Your bra would make a good addition to a landfill (47 photos)

  • Martin_McFly

    #15 Holy Mother Of the Sweet New Born Baby Jesus!!!!!

  • Anon

    #14 Megan FTW!!!

    • Meg

      You found me!

      • gherrera_19

        Yep. Toooo hot!!

      • Swingline


    • atc

      I think I'm in love

    • KyleGamgee

      Beautiful. You don't have the biggest boobs (i like big boobs) but you win this post.

      #14 is my fav.

  • LIJay

    #5 Cute in a "girl next door' kind of way. #9 Would wife.

    • guest

      Spider-man girl FTW!

  • @BuckeyeEmpire

    The amount of underboob in this post is directly correlated to the rising hotness of chivettes

  • Swoon

    #15 Got Dayum!!

  • trl87

    #45 yes, yes you are. Now just need MOAR

  • xavi00

    #16 powpowpow

    • KyleGamgee

      Someone's a lucky man.

    • ShaBoygin


  • Big_Red

    #27 here at the chive, we support bi and lesbian women. Kcco!

  • insaneyoda

    #1 Hell of a way to start!

  • whyme1973

    #22 #26 #37 Boobs so amazing, covering them with a bra should be against the law.

    • Sarah Otto

      Thank you 🙂

  • Then Get Some

    #27 Look! They fight just like real people!!

  • derek


    You The BEST for doing that for us!!!!!!

  • MissChris

    You had me at #1 Long, lean, and beautiful

  • BobRooney

    #16 Love the freckles! Lucky man… Oh and #28, Nom Nom Nom!

  • ChivinoninMA

    If girls would act less like #7 and more line #34, the world would be a better place for everyone.

    • TheEx


  • Monster

    #22 so damn cute find her!

    • MC Robins
      • macs scumstache

        why the fuck woul dyou put your gf's fbook online against her permisssion you sick fuck?

      • macs scumstache

        also your gf is ugly as sin

        • MC Robins

          ha ha talking to her about it right now, right ugly enough for you to comment on it don't be jelly beans cause she's a 12.

          • macs scumstache

            that made no fucking sense what so ever. speak english mother fucker.

            she is fat, thunder thighs, vapid look, gets her self worth by posting pictures to gross 40 year old dudes

            get a life fatty

            • macs scumstache

              i'm going to guess 170 pounds at least

            • MC Robins


              • macs scumstache

                no butyour girlfriend is a fatty chunky thunder thighs HAHAHAHA

              • nevada

                mac you are a douche, but agreed this broad is average at best, not really chive worthy


                • MC Robins

                  Average doesn't get this many mentions.

        • Sarah Otto

          Thank you Monster, ill send more. My puppy and i were in the DAR on tuesday. And Macs, he did have my permission to post my facebook…and you may think im ugly, but it seems that the chive would disagree. Haters gon' hate! I'll KCCO!

    • macs stache

      i'm convinced you are an oinker


      shut up

      • MC Robins

        i'm convinced you're a virgin but you know what opinions are like

  • irons

    God I love women!

  • Brent Campbell

    #28 My desk just raised a little bit….WOW

    • orly


  • whyzkid

    #3… would love to untie that present

  • 11B68W

    I'm not going to single out any one set of breasts. They're all fantastic because boobs.

  • Tim

    #40 looks like she is wearing bacon underwear. Also a stong argument that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

  • MattKL

    #9 Underboob-sense tingling!

    • Bouff

      Amazing! Spectacular! Sensational!

  • Indiana Chive Fan

    #27 Her mustache tells me she is the man in the relationship. Ewwww.

    • Jammy

      Dude that was harsh.

      • Hammy

        Dude that was accurate.

        • Come@meBRO

          …brings all the girls to the yard

    • MyMustache

      Brings all the girls to the yard

  • tv_paul


    Spider Senses tingling….aaaaaahhhhh …and there goes my web shooter

  • khyzer

    #3 i really do love you

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