Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (37 Photos)

  • TommyB

    #33 May we see Moar of the lady on the right? Please ????!

  • Houdini112


  • jeaniest

    Thats nice.
    But thats England!!

  • Rick

    #26 I dun beleef! MOAR!

  • Gradypants

    Colbert is an idiot

  • jaycen

    #3 , #37, as long as i have a face, you'll have a place to sit on

  • brane

    #37 well done! =)

  • cpt. cutthroat


  • Anon


    I now also love Canadian Women…

  • BurkeDwayne

    like Edna implied I am impressed that people can make $7640 in 4 weeks on the internet. did you see this link (Click on menu Home more information) http://goo.gl/1qpFg

  • Jay

    #16 Inception??

  • Ollie

    #7 What kind of bikes do you guys have?

  • Rick

    Moar #33 PLEASE!

  • its_forge

    #31 Igor Vovkovinskiy is 7'8". Nikola Pekovic is 6'11". http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1176348-world-

  • kimohoyo

    Moar of that hump#11

  • Alex

    #17 so pretty!!! #37 nailed it!

  • handcheck

    #4 dont get all political like reddit did chive or you will also see a ton of people delete your app me being one of them

  • another chiver

    #37 good job, maybe next time i can help you

  • Bill

    #33 WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!! First you tell me there is a Coast Guard and now you tell me there are the most gorgeous women I've ever seen, in the Coast Guard! What's next, we've sent people to outer space?!? KCCO and drink more everyday (keeps you "feeling" smart).

    Love all of you Chivettes!

  • Mooks

    more #37 Please!!

  • Mar

    Jesus took it up the ass

  • The Yoga Pants Judge

    #3 your rack is a master peice! mind if I rally with them?

  • forever alone

    #34 yes its an epic shot but not man made nobody dug that shit out 😐

  • stevexz

    Fuck 'mother' Teresa…

  • Johnny


    One of my favorite places in all of Australia. Too bad some people may never get to see them before the same forces of nature that created them, also destroy them.

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