Your bra would make a good addition to a landfill (47 photos)

  • KKCO

    #37 Magnificent

    • sad chivette

      why would you do that mom?? ok u have bigger tits than mine.. but thechive is my place not yours!!! can at least get a shirt???

      • Secretly hate my job

        She is a total MILF

    • SteelhorseCowboy

      She looks like she has a wonderful personalty…….

    • KayakAggie

      Really glad this was not in 3D cause I would have hurt my neck from pulling back.

    • wyochiver

      I'd be happy to fix that twisted strap if she would take her shirt off…

    • TheAutomaticMan

      Agreed, #22 and #28 aren't too shabby either.

      • MacNCheesePro

        These 2 and the #37 are freakin awesome! I need all three of these women, along with some pizza, some Dos Equis and a big TV in a large pillow room. I have specific tastes!

        • macs scumstache

          yaya obama!!!!

          finally supports gay marraige

          fuck you republicans!!

          yaya obama!!!!

          finally supports gay marraige

          fuck you republicans!!

          yaya obama!!!!

          finally supports gay marraige

          fuck you republicans!!

          • Guest

            Really? You sure? He said 3 years ago he didn't support gay marriage. And now, ONE DAY AFTER a couple of states confirm that "marriage" is a union between one man and one woman, Obama says, "I (sort of) support gay marriage….although there's nothing I can do about it (as President of the United States)." With "support like that, if you're gay, I would rush out to buy that wedding gown just yet.

            • Mike

              I am here for boobs, i think everyone else is as well, lets keep the politics talks for another post. You are ruining my fun.

          • MacNCheesePro

            Are you fucking retarded? Are you a sibling of Paula's? Both?

    • hater

      135 likes might chivette of the week…

    • F3n1x187

      those are some fine boobies right there!

    • Capt. Bo Jengles

      Find this woman, we need more!

    • party

      I'm taking canons people!

    • James Kallestad

      Magnificent and absolutely beautiful.

  • joe

    IM ok n love WI rd h #35

    • Ubdilly

      Agreed, Amazing she is

      • Richard Wm. Narlian

        Annnnd,you can pick just 1?

  • cORNDOG!


    • Anon

      I wonder who's going to pass out first…

    • Obama

      I'd like to take this opportunity to extend my congratulations to you two fine young gentlemen on your pending nuptuals.

      • Biden

        Fantastic! You have a big stick!

        • Obama

          I need one for your big mouth.

    • Underbaker

      Actually #3 and your caps lock key is on. You don't deserve her, but since it is your bachelor party I give her to you. (I have no idea who she is and get 0 results from reverse image search, someone should find her)

      • Ned Ryerson

        minus the man face…she has a nice body. most of the chivettes are WAY hotter!

  • Tillman61

    #21 I applaud your great beauty and freckely goodness!

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      Me gusta. Shirt needs water.

  • Dano

    Just want to say… Dddddaaaaammmmnnnnn! John you rock!

  • jreddy23

    #3 & #30…these are why i choose short hair, because strands of hair should not be allowed to come between my eyes and those beauties.

    • dreamsquad

      oh baby u so sexy

  • chivettes2love

    #37 NOOO!!!!! MOM Why MOM Why????

    • trl87

      You check your mom out often????

      • Jammy

        If she had knockers like that I would too.

      • sad chivette

        yes!! we both buy underwear together.. my tits is not so big and thats why she is showing off her fat tits all my friends and even my boyfriend is going to see these!!

        • Qwe

          Well then….Stop complaining and show yours too.

        • Edgek

          Sry sad chivette, but your mom has an astounding rack and it deserves some appreciation! Plz thank your mom for submitting, tell her what a great rack she has then be so kind as to ask her to submit some MOAR. Thank you

    • Slowpoke

      I wish she was my mom.

  • Trainer

    #37 wow.. those are big

    • Shanks

      She could feed a crèche with those puppies

  • Zydonius

    I love Thursdays cuz bewbs

  • Browns

    All So beautiful must have more!!!

  • @hutton2420

    Gotta love BurnsDay!!!

    • Jbozo

      #17 at least she is in the proper position…knees.

  • Dano

    Sorry… Leo your aight… Lols

    • mEtH

      Not you're, dumbass

  • chiv


  • rdy4humr

    #17 great body … already on her knees … thank you

    • Mr. Beer

      Dreadful beer – fantastic suit. Killer body.

    • perfect

      no need for any beer if you with her!

  • Bhodi

    #33 MOAR!

    • Everclear

      She just won my life.

    • SlimtwigMJ

      Love everything about this

    • Brian

      Sorry, i posted the same thing but at least im in good company!!1 Chive On!!!

    • Gerry Saint

      Who is this girl?

    • Tarkus
    • willie

      please find moar lots moar

  • akbrown006

    Love me some thigh highs….oh and bewbs.

    • Cutie Fan

      What a cutie!

    • Kodos

      Chive, we demand MOAR

    • Mayday

      Yes Moar! How 'bout a hump day pic.

    • nyr8er

      she wins!

    • Das Hos

      Indeed. Chive, you must find this one, and keep those goddamn socks on!

    • Dotson


    • Frankee

      And the winner is… #15

  • MOAR

    #3 I like where this is this going.

    • Jammy

      A bit too boney but very pretty and great hair.

  • B!!!

    #6 those dishes aren't going to clean themselves

  • James Ramos

    Heaven, I'VE FOUND IT!

  • Mary

    #3 Jesus. Mind that gap!

  • KeepinCalm

    #26 Good God…sexy! I think her eyes just stole my more than willing soul

    • Demo

      Absolutely those eyes just go straight thru to your soul…Wow, side pic is incredible…

  • Martin_McFly

    #34 DEEP Cleavage was right, John!!

  • whoa


    huba huba huba *droolling*

    • Chris

      T-mobile girl Carly foulkes

      • Cali_Dude

        Thanks #1 does rock

    • Cali_Dude

      Agree #1, #5 #1 #5 #1 #5

  • xavi00

    #15 powpowpow

    • Ummagumma


    • JMiiBob

      Wow, Smokin face. What a beauty!

  • VileThings

    #45 Very right. Maybe do it again? Just to be sure.

    • Drew Reynolds


      • wokka


    • jode72

      Yes. Quite.

    • Nicholas

      Soooo right! Please do it again haha sexy girl! 🙂

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