Wipe your boots off before entering my bachelor pad (40 photos)

  • AoooK

    I seriously need a break scrolling down because my eye keep eyegasiming

  • Headroom

    #21 Is that a 70's mind the gap painting? Love's it!

  • SGT_Fati

    #41 YES!

  • http://twitter.com/Onoku @Onoku

    #4 secret passageway, check.
    #15 Animal heads in all the right places, check.

  • jode72

    I can't look at #16 without vividly imagining all the sex I'd have there.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=722809282 Oliver Vorian Wang

    #40 welcome home to your local acid-drenched slum.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=722809282 Oliver Vorian Wang

      #41 I mean

      I fail at this.


  • George

    #3 A sleeping bag and a camping gas cooker complete that sleeping in your shed feel.
    #4 Would never have seen that that was a door

  • Armyguy

    can I get a house that includes all but 41.. thanks

  • Sundevil81

    #12…works for me, especially when it comes to property taxes. Assessor sees that exterior and what it is next to… property taxes will be a breeze…score!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kyler.wartman Kyler Wartman

    #29 I dont alway drink dosequis but when i do it is in this Kitchen!

  • Chaddick

    21….Mind the Gap wall art…your doing it right!

  • kfc

    foto 18….. bachelors don't drive fiat multiplas…

  • http://jaywalter.tumblr.com/ JayPenn

    I'm currently converting my bedroom to #21. Awesome, simply awesome.

  • http://jaywalter.tumblr.com/ JayPenn

    Mind the gap on the wall of #21 too. Badass.

  • Eddie

    #21 it's about to go down ol' school style

  • Doyle

    #21 has the famous Vanessa Williams layout from Penthouse on the TV. Totally classic. Rick Fox is a loser!

  • danno29388

    #37, the original Winnebago? Kinda cool.

  • HillLena

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  • MattKL

    #38 Blücher!!

  • Chivoso

    This is all the same place??? Seems like a lot of stairs.

  • BurkeDwayne

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  • Shabooms

    #22 SNEAK ATTACK… Where'd you come from!?!

  • am515

    #6 #9

    These are awesome! I wonder how many Chivettes you can clean up in these after dirtying them up?!?!

  • http://www.so-cal-strippersconnection.com matt

    #11 hey that is not a very big Pad more like a light blub? Guess if that is what you are in to. Some of them other ones like # 37 are more my taste.

  • Roberts

    #13, #14, #15 badass!!

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