These signs might just save your life (20 Photos)

  • GAChiver

    #20 If only road work really only lasted that long.

  • BostonRugger

    #3 Challenge accepted

  • Jeff Kelly

    Chive please kill the stupid video ads that play sound. Kill them with fire, stomp them out.


    If it weren't for the obvious signs, I'd be dead right now.

  • jeff donuts

    can we please get thong thursdays

  • Kenny

    #12 made me think of Shel Silverstein

  • Mr. Tea

    I thought I missed the sign… then it hit me.

  • Travis Excalibur Smith

    #19 That's what she said.

  • Dez

    #21 Keeping Austin weird.

  • English Jim

    Yeah , number 7 Is just up the road from me,i said a million times how pointless it is !!!

    • bruciebonus41

      Damn right, I drive past it every day coming back from work!!

  • Thunderchicken

    C lassic #19

  • insanely great

    #11 #21
    Get the fuck outta here..

  • kelso909

    #10 looks like something out of a monty python movie

  • Retired Navy

    Lawyers,,,The reasons for these signs.

  • curvingedge

    Reblogged this on CurvingEdge and commented:

  • Ken Kong


  • Erin Young

    This one was awesome.

  • Kitty Non Grata

    #2 – Gotta love Cambodia. I see this crap everyday here.

  • aussie aussie aussie

    Thankyou captain obvious………….!

  • Bryan Lee

    Well now I can get through another day safely now.

  • Sam

    Number one is written in Braille at Nottingham Trent University, not entirely useless.

  • Fernando

    my favorite post so far 🙂

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