The not-so-subtle art of cleavage (31 Photos)

  • Chris

    #15 Go Thunder indeed! Hope they sweep the lakers and rub it in artest's face!!!

  • John

    Isaiah 29:21 is what the U.S. is following, the only difference is these terrorists the putrid mess called feminism made sure the court as well as the government would crack under the pressure and knuckle under to thier demand to enforce a lie that breasts and clothes being complimented is a crime. All of it is a lie straight from hell and Lucifer himself has really pulled the wool over all your eyes, and you are all playing right into his hands. Who is the female S.O.B who wrote the book s.c.u.m. If her name is Valerie Salinas shes a scumbag society should be for cutting up women like her. s.c.u.m. book should be banned and outlawed and should not be on the internet for sale to be in circulation. They should stop selling that book of lies.

  • sqott

    This is the 2nd time youve posted #20. Gonna need the full photo set please.

  • Swarley

    #1 #2 #21 #30 #31

  • Chivoso

    #15… she needs a lopsidedectomy.

  • Chivoso

    #24… Cool top, the top upper part folds under if she wants to sport them nipples and still have some lift.

  • Chivoso

    #28… Swimming pool too small. Would not fuck.

  • Chivoso

    #31… Yup, they're still there. And still awesome.

  • Renegade5399



  • ramon

    Caption for #31. I'm totally gonna motorboat you sumbitches.

  • Sprung

    #25 O M G MOAR!!! and find her!

  • Benny Gamal

    I'll take the #1, the #21 and the #26 with a side of white rice!

  • asif hasan

    all r the girl so sexy n butyful i like ds boobs…… cute alwes tc

  • http://sued4'sblog/ iAn jeroend

    Hey, Chive liked this post

  • http://sued4'sblog/ iAn jeroend

    Hey, chived.UuHhf..Hhhmmmphgkt!

  • Denilson Pinto

    oi, eu sou surdo sim!!


    I wish I could play with some .

  • michael

    # 6 you have to be kidding me! Perfection

  • harry

    #24 I SAW A NIP! #28 … milf #30 … please be in my bed.

  • yeah

    #30 let me give u some of my lotion for your burnt boobs

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