The Shirts Are Back!

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kcco lead The Shirts Are Back!

After being Sold Out for a month, KCCO has returned right here.

Bill Fucking Murray and BFM 3D available right here.

As promised, we have beefed up the Bill Fucking Murray 3D shipment.

The OG Chive Logo Tees are also available today right here.

As always, good luck!

UPDATE: All sizes in KCCO Sold Out. A few Bill Fucking Murray’s remain right here.

UPDATE #3: All sizes SOLD OUT.

  • Kmat

    The black ones are on sale again. Just looked this morning about 10 minutes ago. Got a large one for me and a small for her.

  • styopa

    I've been trying to buy a shirt for a good 6+ months.

    I'll just KCCO: Keep calm & counterfeit on. Sorry Chive, I *really* would rather buy a shirt FROM YOU, but that seems impossible.

    I'm not going to wait in line like some breathless pre-teen waiting for Bieber tickets, clicking madly in *hopes* that I'll be one of the fortunate few. That's dumb, and at this point, simply indicates that the Chive crew hasn't a clue on how many shirts to order or they're deliberately trying to keep them scarce.

    I'll just buy a green custom-printed shirt, use your logo, and pay you nothing. I think I'll get a black one too, and I'll wear them with just as much pride. Maybe I'll even submit one on the hot ta-ta's of my g/f and see if you can even tell the difference. I betcha can't.

    • SaltLakeChiver

      The black KCCO was available until like 15 minutes ago. Maybe you should have paid more attention. Getting a shirt is not hard. I've been getting them as gifts and such, and have never been unable to get a KCCO or a BFM. They keep them scarce on purpose, and if you read John's interview yesterday, you would know why. Sorry bro.

      KCCO (Chive, not counterfeit)

      • Mike Keller

        Couldnt have said it better myself SaltLakeChiver. I was thinking the same words and then I expanded the reply heh.


  • daradar

    Did anyone else miss out on the email notifications?

  • Al S

    you have military kcco which is great. have you ever considered doing fire fighter , ems , police ones? or canadian ones. theres lots of support up here, tons of guys at local 255 calgary fire are chive addicts ( in a good healthy way)

  • sab

    Kcco are sold out FML

  • kschris

    I got three shirts without any stress or difficulty at all yesterday. A black KCCO and two BFM's. About 3-4 minutes early, too. All the shirts went on sale before the "official" 12 PST time. You just have to be ready for it.

    If you miss out, try again next time. I never understand all the anger when stuff like this happens.. same with Mondo posters..

    Their release plan is pretty genius when you think about it, because despite this having been like this for a long time now.. everyone is STILL desperate to get a shirt.. everyone is STILL checking out the site daily.. they're making money, and on top of that, they've got counterfeiters on ebay giving them free publicity with their shitty quality fake KCCO's and fake BFM's.

    Everyone claiming they're done, and they're just going to go to ebay and get fake shirts.. you know you'll be right back here trying next time they go on sale.

  • lol

    fuck you ya cock sucking douche nozzle

  • Gotem

    I got a Green and a Black KCCO shirt yesterday with no trouble and my first time trying to get them. Anyone who thinks that the shop's time is 100% with your own clock I guess you learned next time to always give or take up to 5 minutes for them to match up.

  • Marty

    Yesterday afternoon, the easter egg black KCCO shirt had the "this item out of stock, notify me when available" thing when you clicked it. Midnight last night i got the email, ordered 2. Now when you click the book, its just plain gone. I think that is the last we will see of those shirts. Thanks to those that let me in on it in time!

  • Zach

    Anyone got a shipping email yet?

    • Scott Nauman

      Got one late last night for my BFM

      • Zach

        standard shipping? Still waiting for both of mine. Got the confirmation emails

    • Livin' Legend

      Snagged my green shirt and BFM shirts in one order, then found out about the black Chive shirts and went back for one of those. Payment confirmation for both of them, got two day shipping on green/BFM shirts, standard for black. Got shipping confirmation for black one through UPS MI, no word on the others. Tracking number for UPS MI never updates. Hoping I'll get something before Saturday. I want to be Chived up for graduation!

  • Mac

    I got a shipping email yesterday for my KCCO.
    "Your order has just been shipped via UPSMI Expedited"

  • anthonyd

    Just got my green KCCO via the USPS. I'm in northern California. Awesome! Made my day! Ordered my black one and had it shipped via UPS. Says it's to be delivered on Friday. Hmm, sounds good to me.

  • MTChivette

    Received our KCCO Black's today! Wooo! As awesome as I had ever dreamed they would be!

  • Paolo

    Seriously??? Out of stock again??? Wtf! Can someone at least put an update just when you'll have them in stock again on the chive tee website ?? This is insane!

  • Daneyboy

    How do I get a KCCO shirt?!

  • Adam

    This is bull. I want kne of these shirts!! Plz get somemore in stock!!!

  • Chad

    Are they currently sold out

  • Ted Brogan

    Got an original idea for y'all at the Chive: order more shirts

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