The Shirts Are Back!

kcco lead The Shirts Are Back!

After being Sold Out for a month, KCCO has returned right here.

Bill Fucking Murray and BFM 3D available right here.

As promised, we have beefed up the Bill Fucking Murray 3D shipment.

The OG Chive Logo Tees are also available today right here.

As always, good luck!

UPDATE: All sizes in KCCO Sold Out. A few Bill Fucking Murray’s remain right here.

UPDATE #3: All sizes SOLD OUT.

  • Ballen

    Got mine 8 minutes ago. Fuck yeah!!!!

    • Fuglie

      All I need is the BFM, got a KKCO on the way and already have the original black. Gonna have to wait I am guessing for the next time.

      • jack of all trades

        I got the black chive shirts hidden at the bottom of the chivery page in a green book. shhh don't tell anyone

        • Fuglie

          Yeah just picked up one of those too. BFM and I'm done. Hopefully they discontinue the theChive shirts in black so I can feel special for being old school.

        • Billy

          Fuck yeah got the black one on the page that does not exist……………………….

    • mojo77

      1204…..sold out….sigh

      • Paul from the gump

        IF you go to the bottom where the couch is and click on cats cradle on the bookshelf you can buy the black kcco.

        This is my good deed.

        Chive On.

        • DannyP

          You rock sir, just scored a black KCCO!
          Your good deed just spawned a plethora of good deeds, chive the f on!

    • 650

      I kicked Shopify's ass today.

    • Buck

      I've never been this happy in my life! boss was a little mad that I haven't been working for the last 25 minutes but KCCO!

      • Question_Mark_

        Show your boss the D.A.R. and you should be given a raise!

    • Trevor Muxlow

      Now don't sell any more! Ever again!

    • marcusgeorge

      Black KCCO still available. Go, go now!!

      • Matt

        Do you mean chive logo? Or were the green KCCOs in black?

        • marcusgeorge

          the KCCO shirt on a black tee were still available at 2:49 pm CST. they are sold out now, I believe.

          • The_Dood

            Yep, they're gone. I was just about to get one too… Oh well, fuck it.

    • Billy

      why the hell don't they do pre-orders, then make the shirts??

      • Inferno

        Because oversaturation of the market lowers demand and interest. If everyone gets one, then it's not as big a deal as if there are only a few to get.

        Kinda like Wonka's golden tickets.

        • Lynn

          Wonka's tickets! Maybe watching that movie right now can take me out of my deep depression that I was coming out of for not getting a green kcco after trying nonstop for 30 min–but have now entered a deeper depression knowing I also missed out on black

    • Vanzo

      Anybody know how long they usually take to ship?

    • Kyle Beidelschies

      I got a KCCO yesterday. I was so freakin' happy, I went out and had ribs at a restaurant I couldn't afford, and then drank myself stoopid. I can't wait to rock the Chive in Ohio and connect with my fellow Chivers. 🙂

  • @Thogert


    • mike

      i have a mens kcco and a black chive logo t. both xl. if you want them, reply in here w/ your email address and i'll contact you. sorry, i dont feel like putting mine out there. first person who wants them, i'll send them free of charge. they simply don't fit me right. id rather someone get some good use out of them! -Mike

  • Nick F

    INSANITY! /BFM was open early. GOT 1

    • Underbaker

      Freaking job, had to go work on my Directors computer at 15 min till, didn't get out till 40 min after. If I didn't need a place to live and a family to feed. <img src="; width="100">
      (just kidding, congrats to all those that got one and KCCO, there will always be a next time)

  • Brice

    Sneaky Chive – Got my BFM at 11:55!!!

    • jenner1185

      Me too:)

    • Whoopi_G

      Three's company!

    • cpl alvarez

      i just happened to click on it to be ready and BAM it was there ready to be purchased and i did.

    • MattyBoh

      Got a BFM at 3:15 after failing to get the KCCO….yakshemash!!

    • Coleman Lee Hodges

      I was refreshing 10 minutes before 12… i was not missing out this time!!!

    • golfpro10

      Likewise. Way to go devoted Chivers!

    • Connor

      I got mine early too, on my birthday no less. Thanks Chive! Happy Birthday Leo!

    • ry_linch

      yep me too, although 2:55am australian time… was smashing f5 from about quarter to lol… page crashed so many times but KC&CO and finally got the confirmation!!!

  • guest


    • Hunter


  • Scientist

    Got my Bill Murray and KCCO… KCCO people. Keep hitting try again. It crashed, yet I still got confirmation emails.

    • TXheat81

      I was denied 10 times and i just kept trying… dont forget to KCCO!!!

      • Mandi

        It crashed on me too but it wouldn't let me order. I also never go the notification email

        • DarkSurge

          It said my order was complete and gave me a confirmation number and everything. I did not receive an email though and of course I didn't write down the confirmation number because I assumed I would be getting an email. So how fucked am I?

          • DarkSurge

            Wait!!! My bank account is showing a pending charge on my account from THECHIVERY VENICE! Maybe I'm not fucked!! KCCO!! even though I kind of panicked.

  • Dan

    got two BFM's!! God i love this site

  • @mercalana

    Things I love about already having a KCCO: getting to sit back and watch the server crash, knowing my shirt is safe and sound doing its rightful job of boobie coverage (with the right amount of cleavage.)

    • Fuglie

      Pics or it didn't happen 😉

      • @mercalana

        Haha, there are a few on my twitter account already, might need to take a few new ones though!

    • Martin_McFly

      yes to what you say. yes.

    • Brice

      Amen to that, except that nobody wants to see man boob cleavage in any amount.

    • @BuckeyeEmpire

      ahhh but what you missed was the KCCO Black!

      • HatBomb

        Got one!

      • @mercalana

        $40 USD is too much for meeee!

        • cpl alvarez

          my thoughts exact. maybe in the future, being a student I sacrificed beer money to get my BFM3D

      • 650

        green is what most people identify the site with anyway

    • Zach

      You maam are doing it right

  • FastGrab

    Got mine…BOOM!!

  • ryan

    "We're experiencing a technical problem and we are doing everything we can to resolve it as soon as possible."

    • shanele

      I got my card charged but don't think I put an email in for confirmation… not sure if i got my order?

  • jamison

    Hope i'm helping here but check out the bookcase in the footer of the chivery 🙂

    • walter

      the KCCO BLACK!

    • Jeff

      Yep found that on!!! Very sly oh Chive.

      • bojo

        Yes sir! KCCO Black on the way

    • Brice

      You, sir, are a genius.

      +10 internets

    • jenner1185

      Dangit! Wish I would have seen this about 10 minutes ago.

    • dirty toe nail

      Many beers owed! Thank you!!!!!!!

    • thorthechiver

      thank you sir for pointing out that great find i wonder how long they've had that there and no one noticed it

    • mere

      thanks!!!! you rock!! got two – mine and hubs

    • @jrkuy

      You're a gentleman and a scholar. SCORE!

    • HIX

      THANK YOU! For sure owe you a beer!

    • Torbino

      Got mine brother. You're the man.

    • @DiscoZombii

      Made my day, missed out on green but got the black! Thank you!

    • Sunshine

      This chivette owes you one! Thanks guy. I was extremely sad that I couldn't get through to get a green KCCO, but you sir saved the day!

    • Sebastian

      Jamison…you are the best!

    • Edwin

      You are awesome, got a BFM and thanks to you a black KCCO

    • Marc Larose Jr.

      I saw it after I got my 2 green KCCO's , but I bought it anyway, too rare. Shut up and Take my $100, Chive

    • jacobsdm

      Thanks for the tip! Got two for me and the wife!

    • SocraticM3thod

      Scroll all the way down to the treasure chest and open it for a discount code. Or just put in CHIVEON!

    • Daryl

      You are now my favourite person in the world.Hope this doesn't make things weird

    • dewald_ZA

      thanks sherlock!

    • Dagan

      Well Jamison, chive on buddy. Glad to hear you got your shirt. I got mine this morning. Didn't tell anyone about the bookcase though because it says at the top of the page, THIS PAGE DOES NOT EXIST. Maybe it's just me, but that sounded like a hint to not post anything about it on the Internet. None the less, glad all you Chivers and chivettes that got your hands on one are now part of the select few. CHIVE ON

    • DuBes

      You made my friday! Yesterday was such a cluster-fuck. Can't believe the black kcco shirts were still there today. Thanks!

    • Swiss Chalet

      I just picked up two after reading your hint. Thanks! I now promise to name my child after you. You're up there with Zeus!

  • frustrated

    u think the problem would be resolved with try again crap….

  • chrisdg74

    Got my BFM 3D at 2:55pm.

    • Question_Mark_

      Same here! KCCO!!

    • whyzkid

      2:55pm for me too!

  • Jeff

    I found the easter egg to the black KCCO!!!! Shhh keep it a secret though

    • HatBomb

      Confirmation email, that bad boy is mine!

    • Jeff

      Where … How …. !!!

      • Jeff

        Go too the book case and hover over Cat's Cradle book and click it!!! Good luck and Chive Speed.

        • Jeff

          Awesome dude !!!!! I got one too !!

        • Jody

          THANKS JEFF!!! Got a green and a black one.

        • Garth

          Here chive!!! Take my $80 for two shirts. Good heads up on black kcco

        • ceej

          YOU SIR, are a gentleman and a scholar. got my ladies' one!

        • JoJo

          You are the man. Months of waiting and Was so down when Green was sold out. So I had to read to comments and Glad I did. Jeff if you ever in Louisiana You got a beer in hand no doubt.

        • Jeff

          Ordered mine. Thanks!

        • @canukconsultant


    • Robert

      Thanks for the heads up! Quick look and found it, too! Awesome day!

    • Roadrage07

      You sir… are a scholar and a gentleman. Got one of these myself thanks to your post.

    • NobleSobel

      Your sir are the man

      • jeff

        Always looking out for my fellow Chivers fighting the crashing servers! All I ask in return is when you tell stories of me, oh and you will tell stories, you speak kindly. KCCO!!!!

        • NobleSobel

          I will tell everyone stories of your heroism in fighting the crashing servers……CHIVE ON !!!

    • Abomb a

      Me too. Thanks for the tip you guys. Made my day.

    • Slainte

      appreciate you

    • jenner1185

      TheChive t-shirts are also for sale!

    • John Bowling

      oh god i am so happy! i just bought mine i thought i would miss out on KCCO shirts again but i got a black one lol

    • JTax

      Yay! Months of waiting, and I was so upset they were sold out of green (I had been trying since 11:50!) But you inspired me to find the easter egg! Yay black for me and hubby!

    • Fappy McFapperson

      If you are ever in Florida I owe you a beer sir

      • jeff

        I live in FLORIDA!!! What part are you in? I'm in the Pensacola area.

    • Bill

      No luck on the green but found that easter egg as well 1 Black KCCO coming my way!

      • Chris Flores

        I'll trade you a green for your black! I have a green Men's large coming to me. Anyone interested hit me up

    • kilpat

      Nicely done sir

      • Corky

        Thanks for letting us know!!! I got 2.

    • Sebastian

      jeff…i heart you! Epic tales will be told!

    • Pops23

      Jeff, you da man! Thank you, what a day, scored a BFM 3-D and a KCCO Black! NICEEEEEEE!

    • Kelly

      Found it to. Thanks for mentioning it

    • Sterling

      Let's buy this guy a round!!! Got 3 of them in the last 5 minutes!!

      • Linda

        Any interest in selling me one? I've been trying for a month to get my boyfriend one for his bday in June. I literally cried tears after trying for 25 min for a green and were all sold out. Even tried in sizes i knew wouldn't fit him so he'd know I really tried and still nada. Now I'm double depressed knowing I missed out on black too. PLEASE help!

    • Peter Reinholdt Rothausen

      You Mr. are a true Chiver. I got one black KCCO thanks to you, and a BFM on the sider. Made me sad when the green was sold out, within minutes. This is what the Chive is all about. Keep Calm and Chive from Denmark.

    • BlackPride

      Thanks dude

      • SaltLakeChiver

        I found it on my own, but that was a classy move sir. Good job.

    • Mondiggler


    • El Fresa

      Dude good looking out on the black KCCO shirt just got mine at 3am !!!

    • Jeff

      They're still there! I got one this morning.

  • seth

    finally got my KCCO shirt, took me months to finally get an order through!

  • WORB

    Boosh! 1 BFM 3d and two KCCO! Finally! Cannot wait to get them in!

  • jon

    Got two of the OG KCCO shirts. Boooooyyyyyahhhhhh

  • jenner1185

    YAY! I got my BFM shirt finally!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

    • @BriceBrice_Baby

      Ditto! Happy as a pig in slop!

  • BHam

    Wooo got my BFM 3D!! Counting the days till i become one with the shirt!!

  • TBarb

    Got Mine! F5 is your friend

  • Cmui

    BFM 3D!!!! finally got one!

  • Dick

    Got a BFM and KCCO!!! Fuck yeah! I set an alarm so that I wouldn't forget to order them..

    • EllenD

      so did I! and I finally got a KCCO!

    • Robert Harrison

      Me too, but i'm on the opposite coast, and was too lazy to look at the actual time difference was so I set alarms for 3 and 4 pm EST just to be safe… Mission accomplished!

  • Really?

    I got mine 5 minutes ago, BFM 3D for me, and BFM for a friend. Easiest it's every been, which was surprising, normally I rip out half my hair in frustration. #KCCO Let's just hope there's not error like with the $0 shirts last time.

  • wsfsdf


  • ondeeeznuts

    You've just purchased this

    1x Bill Fucking Murray – Men's – Black / Medium
    FUCK YES!!

    • Static


      purchased at 3:16 EST! finally!

      • James T

        lucky assholes; your small size makes me angry. I have to get a large but at laest I don't have to compete with the fat fucks ordering XL+

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