Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (37 Photos)

  • Gamer

    I want to #12 with #37

    • Habsy

      I want to go to #34 with #37 and play #12 . Cool game bro.

    • techno_viking

      I just want to motorboat her butt cheeks.

      • yummy

        i fapped to her

    • VaderWRX

      Nice! My board made the DAR.

    • dante37

      #12 Shots of beer? Really?

  • mess

    awesome dar

    • Habsy

      And it's early.

    • SigEpChiver

      Yeah, that shit was double sweet this week. Glad to see I'm not the only chiver who loved today.

  • Dan

    #3 nice smile

    • _Moose_

      So many invisible dicks. (Someone was bound to say it.)

    • Oltimey

      Sorry…been looking for ten minutes and still cant find the face…keep checking chest out…The alternate K.C.C.O.

    • MattKL

      There's a smile?

    • http://twitter.com/nolaArden @nolaArden

      Boobs. I can end my friday with a smile now

    • Adam

      must be celebrating Obama supporting gay & lesbian marriage

      • SigEpChiver

        Bro FUCK OBAMA. She's celebrating my offer to bounce her up and down for a couple of hours LOL

    • Gnole

      Her glasses are nice too.

    • redmike70


  • Tojo Mojo

    #3 French titties! (and when you check her underarms you're in 4 a treat…)

    • Mike

      Good luck with your socialist president, idiots.

      • its_forge

        I guess we can expect blissful silence from you when shutting down those stupid failed austerity measures and actually building a real tax base succeeds beyond anyone's wildest expectations then, right Mike?

    • Guse

      It's hard to believe, I know, but Europeans are actually pretty clean. Just sayin'.

      • punabataboinxst

        Go to Italy and take a big whiff and get back to me

        • Ned Flanders

          I think I would much rather get with French lady here than most women from a country that produced a song called "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk"

          • Brady

            Dude its a song about a chick with a nice ass! If you don't like nice asses then you don't like Hump Day, and if you don't like Hump Day you can get the F##K out.

          • REVOLVER_KAZ

            you win the internet today

    • SigEpChiver

      Bro Hairy underarms are just extra vagina's. LOL You gotta take whats give to you and roll wit it!

    • Supatimmey

      Viva la Bewbies!

    • Cliff

      Anyone else realize the square they're in looks like Lockdown from MW3??

  • I-Need-$$

    #37 SOOOOOOO In love with you!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/likemikey69 Mike Przewlocki

      Aren't we all!

    • KyleGamgee

      I did NOT notice that. I'm not making any judgements on you, I'm just saying I didn't notice.

      Also, she's married and AWESOME.

      • Chris

        Call me crazy but that looks like her right hand?!?

        • sploodge

          in a mirror it would, detective

      • chris

        Right hand not left

        • baldy

          Sorry Man, Left hand.. mirrors and shit

    • https://www.facebook.com/matthew.hooper.52 Matthew Hooper

      I would move mountains for a shot at that!

    • goodjob

      Dedicated slut.

    • Master_Rahl

      moved the mirrors and it was WELL worth the effort

    • chris

      Nope right hand

      • The_finderator

        Nope, that's her left hand. Mirrors ftw!

  • mcgizzle

    #1 Just a fucking giraffe in a pool

    • Turrebo

      I can only see one giraffe…

    • omgh4x

      doing what he wants.

      • Turrebo

        Seems he doesn't want to fuck, then.

    • USCG

      Meanwhile in Africa..

    • steam

      It's all great till it takes a dump

  • http://thechive.com ontherun1989

    Happy friday Chivers! Don't forget to thank your mothers this weekend! KCCO My good gentlemen and ladies.

    • MOM

      F you and your MOTHER

    • SigEpChiver

      Bro, I'll be thinking about YOUR mother this weekend as I rub one out in the bathroom. LOL

    • English_Rob

      Your little bit late mate, Mothers Day was back in March.

      • Edmeister87

        Pfff, The metric system. in the u.s., it's in may.

    • dochandy

      right on, brother. KCCO.

  • Sam Malone

    #11 would like to play connect the dots on her buttcheeks, happy Friday Chivers


    • Master_Rahl

      Right on Sammy! Lovin' those hump freckles.

    • Retiree

      I wonder what the one below, and to the right of her belly button tastes like?

    • tBaynes

      "whatever butt freckle"… what movie?

  • tflo

    #3 all of a sudden i like politics, or rallies, or whatever. boobs.

    • cardenasalbert

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  • Rawsker

    sorry ass dar

    • Bruce Wayne

      I feel sorry for you Rawsker. I don't think I would like being you

    • SigEpChiver

      Bro that DAR was cool as shit GTFO. Go over to the Berry and smack your wiener against some dude pics.

      • Lotus

        Dssent = gay is par for the course for a "bro". This DAR was sub-par by Chive standards. Enjoy your frat dues.

  • I-Need-$$

    #21 Has happened to me a few times…..

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Watch out. We got a badass over here

    • Matt

      Cool story, bro.

    • Optimus_prime

      How is he naked? I can barely get my pants off when i stumble through the door

      • Anon

        Werewolf returning home maybe?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1121028731 Alan Michael Gant

      That's MY house!!!

    • SigEpChiver

      Whenever bros pass out thats prime opportunity to throw the flying ham sandwich at them! LOL and then post that shit of FB. They never get laid again LOL

      • Jen

        you are the biggest douchebag EVER, bro.

    • HANK

      This is not uncommon in my household

  • cookie

    So true. Sad.

    • Anon

      Colbert should run for president of earth. What a good guy.

    • Baxpin

      This is the first time I've ever felt anything but pride to be from North Carolina

    • http://www.facebook.com/alan.carlson.96 Alan Carlson

      what a fool

    • JoeWind

      That's why North Carolina votes for North Carolina laws not some guy in NYC or LA or some other meaningless hellhole

      • hydrogenbond

        What does that even mean? North Carolina, where it's totally legal to marry your cousin, already had a law banning same sex marraige. They now have an ammendment to their constitution that does the same thing. Why are people from NC such cowards that they need two laws that take away rights from the same people?

        • John

          To rub NYC's collective nose in it
          Kcco choade smoker

          • Bill

            The bottom line: if you have a problem with North Carolina, then F*** off or GTFO!!!

            • Yeah..that's right.

              If you have a problem with gay people Get fucked by a big gay black dude.

            • its_forge

              I'm a fourth-generation Tarheel and you and that attitude can all get together and go fuck yourselves to death.

        • its_forge

          They now have an ammendment to their constitution that makes it illegal for a widow to continue to collect her deceased husband's death benefits unless she gets married again. FTFY and what a fucking load of bollocks THAT is.

      • LucretiusCarus

        Declaring it to be under the auspices of self-governance doesn't make it right to perpetrate injustice against fellow humans. You in support of the Kansas-Nebraska Act too?

    • Dug

      Just because they aren't married, they don't also go to bed together?

      • MuthaT

        Those with the ghey are prudes like that

    • republixan

      This guy symbolizes whats wrong with this country!!

      • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666


    • Rob

      Seriously? Who cries after an election? That's so gay.

    • DeflaterMouse

      I think the Chive should stay the fuck out of politics. I come here for tits and cat Pictures. I don't want to see you pandering (or insulting, depending on political leanings) to whomever, be it left (or right. HA! like that would happen). TITS OR GTFO, leave the politics to the polling booth.

      P.S. Federalism was a key basis for this country's great foundation. If those people voted how they did, who the fuck are you to say anything? You work on the fucking beach 2,500 miles away. Stop bitching.

      • Flowerchild

        couldn't agree more mouse…..

      • RalphEmerson

        #1, Federalism was the belief of a faction of colonial thinkers. It was, at best, a disputed "key basis" for our country's foundation.
        #2, and more importantly, TITS OR GTFO is so fucking un-American. This NC law infringes on people's human rights. Clearly TheChive doesn't think Americans should be fucked over by ignorant assholes just because those ignorant assholes are in the "government," unlike DeflatedMouse over here…

        • DeflaterMouse

          Well, aren't you a scholar? Even though our POTUS backed gay marriage, and then said it''s up to the states? C'mon, please address the President before you address me. Say what you will, but I'm just backing the statements of our leader.

          Also, you know nothing about federalism, otherwise the founding fathers wouldn't have left MOST of the power up to the states. It's called the 10th Amendment. Specifically, the "police power", which explicitly gives states the power to adjudicate among themselves on anything not EXPRESSLY reserved to Congress and federal government by the Constitution. Last I checked, the SCOTUS hadn't ruled one away or another whether gay marriage was a privilege afforded by the 14th amendmentm in which case, states have no say to allow voting one way or another, anyways. Until that time, each and every state has the right to leave it up to those citizens on whethe ror not that state recognizes gay marriage.

          Holy shit, you just got fucking served. I wasn't trying to get into a debate and was trying to show the Chive that guess what, the Chive has viewers, on both sides of the aisle, but wow. Please, pack up your backpack and go the fuck home,

          • DeflaterMouse

            Am I allowed to +1 my own point? Because unless you (or your friends are Constitutional scholars at yale), I win.

          • Some guy

            Congrats dude. You won an argument on the internet. You now win nothing. And self loathing.

            • DeflaterMouse

              Oh, you got me good!!!! I bet you get all the ladies with those verbal skills!

        • Billy

          I was not the government it was "we the people" exercising their right to choose. Don't like it, make a more compelling argument to sway voters.

          • Heidi

            Maybe the people could get their slaves back too, ya know, cuz they could vote on it and shit and that would make it right then.

      • LucretiusCarus

        again…Kansas-Nebraska Act, anyone? Or maybe 3/5 compromise? Governments are capable of getting shit wrong, as is the citizenry. Saying Federalism makes prejudice okay is a logically fallacy.

      • olmanbingle


    • goloby

      You know full well the Gay community has never needed the sanctity of marriage to get it on, cry me a river.

      • http://twitter.com/GamerKitty84 @GamerKitty84

        I live in NC and believe me…I am sick of hearing people talk about this.
        No one should use voting to force your own beliefs on others. Why do people care so damn much??
        This is one case where I think a little apathy is needed towards what your fellow man or woman does.
        If gays want to be miserable like all the other married couples out there then let them.

      • This.

        Find someone you love and want to marry.. then you'll understand what it's like to be them.

    • The Truth

      What a bullshit statement. Colbert is pandering, pure and simple. Loneliness? N.C. didn't outlaw gay relationships. Gay people can still be gay, can still pursue relationships, can still engage in meaningful relationships or craptastic relationships. They can get the same jobs, shop at the same stores, talk to anyone they like. We can debate same sex marriage any day, but to imply that they outlawed gay relationships is just incredibly asinine.

      • DeflaterMouse

        But then they can''t get the same tax benefits afforded to heterosexual couples, even though statistically, homosexual couples aren't as loyal to their partners.

      • LucretiusCarus

        It's called hyperbole. Politicians and other orators use it often–even fake TV newscasters do it.

        • its_forge

          Without hyperbole I wouldn't be able to speak at all = )

      • Uplim

        Haha, pandering? Do you even know what pandering is or did you just hear someone else use the word and you are regurgitating it here? He is a comedian. This was not pandering.

    • Houston

      God get a life Colbert. Who cares? Obama said leave it to the states. And for all you folks saying he is in support? Where is the call for a bill? Obama is just making political points that mean nothing

  • My first comment

    As a Chiver I always appreciate that the chive tries to keep it positive and politically agnostic. As a gay man I applaud John for standing up for equal rights. The chive constantly upholds the underdogs. Myself and my partner, who cannot legally, solute you.

    #4, #5

    • My first comment

      – legally marry, sorry!

      • Anon

        "Legally marry." Why is the government involved in marriage anyway?

        • Idius

          Marriage is a legally binding contract, as well as a Sacrament in some religious institutions. That is why there are divorces. They pertain to the legal aspect. Churches do not recognize divorces. That's why they have annulments. This gay marriage stuff applies to the legal aspects not the religious institutions.

          • don't see it.

            But where in the constitution does it give the government power over marriage, or allow the states to ban it?

            • Idius

              Dude, if we only operated by the Constitution, life would be awesome. I would able to carry around a pistol however i wanted to in this formerly great country of ours. I hope that the Supreme Court rules that Chicago bullshit unconstitutional. However, a lot of stuff isn't in the Constitution.

              I'd like to bring up the past issue of slavery. I'm not saying the issues are the same; I am just saying it's comparable. The Southern states wanted it, the Northern states didn't. If we applied the same logic we are using on gay marriage to what occurred back then (Hint they tried that shit and it didn't work out to well) then the Southern states should have been allowed to keep it and the Northern states would have just had to suck it up.

              We all know that it didn't work out that way. We need to have a strong central government to be a strong nation. However, the Congressmen and Congresswomen choose to fiddle with themselves as we end up taking water on. They do this because they don't want to risk their jobs (political careers). I am proud of Obama speaking up about this issue finally. Do I like him? Hell no. He's an ass. He forced mandatory healthcare down our throats so we could be more like Europe. Well Europe looks like a Jenga Tower now, so we should really be asking ourselves do we want to emulate that?

              To be honest with you, I lost myself, and it doesn't say that anywhere in our Constitution. That's kind of why we are having a shitstrom debate about it right now. Seems like a simple answer to me.

              • top gunny

                you're trying so hard to sound intelligent but you're obviously a fkn moron. This "formerly" great country? When was it good for you, when it was segregated? You called the president an ass for making health insurers spend at least 80% of their costs on HEALTH CARE. People like you (and there are millions) make me sick.

                • Idius

                  Well thank you. I appreciate the fact that you think I was trying to be intelligent (mostly because i was just speaking/typing my mind on the subject). I also appreciate you demonstrating your level of thought by refuting me by saying that I'm "obviously a fkn moron."

                  I am not calling him an ass for making the insurers spend at least 80% of their healthcare costs on health care. I am calling him an ass for forcing every individual citizen that is over 18 and not covered by a healthcare plan to purchase a healthcare plan from an insurer cleared by the government (eventually leading too-big-to-fail insurers, like banks that have been favored).

                  Clearly, you mustn't have read the part where I said that we all know who won, and you mustn't have noticed the fact that I did not follow it with "BUT THE SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN YEEHAWW!!!"

                  I'm glad that I make you sick, but I wish there were millions of people like me. The way I read the Constitution (which is subjective I guess, like one would interpret a work of fiction) already protects gay marriage. I actually do have a copy with me so I'll quote it real quick :

                  The first Amendment
                  "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

                  The way that I see it, the fact that Congress hasn't addressed this issue angers me. The first amendment does not state that, Congress shall make no law DISRUPTING an establishment of religion. Most people who appose it say that its encroaching upon their first amendment rights, but by trying to pass laws banning it they are encroaching upon gay people's rights… This is because they are passing laws respecting an establishment of religion (never seen an argument that was not based on morals/religion).

                  I'm out. Keep Calm and Chive on!

            • Johney 5

              See amendment 10 of the constitution and then get back to us. States have reserved the right to regulate marriage for a long while. I agree that gays should be able to marry I just don't believe that the state (read government) should be in the business of encouraging it in the same way that they do traditional marriage. I don't support it as it is not in my religious beliefs but they will be judged by a higher power not by me. In case your thinking well isn't rejecting gay marriage judging? Yes and no, I want the USA to represent my values and that is something that we all do. Tolerance is different from acceptance or worse forcing acceptance through bullying and spreading hatred against religious people.

              • RalphEmerson

                Hahaha, the religious groups are the ones getting bullied. Riiiiiiiiight.

              • Cantaloupe

                Christians playing the victim in something that doesn't concern them in any way? How surprising.

                • heelchiver

                  did he say he was Christian? And if you don't believe hate is spread evenly, then try being a southerner, from NC, living in Manhattan.

    • Guse

      It'll happen one day, man/woman (you were unclear). Just wait for the old bastards in charge to die off.

      I'm sorry it comes down to that. I really am.

      • keystone183

        Perhaps you are unaware it was not the "old bastards" that were to blame, but the voting publicor NC, as well as 30 something other states. Oops.

        • Guse

          I wasn't just referring to the politicians. 70% of 18 – 34 year olds support gay marriage according to Gallup.

          • keystone183

            95% of them are stupid. And Lazy

            • Brutal_Deluxe

              And 106% of them can't do math

          • Vol

            According to Gallup gay marriage is possible
            Because a lot of their polling comes from phone calls In order to get a truly random sample. What u say on the phone and how you vote can be truly different things

      • Guest

        Just come to the UK, get married and then go back.. not sure howd that would work but youd still be married on paper =)

        • sneederbee

          Come to Canada – it's a lot closer

      • http://www.facebook.com/alan.carlson.96 Alan Carlson

        so you are saying that a bunch of dopey wet behind the ear kids know whats best for the country

        • Cantaloupe

          Yea, gay marriage would destroy this country. Pull your head out of your ass Alan.

    • just asking

      is John your partner?

      • John

        YES I AM.
        But only because he is hung like a horse.

      • John

        YES I AM.
        Only because he is hung like a horse.

    • JediWeedandLove

      coming from a completely straight man,

      hope you and your partner can one day get married no matter what state you live in.

      love knows no bounds 🙂


    • Stephen

      I agree with the sentiment, but quotes from Mother Theresa should not be allowed. She was a close minded, suffering inducing, money grubbing zealot who used her position of power to perpetrate poverty and suffering in India while accepting huge sums of money from vicious dictators a crooks and as her own diaries showed she told people to experience suffering to find the love of a God she herself could not believe in. A quote from her should not be used to strengthen an argument for same sex marriage when she herself was against all forms of reproductive rights and gay equality.

      By all means, find solace in inspirational quotes, but never forget to look at a persons motives an actions with an objective mind before idolizing them as paragons of virtue.

      • keystone183

        Does anyone find Colbert to be anything other than the entire shed of tools?

        • MattKL


      • Dont care

        I think some citations are in order from that rant. Do tell..

        • Stephen

          Read The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice by Christopher Hitchens, its a great read.

          • SMT

            Ill show you a missionary position…..haha

          • Dan

            Hitchens was a moron. Basically, the Rush Limbaugh of atheists. Luckily, he's dead now.

            • Stephen

              boiling someones life down to a "basically" comparison shows your intelligence level.

              Let me guess, "Obama is a Socialist, he's basically Joseph Stalin." Or is it something more in line with the discourse on this site "Boobs are awesome, they're basically the bacon of a chicks body."

              • Rob

                Thats amazing! Boobs = Bacon! Why didn't I see that sooner!! You, my friend, are a fucking genius!

              • DickFister

                Chick's … It's a possessive

        • Muert

          This covers it fairly well.

        • Stephen

      • Say what?

        I love this comment – "quotes from Mother Theresa should not be allowed", and then the very next sentence say that SHE was close minded. Good times. So if someone believes in the things you believe in they are open minded, but if anyone happens to disagree with you they are the ones who are close minded, and should be attacked with name calling? Seems legit. I'm going to side with Mother freaking Theresa on this one and not angry Stephen.

        • Stephen

          Do you know what or who I believe in? No, so you are not qualified to say that if someone agrees with me I find them to be open minded.

          The problem with spreading quotes around like the one above is that people can agree with them and will say "yes, she's right on the money there," and that paints the whole perception of that person in the social conscious as someone who said great things, but it totally divorces them from their actions and at the end of the day it is what a person does that matters, not what they say.

          So yes, I will restate my position. I do not think that people should blithely spread quotes like this from Mother Teresa because it gives everyone the impression that she was a loving person when the reality of her actions prove her to be anything but loving.

    • Fuang

      I sincerely wish you guys a lot of luck, but I got to tell you, if a couple of guys are gonna "solute" me, I'm gettin nervous.

    • thom

      How can you say this site is politically agnostic? Every Obama picture is only flattering ones (Obama skateboarding, Michelle with light sabers, etc), they sell an Ignorance is Bliss shirt that has Palin's face on it. Come on, I love this site, but to say it is down the middle shows that it appeals to your political leanings, which is way to the left.
      As for this picture/issue, on a serious note, can anyone on the left concede that being against redefining marriage, can be justified by anything other than bigotry? Can you at least try to see the other side's arguement without just calling them haters and bigots? Just asking?

      • SMT

        Research who defined marriage in the first place. and if you say the bible defines it, then go back and take a look at that definition. because it doesnt state what you are citing. marriage as we know it today was defined for tax purposes.

        This is coming from a straight, happily married man. and i think people should be able to love whomever they want.

        • thom

          Society has defined marriage over the millenia. It is the single most important institution in human existence. It is the system that civilized humans have developed civilization, how we create productive citizens, create future productive citizens, create prosperous societies. Doesn't that sound like something that people might want to hold on to? Protect?
          Should we instantly redefine this institution based on the If-It-Feels-Good-Do-It mores of the last couple of decades?
          Should we discuss and debate this issue civilly? Learn its ramifications on society's future?
          Or just use modern day values to instantly villify anyone who doesn't jump on board? Call them names, blacklist them, or label them as evil and haters?
          I hope this is coming across right. I honestly don't know where I am on this issue, but the knee-jerk attacks on those who want to protect marriage is aggravating.

          • SaltLakeChiver

            What harm does the institution of marriage suffer if we allow same sex marriage? What about this idea is so perverse? I am not hating, I am merely at a loss of understanding. Could someone provide a logical and cogent argument for prohibiting gay marriage that is utterly free of any moral or religious bias?

            • thom

              I just did. At least an argument for not rushing into redefining the institution.

              • SaltLakeChiver

                You said yourself that society has defined marriage. Our society has been shifting, where being of a homosexual nature isn't as much of a social taboo as it may have been before. Let us also not forget that homosexuality was not so uncommon in ancient societies, such as Rome, or Greece. I would postulate that allowing a man or woman to marry in the same sex is not outright redefining marriage, but merely adjusting or opening up what marriage means in accordance with modern societal norms. Notice how the younger population sees gay marriage in less of a negative light than the older demographic, because to them it is more of a social norm, whereas it was not so several decades ago. I cannot think of a legitimate reason NOT to allow it.

                • thom

                  First off, thank you SaltLakeChiver for the thoughtful and reasoned responses, I hope I am coming across the same way.
                  I agree that eventually society maybe (will be) ready, but in the mean time without these kinds of initiatives or constitutional changes a single judge will force this issue upon society. That is unjust and these voters know that this will happen. That is why they voted for this, in a huge landslide. So obviously, NC society isn't ready, as the other 32 states that have voted for similar measures are not.

                  • top gunny

                    we're ready, your arguments have no validity and are veiled in religious idiocy. We run this country on the constitution, not the bible. The "it's always been this way" argument is invalid. There was slavery 150 years ago, and women couldn't vote until 1920. Wake up and show some tolerance towards others-

      • Idius

        Well in their defense, one of the former candidates for the GOP nomination just became a Swiss citizen, and she is now renouncing her citizenship because she wants to get re-elected to Congress… McCain helped draft/sponsor the National Defense Authorization Act which allows the indefinite detainment of U.S. Citizens… Romney has his own Healthcare plan that he wants to push through…

        My point being, the Republican party is unfortunately incompetent. I say unfortunately because the Democrats spending habits are going to speed us towards a Greece-like situation… I'm of a Libertarian ideology (the Libertarian party is too fanatical, like the Republican party is becoming). I think that if you want a gun, you should be able to carry a gun. If you want to marry someone of the same sex, you should be able to. I draw the line at when you infringe upon others freedom, i.e. murderers and rapists. I differ from most Libertarians on this point because I support the death penalty. If you are willing to take away some other persons freedom, you don't deserve freedom. This is the reason for my disdain of the two major parties now…

        At any rate I'm ranting, just try to show some tolerance. I try not to be intolerant, but unfortunately get baited into combating intolerance with intolerance…

        Keep Calm and Chive On!

        • Dan

          Obama was more than happy to sign the NDAA. Just like he happily robo-signed the reauthorization of the Patriot Act. Anyone who thinks he cares about our civil liberties has big blinders on.

          • Idius

            Oh yeah I agree… I was just pointing it out that the Republicans have tended to be more visual with their mistakes. Democrats are just as guilty at being two-faced

      • hydrogenbond

        Fortunately there are a lot of crackpot commenters like you that skew far to the right. Your argument's side is taking away legal rights from people when it would do you no harm to grant it to them.

      • thedude325

        Good point. I don't really have much of an opinion on the gay marriage thing because I havn't really looked into it. I'm curious though, what's the motive for wanting gay marriage? I'm not trying to be an idiot or an asshole. Is it about equals rights or the finincial benefits that come with marriage. I'm all for two dudes or two chicks being with eachother, but can they not be happy without marriage?

        • Danielle

          But, along the same lines, if we allow this for heterosexual couples why should we not allow it for gay couples? Makes no sense.

      • Cantaloupe

        No, it's bigotry. You don't like being a bigot? Then stop.
        Smart people (i.e. not you) aren't bullshitting themselves about gay marriage in order the justify their bigotry. I don't wanna see two guys kiss, but that doesn't mean I think I should get to vote whether they're allowed to – which is what you'd really like. It's blatantly obvious you'd prefer to make being gay illegal, but modern society knows just slightly better than that, and you have to pretend you just don't want to "redefine" marriage, as if people like you give a shit what words mean, as you've obviously chosen to ignore the definition of "bigot".

    • MattKL

      Colbert's great. It's wrong to keep two people who love each other from getting married. If you can find someone who loves you, and you love them, then grab onto that person and never let them go. Plain and simple. If we straight people can get married, GLBT people should be able to as well.

      • skeendu

        I don't agree… if marriage in the closed "religious" tense is to be changed then lets change it to meet the needs of everyone in the future. Why just allow those "in love" to marry, why not allow anyone that wants the legal protections, medical decision rights, inheritance rules, and joint child care rights to marry. Business partners may want to "marry" for protections from testifying, single parents and children may want the inheritance benefits, etc. Divorce is so easy it would make it possible for anyone to marry as needed. Just a slightly sarcastic letter for everyone to think about… it isnt the 95% of the people you have to worry about… just the 5% that know how to work the rules that mess it up for everyone.

        • hydrogenbond

          That happens already…I know several straight people that are married because one went to war and the other wanted marraige benefits.

        • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

          Divorce is not easy. It's a giant pain in the ass. Marriage (not a wedding, marriage) is a 20 minute process and divorce is a minimum of 6-12 months. That's here in Massachusetts, a liberal state.

          And we aren't talking about defining marriages in the religious sense. Churches have the right to refuse to marry gay couples in states where gay marriage is legal. That is not the debate. The issue is when the government gets involved. We're supposed to have separation of church and state, yet we're allowing religion to dictate what the state allows. No one is asking the Catholic Church (or any other anti-gay marriage religion) to allow recognize gay marriage. They're simply asking for joint legal rights that marriage allows straight couples but is denying gay couples.

          • LucretiusCarus

            Well said, Martha. There is really no reason to ban gay marriage except for religious reasons, or perceived moral reason.

            If I have to hear the "it goes against more than a thousand years of tradition" argument one more time, my head will explode. Outlawing slavery went against more than a thousand years of tradition; does anyone here actually maintain that slavery is or was an okay thing? Things change; people change; times change.

            As Chuck D once said, "It takes a nation of millions to hold" them back. Sad.

        • LucretiusCarus

          Seriously, dude, everyone knows the "slippery slope" and reductio ad absurdum arguments are logically fallacies. Try something that wasn't covered in 9th grade English class, at least.

    • SaltLakeChiver

      I hope the best for you and you partner. They can take away titles, and hopefully we can return them, but they can't rob you of your love.

    • GoRays1035

      What's up with all the debating? Chive, don't post politically-minded pictures. Chivers/Chivettes, chill out and KCCO.

    • John

      I always applaude a blow struck for State's Rights. This one makes me uneasy though. I find the whole premise of the US Gorvernment treating married and single people differently to violate the Equal Protection clause. I am starting to feel that maybe the individual states are way too deep in people's lives and wallets. That said, as a native son of North Carolina, we can make any damn law we want, and Stephen Colbert can STFU.

      • Cantaloupe

        Yea, you should vote slavery in. You're a stupid jackass.

        • John

          Knowing I pissed you off makes my whole day.

    • joe

      I'm a married man who can't figure out why the gay and lesbian community is so invested in this. Whoa easy! Hear me out. When I married my wife, I married her before god and all of the people we both love.whether or not the government recognizes our marriage is only material in a financial sense. From this perspective,any union the government recognizes is simply a civil union. Whether or not you consider yourself "married" is up to you and no one else. I don't personally think god intended gay marriage, but I don't pretend to know whether he recognizes it. Not my problem
      I'm short, you can marry whoever you want.If you need the state to recognize it for financial reasons, what's the problem with calling it a civil union if it's truly not an assault on the views of others? The state can call my marriage a civil union if they want. Doesn't change what it actually is.
      and chive, this is the fastest way I can think of to get deleted from my bookmarks. I'm here because I'm tired of reading about politics everywhere else. Knock it off or you're done.just friendly unsolicited advise.

      • RalphEmerson

        What you just said sounds eerily like an argument for separate but equal status. Of course gay people are going to be together regardless of the law. The point is that the government is saying, for no real, legal reason, that they can't have something other people can."Straight people can be married, but gays are different. Let's give them something separate from marriage, but equal in it's definition."

        In the same way that we work for racial equality and gender equality, we should work for equality between straight people and gay people. Just call it all marriage and be done with it.

      • Cantaloupe

        An assault on the views of others. That's the damn dumbest attempt at playing the victim I've ever heard.

      • Dr_Fap

        Joe- I don't see anyone here being forced to read the comments section. If you weren't interested, you would not have read this far down into this post. If you are that offended by a political debate, then why post your opinion and follow it up with a threat of deleting the site from your bookmarks? I do not understand your logic.

    • sureman123

      I really hate coming to this fun site to kick it for a sec… only to find some political crap… really puts me off..

    • LineHog

      How easy it is for some people to forget that we live in a country where we are allowed the right to vote. Majority decides the outcome of any election. If would like to surrender your rights and live somewhere that the government makes the laws without it's citizens representation you are free to leave our country, we will actually let you do that as well. It's a fact that every election will not favor everyone's opinion, that's the basic purpose of voting on an issue. The people of NC spoke, and if you are upset or think rights are being taken away from certain people, then reversing the outcome would obliviously take away the rights from the voters who showed up at the polls.

      • Cantaloupe

        You don't get to vote on the rights of the minority. They didn't have the right to vote on this in the first place, just like they don't get to vote whether we're allowed to have slaves or stone adulterers.

        • John

          Since you seem to be advocating the rights of the one over those of the many, I presume you wouldn't mind if I were to dictate the circumstances of your life, and those with whom you agree. I don't have a problem with that.

      • TheJesus

        By that rationale the entire civil rights movement of the 60's would have never had a chance.

    • TheJesus

      I'm mad at my state this week. Not all North Carolinians supported the amendment.

      And the GOP would do well to let this issue drop. They're on the wrong side of something that is inevitably changing: http://mechanicalbrain.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/a

  • thedude325

    Happy Friday Chivers…

    • saskchivertoon

      Well, i know how i'm dancing at the bar tonight haha

      • KJM

        Dear fellow flatlander.I have been stranded over the mountains of our country for the last 7 years. Now I find myself a stones throw from parliament hill in the east. I ask but one thing….please send Great Western Pil.
        KCCO and GO GREEN

    • baldy

      THIS SHIT is bangin

    • Jesse

      words fail me

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  • I love catholic ass

    #24 My fantasy summed up in a single photograph…

    • I-Need-$$

      A chick? Holding on to the virginity a little tooo tight.

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Wow. Youre pretty easy to please

    • Hand of Fate


      • pedo bear

        and clearly under age ,

        • Hotstuff

          With that body? Are you kidding?

          • its_forge

            This. Note the lack of telltale fat at the wrists. This woman is in her mid-20s.

    • Hank442

      I took a look inside your bedroom door
      You looked so good lying on your bed

  • Brutal Deluxe

    Read this, save time:

    A bunch of corny comments from people who think they are hilarious. There. Now you dont have to scroll through this whole thing

    • lando

      who shit in your Cheerios?

    • sucka


    • NcouthYouth

      irony at its best.

      • Brutal Deluxe

        Obviously you do not know the definition of irony.

        • SaltLakeChiver

          But yours is a corny comment and I bet you think you're hilarious/witty. I see a bit of situational irony here.

          • Brutal Deluxe

            I am not trying to be funny, therefore it is not irony in any form. Fail, but nice try

            • Brutal_Deluxe

              Then you're succeeding. Congrats, man.

        • Optimus_prime

          Irony= bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash

          • https://www.facebook.com/Juan.Guillermo.Chaves.F Juan Guillermo Chaves F

            nice con air quote

        • its_forge

          It's a form of irony. He wrote something whose literal interpretation is different from the intended meaning. He knows perfectly well nobody's going to skip all the comments in this thread just because they read what he said.

    • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

      you're just too cool for school man. yet, you're still here posting instead of doing something else.

      • Brutal Deluxe

        I'm doing plenty. I do see your lame posts on here quite often though. Now THAT is irony at its best. Lesson learned

        • SigEpChiver

          Well you sure as fuck arent crushing pussy if u r on here talking shit about chivers. Gay ass virgin needs to STFU and mind his own BUSINESS!

          • stereotypes

            Crushing pussy? Seriously? Lemme guess, you chug beers with your frat bros every night.

            • Hmm

              I hate that guy… He always talks about him and his "boys" crushing pussy. I'm pretty sure the closest they've gotten to a vagina is through the internet.

    • http://twitter.com/JONNBOY89 @JONNBOY89

      I'm tired of these stupid posts. We get it already. It was funny the first time this was posted

      • Brutal Deluxe

        Was never meant to be funny. Dont like it dont read it

        • SigEpChiver

          And if you dont like the chive or chivers GTFO. STFU and GTFO. Pussy's like you dont have anything else to do. I'll be drunk and crushing pussy in 4 hours while your at home playing minecraft and drinking dr pepper. Trying to start shit on the chive like people give a FUCK about you. Go to the gym, lose weight, get a girlfriend. until then YOU ARENT A REAL CHIVER

          • Hmm

            No one is impressed.

    • SigEpChiver

      Bro GTFO then! Later! Duces! Chivers love to hang out and say funny shit. Just because your idea of entertainment is 2 girls 1 cup doesn't mean we need your sorry ass here talking shit about people who actually have senses of humor. We love BFM and titties and hot chicks. If you don't like that than go spend a couple of hours looking at meatspin or some shit.

      Seriously bro GTFO.

      • Brutal Deluxe

        Prime example of another low intelligence response.
        "Bro GTFO then! Later! Duces!"…..really? How old are you? 12?

        • SigEpChiver

          Bro I'm on deans list and have an internship with the governor. Ill be writing speeches for Jeb Bush when he takes out cankles clinton in 2016. I'll be sure to throw some 20s out of my office window at the whit house for you're sorry ass. Too bad I'll have crushed all of the pussy and there wont be any left for you…unless you like my sloppy seconds. LOL

          • stereotypes

            Not just a douchebag, a Republican douchebag. So…very…dumb.

          • SpellCheck

            How are you on the deans list and writing speeches if you can't spell "deuces" or know the correct "you're" to use?

    • http://twitter.com/Thogert @Thogert

      Read this, fuck off. That is all.

      • Brutal Deluxe

        Watch out, we got a badass over here

        • meantux

          seem to be up on the parlance??

        • Awesome

          Trolling Troll is Trolly

        • SigEpChiver

          Bro I'll show you a bad ass. Come to columbus and talk this shit about chivers and see what happens. My boys aint pussy's like you talking shit on the computer.

          • stereotypes

            Omg it's like you were just lifted straight out of an American Pie movie. Your character: douchebag frat bro.

          • Paula Fan

            This guy is so annoying. He is a better troll then Paula. He actually made me laugh with the Jeb Bush reference. Kudos on adding politics to your character.

          • ThinkFirst

            says the 'bro' talking shit on the computer.

    • smartypants

      I swear the comments on thechive are so retarded and juvenile that it attracts a lot of pedos who think its little kids posting them.

    • Seattle

      go away…

    • Kevin

      Just as dumb as the last time you wrote that. You don't belong here.

    • Lotus

      Probably the best comment in months which is sad. Looking at the thumbs up and down at the replies… wow the chive is filled with dumbasses and/or 12 year olds, at least in the comments section.

      • edslerson

        down vote my opinion WOOOO!

    • Toad

      Hey Brutal: Small world I'm friends with you on STEAM.

      • Jen

        sigep – please keep posting your douchetastic comments! they are making my laugh!

  • RatedR401

    Love an early DAR! Thanks Chive!

  • labatanga


    For those who are not MN Sports fans…The majority of you.

    The guy on the right, Nikola Pekovic is an absolute giant human being and plays professional basketball. The guy on the left is the tallest man in the United States…I believe he's like a 17 y/o High School Foreign Exchange Student. To see him dwarf a NBA center is crazy.

    Back to your regularly scheduled programming…

    • checkmate

      but can he dunk?

      • Anon

        He is 7'11" dude. He can walk up and put it in 😛

      • labatanga

        I think just lifting his arms over his head would make that possible.

        Sign him up!

      • salute my shorts


    • Mrill Pads

      His name is Igor Vovkovinskiy, super nice guy. He's probably about 30 now.

      • labatanga

        30?! yikes…I was way, way off. my bad, Chive. I have failed us all…

    • Habsy

      That guy's shoes cost some 5000 bux to make and the only guy to make them died last year.
      I hope some NBA spoiled brats helped him out.
      Oh and #29 FTW

      • MNDave

        I used to ride Igor's bus when i was in grade school. His shoes are costing him 15k since they are customized for him to walk comfortably. I agree with Mrill Pads…very nice guy.

    • Kiron

      For the lazy europeans: right guy: 2.08m left guy: 2.41m

      • http://thechive.com F3n1x187

        ***rest of the world***

        • BENOIT

          Lazy Europeans ? drop your ass backwards imperial system already you american cunts…

          • http://thechive.com F3n1x187


          • Dancing Can

            cunts? nice. we should make sure to avoid handouts to your cuntry in the future. Its not like the country you are from is any better in any measurable way.

    • SigEpChiver

      I bet that dudes wang is massive LOL Probably to big to even do stuff with it poor guy.

      • labatanga

        Top notch commentary here. (insert stereotypical eye roll here.)

        • SigEpChiver

          STFU I'm gonna start a foundation for him b/c his wang is to big. Think about it dude. You can't use your wang. that'd SUCK

    • http://twitter.com/jseiff @jseiff

      MN sports fan right here! Go lynx haha

    • Sarex

      Not giant, just tall, where he's from it's not that uncommon. He's only 8 cm taller then me and I don't even play basketball.

      Had a friend in high school who was 225 cm tall, and I think he was still growing the last I saw him.

    • Felcus

      Actually that's Hagrids brother, Grawp.

    • EBusch

      He's actually from Rochester, MN. He got to finally go to a Wolves game this season. Pek is one of the biggest guys in the NBA, not only is he tall but he's just BIG!

      If you need a frame of reference… Here is next to a bunch of other NBA players: http://cdn.bleacherreport.net/images_root/gallery… (He's the one shooting)

      KCCO Wolves Fans! Howl!

    • Jester

      There are only 3 living people at 7'11'' and that isn't one of them…that's Igor Vovkovinskiy, and he's 7'8''

    • MEEEE

      Still payed more attention tho the backround..

      • MEEEE


    • Taka

      Damn, and I thought I was tall at a respectable 7 foot.

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      Definitely would like some MOAR of that red head…

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      MOAR of the red head in back!!!!

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      Got a threefer in that one.
      1) Red heads
      2) Women in Uniform
      3) Women in the service.

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      moar of both of those hotties in uniform!!

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      Props to my beautiful shipmates! I rock KCCO under my ODU all the time! You guys look like fun 😉


    • Arlington

      I'm not usually one to comment but this just made my day. It's great to see our nation's protectors and heroes kick back and display their awesome personalities.

      KCCO from a Virginian Chiver

    • Mac

      should have joined the Coast Guard…

    • Duncan

      Where is this? Amazing photo.

      • Duncan

        sorry, I meant where is #33.

  • pickleman77

    #10 (Blink Blink…) Am I in Heaven?

    • Chiefhenry27

      Slowly scrolling through the DAR I came to this picture and I liked it when I only saw the top of it…I loved it when I saw the bottom.

      • MattKL

        Yes, that bottom is very nice.

        • bob_the_cook

          and the bottom at the bottom is exceptional.

          • Fi3ry_Ph03n1x

            I think the 'bottom' reference was pretty obvious double entendre without the Captain Obvious follow up. Don't you agree?

          • its_forge

            And the unbelievably long legs and the hard arch in the back and even the pretty brunette hair too

      • forever alone

        thats LG unless your sumsorta noob u'd have known that

    • Salt

      I thought that was Country Girl at first glance, until I spied the shoulder tattoo.

    • dudehere

      looks like Colorado, but where ever she is, I'd like to be there as well!

    • http://www.facebook.com/kylejheard Kyle Heard

      At first when i was scrolling down i was like "wow this is a beautiful picture" then i was like "now i have a chub"

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      #10. That is one majestic ass!

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      Looks like heaven to me too

    • DickFister

      It's a beautiful view, eh?

  • Kodos

    Dear Stephen Colbert,

    Fuck you.

    Sincerely, North Carolina //

    • Boozer

      Too bad I can only give you one thumbs up. He's such a douche! Liberal idiot snot-bag!

      • Anon

        Telling the truth is a really douche thing. He should lie to everyone instead, then he could be accepted by your kind.

        • Boozer

          Nope…HE should learn to be more tolerant. Don't know where he's from, but I hope he really likes it there…and never leaves.

          • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

            ^ Brings up tolerance, immediately shows intolerance.

            • MattKL

              I wish I could give your comment more than one thumbs-up.

              • Salt

                I put an extra one in for you.

              • nemesis


            • Rooster

              Soooo… Colbert's intolerance of the will of the people of N C is deemed tolerance, how perplexing… Pot/ kettle bah… Nvm

            • Dr_Fap

              McBeastie- Thank you for the laugh, great comment.

          • bzazz

            Actually he's from South Carolina…so yeah. And you're right: Stephen Colbert should learn to be more tolerant of bigots.

            • Dude

              On behalf of the people of South Carolina – Fuck you.

          • Joe

            He's from South Carolina, Einstein.

      • Chris

        Explain to me how gay couples marrying would affect you personally in ANY way?

        • Idius

          Because Marriage is a Sacrament, God damn you! To force my religion to accept those heathen bastards is unconstitutional! Oh wait, you mean it has nothing to do with the Sacrament of marriage? There is also a legal standing of marriage too? So I won't have to let gays into my church and I should go eat a bag of dicks for being such a douche?

          I'm not really good at subtlety so I'll just come straight out and say fuck ignorance… Whatever happened to all those stories of Jesus going and sharing his food with prostitutes, tax collectors, etc.?

          I will never understand how a religion can preach turning the other cheek, but then be so hateful… Hate is what ended up getting Jesus crucified, why would you use hate and persecute others… I mean its just not logical, but then I guess that's why they say it's a matter of faith…

          If I offended anybody, I'm sorry. I know the vast majority of religious people are understanding, but it sucks that shit like this happens. I hope that we as a nation begin to take ourselves and our feelings out of the equation. Our nation is so polarized; you would think that another Civil War was about to break out…

          Keep Calm and Chive On, I guess…

          • thom

            I put this on another comment but Mister Tolerant and Open-Minded Idius needs to read it:
            Can anyone on the left concede that being against redefining marriage, can be justified by anything other than bigotry? Can you at least try to see the other side's arguement without just calling them haters and bigots? Just asking?

            Society has defined marriage over the millenia. It is the single most important institution in human existence. It is the system that civilized humans have developed civilization, how we create productive citizens, create future productive citizens, create prosperous societies. Doesn't that sound like something that people might want to hold on to? Protect?
            Should we instantly redefine this institution based on the If-It-Feels-Good-Do-It mores of the last couple of decades?
            Should we discuss and debate this issue civilly? Learn its ramifications on society's future?
            Or just use modern day values to instantly villify anyone who doesn't jump on board? Call them names, blacklist them, or label them as evil and haters?
            I hope this is coming across right. I honestly don't know where I am on this issue, but the knee-jerk attacks on those who want to protect marriage is aggravating.

            • ImaflipflopperObama

              The left are allowed to hate. I have listened to attacks that religion is a cult. Hate. No defense from the left. They claim Catholics are pedophiles and homosexuals. Hate. People from the south are redneck hicks. Hate. Spread the love lefties!

              • nemesis

                Pedophilia among some Catholic priests is a documented fact.

                • notahater

                  Same for Liberals too. So you hate all Catholics.

                • 1/2FunAndDontCry

                  Just like Lefties in Hollywood, right or left there still sick.

            • Idius

              Dude, I'm going to level with you… I am not on the left… Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives can go fuck themselves… I am not withholding my personal opinion in this little intro because you clearly don't understand where i am coming from. I find the Libertarian ideology (not the party which is as bigoted as Democrats and Republicans are on their own issues). I like guns… Democrats are fucking dumbasses when it comes to their gun laws… The only thing they do is prevent crimes of passion (if that). I will avoid the marriage issue and bring up for now and bring up drug legalization. Republicans are fucking dumbasses for not legalizing drugs… Legalize them put tariffs on them that are so insanely high that nobody will be able to import them for a profit… This will stop them hemorage (or at least significantly stop) of money following on the "black market". For being all economically superior it seems like a foolish move based on "morals" that are derived from religious beliefs…

              Now that I have been clear with you, I hope that the following is as neutral as possible in retorting your comment:

              I can say that I can see the argument, but I cannot say that I have heard an argument against this issue that was not based on bigotry/hate… I have tried to examine the argument from that point of view, but I have not been able to find anything that isn't based on morals/religion.

              I saw your comment above and I am going to repeat what SaltLakeChiver said in paraphrase… Society has defined marriage, Society is changing, therefore the definition of marriage is changing…

              We cannot learn the ramifications, if it is illegal to have it take place.

              The only arguments I have seen/heard are based only on "traditional" values "to instantly villify anyone who doesn't jump on board? Call them names, blacklist them, or label them as evil and haters?"

              I do appreciate your last statement and I hope that I did not (and you feel that I didn't) attack you in any way. I apologize for being blunt in that first little paragraph, but i am only human and frustration got the better of me. It's easier sometimes to be crude and coarse to be understood, rather than take the time to explain it eloquently. I'm pretty sure that if this isn't too long to post that only you (if that even) will read it… I am not having a knee-jerk attack, like I said, sometimes coarseness and sarcasm are easier. It's just all the stuff on Yahoo was based on God and stuff… That is not a legitimate argument. It is a matter of faith. I apologized before in the previous comment because I didn't want anyone to feel as if I was attacking them. I hope you understand where i am coming from, and i hope that the logic I applied is sound and not strictly opinion.

              Have a nice weekend, my fellow Chiver!

              Keep Calm and Chive On!

            • Underbaker

              It was a nice try thom, but I think it is near impossible for people to have a sensible conversation about religion or politics on TheChive without one side or the other throwing age old insults. But what it comes down to is that we are not a free nation, we are a democratic one, and the majority right now still believes same sex marriage is wrong.

          • Longstreet

            Another Civil War is about to break out. God willing.
            The moral decay of the northern big cities has to end.

            • Idius

              Hey, I'm down for another march to the sea.

            • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

              you should build a bomb shelter and just lock yourself up in it. moron.

          • Tennessee

            1 John 4:20-21 (New Revised Standard Version): "Those who say, 'I love God,' and hate their brothers and sisters, are liars; for those who do not love a brother or sister whom they have seen, cannot love God whom they have not seen.

          • fred

            first: it was Gods will that Jesus was nailed to the cross. 2nd – I agree with everything else

        • IRS

          Taxes, you stupid fuck.

    • steve

      @North Carolina
      KCCO, your not doing it right

      • 3leftsmakearight

        Why? Should they do it left? Why can't there be a civil union where gays receive all rights as heterosexuals? What's next forcing churches to hold gay marriages?

        • stereotypes

          This is what I hear: DERP

          • notahater

            You're cool! A DERP is your best reply. You can't form an opinion nor express one.

    • Guse

      Why any of you care what 2 consenting adults do with/to each other is beyond me.

      • nonhater

        We don't care. Why should it be a marriage? Why not civil unions?

        • yeah

          So here's what they should do. Start a new religion, that allows same-sex marriages, then sue the shit out of any state that doesn't allow them to practice their religion.

          Laws are meant to protect people and their property. This law does neither of those two things. The only purpose of this law is to force a group of people to live how the majority in that state wants them to. There really is no difference between this and a law making it illegal to wear the color blue.

          • Idius

            Pretty much sounds like how it's going to go down. You want to start a religion together? I'm thinking we'll call it "Chivism"… Yeah, that has a nice ring to it! John can we use theChive to start our new religion?

    • Stephen Colbert

      Dear North Carolina.
      Fuck you back rednecks!!
      Stephen Colbert

      • NC Resident

        Don't hate on all of us! the vote wasn't unanimous after all.

        also, 30 other states have the same law, including California a few years ago.

        • paulhitchcock

          Not the same law. NC's amendment (not a law) goes much further and actually jeopardizes domestic violence laws already on the books because those laws apply to homosexual couples as well as heterosexual couples living together who are not married. Result: Since the NC constitution now says the state can only recognize a marriage between one man and one woman as a "domestic legal union", the state may not be able to enforce domestic violence laws as they apply to other "domestic unions" not recognized by the amendment. Nice job, NC.

          • keystone183

            So what you're saying is, i can move to NC, and then beat my live in gf with absolutely no consequences?? Seriously, get a clue.

            • paulhitchcock

              No, you can still be charged with battery, but it won't carry the extra penalties or enhanced protections (protective orders, etc.) as domestic violence cases.

              • 1/2FunAndDontCry

                Right, that there sir, is fear mongering. Did you hear that on CNN this morning before you walked out of the house.

                Just like the thing in Arizona, the left says every Mexicans will be deported if they don't have papers. You think the state won't train for that and have a system in place to ensure that doesn't happen.

      • notahater

        What a hater. Following a comedian for your political news & beliefs. Lame. 31 states are redneck & hateful to gays huh? Sometimes you have to follow what the majority wants and not be a baby about it. What a whiner.

    • Thor

      I don't think one person can speak for an entire state…

      • thrillhouse86

        He is not speaking for the state, he is speaking for himself, and expresses his disapproval of a recently passed law in his own manner. I believe that he has the right to express his view/opinion, just like you have the right to disagree with it. The problem is when someone on either the left or right, because they both do it, start to slander each other – or use abusive language. People don't know how to engage in civil discourse without resorting to insults and slander, and again that is people on both the left and right side. No side is innocent when it comes to slander and aggressive use of language to try and prove their point.

        It's just a sad and depressing reoccurring theme in human history – people can't stand someone who does not agree with them. Not much you can do, so you might as well just grab an ice cream cone, and eat it in the shower while you cry quietly.

        • Idius

          The person that Thor was responding to signed off his message as "Sincerly, North Carolina"… That's what Thor was talking about…

          You are right, however, conversation is a dead (or dying art), and it is quiet depressing…

          Off to weep tears into some beers!

          Keep Calm and Chive On!

    • Stephen

      I'm surprised North Carolina could sting together a sentence. But then again it is only two words.

      • Falcore

        LOL i think you meant "String"

        • Brutal_Deluxe

          If it can't be done by killer bees, it isn't worth doing.

      • Hooleyman

        Kind of like your spelling?

    • http://twitter.com/JONNBOY89 @JONNBOY89

      He is from South Carolina. Was wishing he was from North Carolina so you could eat your intolerance. I am as straight as they come and have no quarrels with any person pursuing same sex marriage. Who are we to dictate who people can and cannot love/ marry. Intolerance= Ignorance

    • Hooleyman

      lol… too bad you'll have all the faggot chewing on your ass now. Good luck

    • Hooleyman

      If burly gay men like girlie gay men, why dont they just go for a girl….and visa versa. WHY….because its a mental illness. There I said it, now deal with it. FYI Stephen, you're not that funny.

      • Idius

        But carrying around a corpse nailed to a cross is totally sane? Sanity is not statistical….

        • notahater

          Hate religion much? You can hate but someone can't vote their moral feelings on a subject. Hello Stalin!

          • yeah

            Glad someone finally admits what this is all about….forcing one group of people's moral beliefs onto another group of people. As I said in an earlier comment – Laws are meant to protect people and their property. This law does neither of those two things. Basically, it's saying "I don't like how you live your life so you can't have what makes you happy…even if that thing makes no difference in my life whatsoever!"

          • Idius

            I don't hate religion. It's a wonderful concept. I went to Catholic school for high school and I'm currently attending a Catholic University. I even considered converting for a while, but in the end decided that if there is a(re) god(s) and/or goddess(es) then they don't really care what is happening down/around here.

            I was just pointing out the logical absurdity by him saying that being gay is a mental illness, which in the short of it is saying they are either retarded or insane, but carrying a dead body around your neck is not "questionable".

            I think it's funny that you call me Stalin. People like Stalin and Hitler, Kony, the Manson Family, etc. believe that they are doing what is morally right… They let their moral feelings rule them.

            Now, since you think I hate religion, I'll clarify. I'm not comparing people that practice religion to these people automatically. Many people I went to Catholic high school with were fine with gay rights. It's intolerance that I hate. I don't mind crosses (if I did I think I'd have a problem with the schools I chose to attend) and I don't mind the Bible. I have a copy in my nightstand drawer.

            I just wish that more of us could understand that there is more perspective to the world. We are not alone, and I'm not talking about the "I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens" meme. You think life here sucks, shit even in Greece? Look at Africa. That continent has seen more shit than we probably ever will… It's also funny how the 99% protest against Wall St. and then wonder why the rest of the world hates us. Americans are the 1%ers of the world. It's arrogant to think that we are suffering (not that some aren't truly suffering) when things could be a lot worse.

            Again I digress. If it makes you feel better I'll say three "Our Father"s, Five "Hail Mary"s, and Two "Glory Be"s.

            Keep Calm and Chive On!

        • thedude325

          Well seeing how crucifixions were very very real, and Christians believe in the resurrection of Christ, it's pretty logical to have a rosary or whatever.

          • Idius

            I thumbed you up because I agree that Christians should be allowed to carry around crosses or rosaries, and to a Christian or someone who understands Christian beliefs it is reasonable . I say reasonable because religion is unfortunately based on Faith (which I'm not knocking, just stating).

            While believing that Jesus was the Saviour is a matter of faith, wanting to be able to sign a legally binding contract so that your spouse-to-be has the same legal protections that a person of a different gender is allowed is a matter of fact.

            Using a similar line of thought, it is clear that gay people are very, very real… Many people believe that separating things based on gender is wrong So it is logical to allow people to sign such a contract regardless of gender.

            I'm out for the night. Peace be with you (that one was a bit of a poke :P)

            Keep Calm and Chive On!

            • thedude325

              Word. Yea, no I'm not really trying to make political or moral point here, just commenting. I do, however, think the government's involvement in marriage is stupid. I guess it's pretty cool to get benefits when you get married, but really it's not necessary. My personal belief/opinion is that marriage is the joining of two souls. Peroid. Doesn't matter if you're gay or straight.

    • SigEpChiver

      Seriously guys? Can we just not talk about gay shit here? This place is a no gay zone so lets just change the subject

      • Hmm

        Shut up homophob

        • SigEpChiver

          Im not a homophobe, I've sucked so much dick in my life that my mouth is in a permanent O shape! My asshole has been fisted so many times that I'll have to wear Depends for the rest of my life. Does that sound like a homophobe?

    • Ije

      No, my good sir. It is you who are fucked.

      The rest of the human population who aren't gargantuan ass hats

    • Mrs_Conejo

      I could care less what someone does in their private life, and I would love the same respect towards me. What NC did is about state's rights, and it's constituents made their choice.

    • nuccabay

      people need to chill on this, if you support gay marriage fine, people who VOTED in NC did not, plenty of colleges and other liberal cities down there shoulda came out with stronger numbers, but they did not

      • dan

        Exactly my thoughts, the PEOPLE of NC voted on what THEY wanted. Why does everyone else care. If you don't like the laws in NC, don't move there. In the end…. THEY got what THEY, as a majority, wanted. Isn't that what America is all about? A democracy? And the wierd thing is that all they did was define the term marriage. They didn't deny gay rights. More than 40 states do not recognize same-sex marriage, yet NC has become the root of all evil and bigotry because they added a definition to their state constitution??? The world would be a much better place if people started minding their own business. And to clarify, I have nothing against gays. I have more gay friends than most. Oh yeah and Colbert, you are a douche. And your ratings prove it

        • TheJesus

          "They didn't deny gay rights" You're kidding, right? There are all sorts of rights being denied because of this. My boss can't have the same health care rights as me, because she can't marry her girlfriend of 15 years. They'll be denied hospital access in the event of a horrible accident. Should they adopt a child, they'll have a harder time raising it as a loving couple.

          And what's worse, the idiots who wrote this abysmal amendment did so in a way that it curtails the rights of all sorts of other situations — domestic violence and health care access for many people in unmarried heterosexual relationships too.

          It's an atrocious amendment and we need to repeal it as quickly as possible.

          • Anon

            Do you live in NC?
            Just get civil unions, make sure they are legally equal across the board, and leave religions alone. They think it's a God given right to be married and that's fine. What's the harm in letting them think that? Why is the word marriage so important to the gay side if it doesn't hold religious importance to them?
            I really think more talking needs to be done on the issue of same sex child raising. Not saying I'm completely against it right now but I'm not sure that same sex couples could raise children and instill the idea that boys and girls need and should want to be together. In several generations down the road might we have a problem with the continuation of our species if a large portion of our population starts believing heterosexuality and procreation are unusual because that's what was instilled by the parents? Would same sex parents even try to instill something like that? I assume so since there are parents that enforce racist ideals on their children now which is evident since we still seem to have so many racist a-holes around. If parents enforce their ideals then why wouldn't a gay couple enforce what they believe in? Do gay people believe heterosexuality and pro-creation are bad? Spare me the victim cards please, ordinarily two wrongs don't make a right. In other words please don't say, "well heteros believe homos are bad so quit calling the kettle black."
            I'm commenting as a guest and this is so far down I don't know that I'll ever find/see any replies, if any are made. I'll try to come back down here and see though. Interested to see what both sides say since there are so many of you gd uncompromising fanatics on both sides here. Notice I asked a lot of questions, did not make statements. I want answers.

    • NC Citizen

      The sad thing is that this amendment goes way past banning same-sex marriage. NC already has a law against this very thing. This is one of the few times that our constitution is being used to take rights away rather than grant them. The last time NC had an amendment involving marriage was when interracial marriage was banned. This new amendment affects all unmarried couples, gay or straight. Now, all domestic partnerships and civil unions are invalid and there are many people, including children that this is affecting. Many people have lost their health insurance that they received from their partner (gay or straight), a child may be taken away from a parent (not their birth parent) who has raised them their whole life if something happens to their birth parent, domestic violence cases may become invalid, seniors wanting to keep their legal protections would have to re-marry, and the list goes on and on. It's just ridiculous to see people speak about this when they obviously know nothing about it. It was a very sad day for me to see NC bring back such hatred and bigotry to our state.

      • tired of this

        Thank you been waiting for someone to make most of those points

    • DickFister

      Is North Carolina in the South? Just curious because the voters there sure seem like a bunch of in-bred fucking retards.

      • Anomanom

        Yes it is, unfortunately. But i live in Georgia and it's not much better here. The south is just a sad place sometimes.

  • gungagaloonga

    Super early DAR = Chive office drinking time

  • MgoBlue

    #1 Here's my pet giraffe. He loves swimming.

    • Master_Rahl

      we're gonna need a deeper pool

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      Seriously, what's with all the giraffe pics this week?

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