This reminds me, in a way, of the WW1 Christmas day truce. When British and German soldiers met in no mans land and shared gifts, sang carols and played football (soccer) together. Check Wiki page for the full story.
    The humanity has always been there, we just take too much for granted.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.k.summers Robert K Summers Jr

    It makes u realize that almost everyone is human.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606341361 Cynthia Friel

    Mit dir, Lili Marleen!

  • Jso Rso

    A similar thing happen several times in the Civil War, including the so-called "Battle of the Bands" on the Rappahannock River in Virgina in the winter of '62-'63. Contemporary accounts say the Union and Confederate army bands took turns serenading the opposing army across the river, each band even taking shouted requests for favorite songs from soldiers on the opposite side. Afterward, when the bands stopped playing, soldiers from both sides joined together for a song in unison ("Home, Sweet Home").

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