Your bra would make a good addition to a landfill (47 photos)

  • Juan Moreno

    #25 & #29 I wanna meet u ur a short drive away :p

  • Jonny Reed

    #27 #28 no words needed

  • orion

    #3 !!!

  • Smack76

    Chivettes are AWESOME #15 #45

  • Hybrid

    #22 day made!

  • Gabriel

    #33 Would move there. Absolutely perfect.

  • ElDiablo69

    I luv when the Chivettes burn their bras!! Great job ladies. Salud n Happy Friday!

  • DQ5

    #5 #32
    I LOVE the hint of nip

  • rick

    boobs are a helluva drug

  • jsmooth11

    3,22,37 :))

  • Mervin

    I love the one with the rose in the center of her bosom, it looks like something she would do if I gave it to her. She looks lovely with a flower in her cleavage.

  • Nightowl872

    Next to perfect (#13)

    • Nightowl872

      I copied 13—what the hell happened???

      • Nightowl872

        I guess I copied 33 and got 13. The beautiful blond is the one I wanted!!!! (bras are dumb-13)

        A very screwed up list

  • jack wagon

    #43 so I can assume your husband whom you are supporting is a sgt in the military and is overseas. My question would be, I can see both of your hands on those beautiful tits of yours so who took the pic? Web cam maybe? A "girlfriend"?

  • Mitch

    #17 I'd love to have my lips on that coors

  • Me1

    #3 #33 #35 I would make you a mother today

  • Chris

    please find number 7 thanks…a loyal long time chiver keeping calm and spreading the chive lobe

  • Swarley

    #1 #33

  • Chivoso

    #37… Fix that fucking strap. You're creepin' out.

  • Andrew

    #9 Damn Spidey Girl wish you were in my friendly neighborhood!

  • Beluga

    #40 awsome ……

  • ramon

    while this is not a competition and all the ladies here are FINE!!!! I would say #9 #22 #25 #28 #37 #41 are tops in my book and make front of pants tight.

  • michael torres

    #45 yes, but i think your underwear may be on backwards

  • Ben

    #3 MOAR!

  • jayahanging

    very nice sets each and everyone of them

  • Weaznol23


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