Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

  • Ash

    #20 maybe she dumped him becuase he wore that dumbass hat to prom?

    • john

      and maybe I didn't wear the hat to prom dumbass!

  • judasp1

    #19. That is the result of not being able to spank your child..

  • Bradyized

    #25 WHHHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT. She is obviously not from that mistress he had. Hot damn

  • wizardballman

    #20 It was probably the silly hat

  • Joney36

    #17 They are actually brother and sister at their Senior Prom. So before judging him to be friendzoned or just a simple douche, know the facts.

  • https://www.facebook.com/turnerrd Ryan Turner


  • Helene


    I know what I'm doing for the rest of the day.

  • Travis

    #20 Can't believe you fell for this mega-troll. *rolls eyes*

    • john

      if it was a troll there was another pic with the girl but they can not put it on here
      sad people who have nothing better to do then put down people. i am 18 and i am a bigger man then you.

  • dahenkilla


    I call bulls*#t on this whole story, I think our "poor" boy requested this one himself… What a douche.

    • Lisa

      Fuck you, we took these pics before he went and he's a huge chiver

  • http://www.facebook.com/angela.nelson.758 Angela Nelson

    #35 so that's what being dog tired looks like

  • http://www.facebook.com/kara.c.shea Kara Cornelia Shea

    #20 funny story, last year at this boys senior prom he did the same exact thing to me (except we went dutch and i paid for everything, no refund except for the tickets). People can be asses, KCCO bro! 🙂 btws, looking hot 😉

    • john

      thank you for the nice words 🙂

  • Nicnac

    Saw #34 … Realized I was staring at it like #35

  • Huey

    Arousing. Is that wrong??

  • Jrake

    Heyyyyyy #20 my bad if it did but i just dont feel like that really happened to u. Clever way of getting posted tho so touchee

    • john

      it happned they can not post the other ones with the girl

  • G-rock

    Nice ass #4

  • C

    7# cloudy with a chance of justice

  • Philco

    #5 America… Fuck ya

  • motoxchiver

    #25, I remember when she was little she completely took me out on the bunny hill in Sun Valley, ID. After seeing this picture, she has been forgiven

  • nade

    #34 Whoever took this shot is like school on a sunday

    no classsss

  • its_forge

    #25 Aw how excellent, she got the best attributes of both Mom and Pop without any of the weird shit. Yay!!

  • Bar B.

    Hey Johnny,

    She ain't worth it man. Kcco Brother.

  • Martin

    Feeling like a hero:

    Hello Miss Schwarzenegger!


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