Your bra would make a good addition to a landfill (47 photos)

  • Rick

    #22 It looks like they got bigger

    • stephanie

      ew gross

    • carl

      this girl be UGLY

    • Sarah Otto

      Thank you Rick 🙂

      • van

        sarah get a god damn life i'm looking at your history for comments you need a life

        • Sarah Otto

          I'm thanking the people that have complimented me…I'd like to see you try and make a valid argument as to how that's a bad thing.

  • chobobo

    #1 just hit the daily double: burned bra + hip yessssss

  • Andyrew711

    dear #28
    perfection is rare. congratulations.

  • needsashirt

    the Chivettes really make life worth living.

  • Retired Navy

    Thank you to all the ladies for making my day!!
    Thanks Chive for the site!!

  • Jared

    #31 – Mother of God, another K-State Chivette.. DO WANT!

  • Chris Henggeler

    #14 YAY!

    • Meg

      Chris, you're the best.

  • bob_the_cook

    #38- Yes Chef! Whatever you want! (please want me!)

  • macs scumstache

    STALKER FUCK YOUvyaya obama!!!!

    finally supports gay marraige

    fuck you republicans!!

    yaya obama!!!!

    finally supports gay marraige

    fuck you republicans!!

    yaya obama!!!!

    finally supports gay marraige

    fuck you republicans!!

    • Kimberly

      Stfu you're annoying

      • malepower

        kimberly go make some flap jacks fatty

  • Huey

    Knee highs, perfect handfuls and a come hither smile. Yes, yes and yes.

  • Huey

    Your wife!?!? You sir are a lucky man.

  • bejeezusbelt

    #15 You are so cute I could cry!

  • G-rock

    #1 and #33. Both gorguse woman. More please!!!

  • Bumhugs

    #14 Seriously, someone has to buckle down, get the deal done, sign whatever papers need signing, and make her Chivette of the Week. Good Lord, people, she's working her ass off here.

    • Meg

      I promise that I'm not working that hard. But my tank top was. KCCO!

  • youknow

    #28 just because everyone needs to see this agian

  • meh

    #22 MEH


  • I-Need-$$

    #27 Whats your girl got to do with me?

  • troy

    #33 #35 mmmmm yummmmy

  • Dixie Normiss

    All are Beautiful #33 #35 are something beyond that


    How bout a hump shot

  • Jayjay24

    #18 simple but incredibly sexy must have post of chivettes naked under men's t shirts

  • Burt

    #25 is nasty as shit

  • Bustanut

    Big titties make me excite

  • Red

    Why can't chivettes send in pics fully clothed? Why is it always that half boob crap? Your man don't give u enough attention at home? Really sad…

  • Mischievous

    #10 I'd love to get lucky 😉 MOAR PLEASE!

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