Your bra would make a good addition to a landfill (47 photos)

  • Notknowing

    #37 Fantastic. must……have…..MOAR….

  • Rolo__Tomasi

    #43 Thank you to your husband and hope he safely returns to you!

  • BladeIcewood

    Good Lawd

  • Jason E

    #33 Those lips

  • drbman

    #22 you're smile is breathtaking as is the rest of you!

    • Sarah Otto

      Thank you!

      • carl


      • drbman

        No Sarah Otto thank you!!! where can i see more of you!!!

  • Will Brunner



    Thank you.

    • Meg

      That is quite a list of compliments! Thank you!

  • Henk82

    #15 & #20 Very nice!

  • KeepinCalm

    Thanks for the encouragement. No worries, she can't steal something your mom already stole. Well… sort of – does anal count? Either way she loved it xD

  • Bob Loblaw

    Anybody know who #3 is?

  • jroc

    #45 we have a winner

  • Hunter 57

    #7 The boys will be breaking down your door.

    • Anon

      Next time – do the favor, save your relationship

  • Gallus

    #32 is a really nice nip slip. I wouldn't mind seeing some more.

  • inspector32

    #46 and #13 are the same girl. 2 thumbs up

    • Rose

      Such a hotieeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee!

  • Rome

    After #1 everything else doesn't compare. Whole package, just stunning!

  • H. Olivier

    #41 PUM!!

  • Kosco

    #26 You're absolutely gorgeous. Keep Calm & Chive On Sweetheart!

  • physed33

    #14 has just taken my breath away!!! An absolute GODDESS!!

    • Meg

      Thank you very much for making my day.

      • physed33

        Thank you as well! I look forward to seeing your beautiful smile again very soon!!

  • Douche

    #17 hot, but wearing a bikini is not burning your bra. Now #1, want to say something, but keep getting distracted by how hot you are.

  • PanchoSV

    I notice a disturbing lack of love for #36 , let me correct that for you.

  • The Dizzle

    #22 Super cute!

    • fatty


  • Still_MisGuided

    #40 please sir… can i have some moar

  • Hayden Rivers II

    #29 you are amazing and I'm also from Houston. I would LOVE to meet a Chivette!

  • BuckersAZ

    #1 Sexy winner. #9 Perfect underbewbs, pretty eyes, and spiderman. You're doing it right! #11 speechless #26 Very pretty. Love the tat. #40 Good morning to you too! #13 and #46 She's got it down

  • Sul

    #31 'Mercia

  • FuckThisShit

    #25 Motorboating rose…OUCH!

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