Friday Dopamine Dump (37 photos)

  • boomstick


    • derp

      Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for recess or naptime or something?

    • carl

      omg! i have been thinking the same thing all day! I meant to post it but forgot. i'll have to tattoo it to my lip to remind me.

    • Sam Perkins

      Yes, poopsex indeed. Carry on.

    • Buckly


  • Spencer_on_Fire


    Brightened my cloudy Friday

    • Ron

      There's no was those wings could possibly support her body weight in flight.

  • Jlee

    #23 Clever number post. Any explanation for God's wrath on the Bulls this year?

    • Hunter X

      Obviously divine intervention is necessary for Lebron to win one…

      • John

        That must explain why LeBron beat Rose and the Bulls last year.

        • Ned_Plimpton

          And then he got a face full of Dirk.

      • MICHAEL

        Pacers in 6

    • winfields

      Go Sixers!!

      • chippy

        To hell.

    • Caleb

      Rose can't do a goddamned thing with LBJ checking him, look at the stats when the bulls play the heat. Rose is nothing against them. Coincidence that he has DNP by games against the heat? Nope, he knows.


    #34 if your woman is cool enough to wear this shirt she is a keeper

    • KyleGamgee

      or if she ACTUALLY irons: she's a keeper.

      • Caleb

        If she needs to iron, you probably lost your dream as a little kid and don't have the job you envisioned.

    • noname

      VERY awesome.

      However, she forgot cooking! 😉

      • JHL1

        I believe etc. covers that.

    • ya kent

      Shame that this is on the site, i thought more of the CHive

      • Cantaloupe

        What made you think more of it? This is one of the core tenets. Women have boobs, asses, and home-making skills. This is the community that says "America, fuck yea" unironically.

        • KennyCanuck

          So true.

  • st33

    She's a keeper

    • Cantaloupe

      Why are women so unfunny?

  • iambigd42

    #26 moar more moore!

    • John from Accounting

      Doesn't really say who she is, but other sites suggest it's a Russian car show…….

      • John from Accounting

        actually, further digging is that it's a promo for a Spanish cell phone company…… but who the *&%# cares, really? It's boobs and butts……………

    • GrayDog

      And if you Google "chica Movistar scandal" you will not find her name, but can watch a blurry sex tape that she made. NSFW.

      • ElChoss

        Her name is Candle Lanuza, she is a "model" from Costa Rica, here is a google search result

        • DaddyJax

          Umm…I wish I hadn't looked her up.

          • Mike

            Wait… her name is "Candle"?

            • ElChoss

              Yes Candle

  • bob_the_cook

    #2- WTF were they thinking?
    #5 – I guess it IS illegal to be that hot. Who knew?

    • KimiD

      #2 – fun!
      #5 – the blonde on the very end – Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical (photo on the set of Spring Break or something like that).

    • TylerDurdenUMD

      It's from some new movie with Selena Gomez & that girl from HS Musical who can't stop showing her cooter.

  • soccer sucks

    #28 typical soccer player.

    • trish

      well, you can't blame them too much for being such babies. they basically turn pro at age 12, have no further education, and are doted after for their whole lives.

    • Awesome

      Soccer does suck. "It was a riveting game! It ended in a tie, zero-zero"

      • boooring

        they should rename the sport. call it neutral zone.

      • mkpo

        You obviously lack the required mentality to enjoy something for the experience rather than the outcome. Don't go saying it sucks because of that.

      • Otter

        Unlike football, which apparently requires two hours of commercials before a game can finish.

    • snooze

      it's football dumbass!

      • Ady


    • Soccer fan

      This is one type of American I hate. Easy to bash soccer when your beer belly toting buddies laugh. Just wait though. Mexican invasion will take care of this problem. Soccer/futbol rocks!

    • stevexz
  • Ruffieg

    Awesome Chive is Awesome

    • how original

      original comment is original.

    • carl

      if i could poop in my pants and have it magically appear in your pants, i would!

  • Devlin745

    #10 is hot

    • gungagaloonga

      she has pointy bewbs

    • Hunter X

      FIND HER!!

    • Steve


    • insanely great

      there's even a little tiny ball!

    • Chivers


    • Orcslayer

      Internet porn… the early days

  • iambigd42

    #1 did you fall from heaven

    • sithney

      "…because I can see myself in them! …Wait, no, I messed that up."

    • JohnMcClane_

      I hope not, cuz I'm kinda hoping you're a slut…


    • Shazam

      I know who this girl is!

      • Kara

        Me too! She's my friends little sister! And NOT a slut! She's a very sweet girl. You should feel very guilty for thinking dirty thoughts lol

  • JLee

    #35 Can we please find this girl already?

    • TX_Country_Boy

      yes. please, chive. she's friggin beautiful.

    • Idius

      Hi… I think you are pretty :)…. If you like me, smile… If not, do a backflip and submit the gif of said backflip to theChive

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        I bet you secretly wish she can do backflips, and that if she submits the gif she flips you the double bird once she sticks the landing. You are one sick idiot.

    • c-c-c-cool

      not sure if this is actually her or not

    • Rep A
      • nyr8er

        not her but certainly nice

  • Thud

    #16 Smurf Sewage?

    • MC Hammer

      Smurf bukkake.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Smurf Donor Sperm Reserves

    • Peter Venkman


      • MC Hammer

        He just blue his load.

  • Sal

    Thumbs up if you snagged a black KCCO shirts.

    • The_Dood

      "a black KCCO shirts." Really? Just when I thought that the comments' grammar couldn't get any worse…

    • RobsterCraws

      Dood… calmer than you are. It's not that bad. Also, when does a comment have bad grammar? Wouldn't the commenter have bad grammar? Leave comments alone.

    • tkstevens

      missed out on mine today….keeping calm until next time

  • noegod

    #3 Are you sure? Maybe you should double check that? No wait, you're right!

    • Hunter X

      Actually no it's not. It's a pigeon. I'm not sure what the fuck a pidgeon is.

      <spelling nazi strikes again>

    • thedude325

      I laughed a little to hard at this picture…

  • ShreddthePow

    Im so getting that for my wifey. lmao

    • F3n1x187

      careful its a 10-90 chance of never getting on it again

  • bagofrocks

    #21 MCA

    • basketofsand

      RIP Kinda sad to see only one comment up. We might be the only 2 people who recognize who he is. The world seems a little less bright

    • Craig

      Sadly, this is the only Yauch most people think of.

      and btw chive, After I go an hour or so being able to forget my grief, you guys have to post something like this.

    • YearAndADay

      I'm still overwhelmed with sadness over this. I can't imagine another death hitting me this hard – – of a person who I've never met.

      It might be cool to post some pics or vids of MCA after the License to ILL days. He changed a lot in those ensuing 26 years.

    • login

      RIP Nathaniel Hornblower, you finally made it to Brooklyn


      mca is the man, RIP!!!!

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #11 Made my day…wish it was an Olympic event.

    • gungagaloonga

      Get super hammered, chase a roll of cheese down a hill. That seriously would be fun as shit.

      • Pete

        Hey, its the British Olympics, its a British sport. Really they should have pulled some strings and got it included.

    • Felcus

      I LOL'd

    • Tam Reevooh

      This appears to be the most awesome event ever. BRB, need to go find cheese wheel.

  • junior

    no black chicks?

    • Oltimey

      #9 HERE YA GO

    • JJ the Jetplane

      No but we do have a bunch of black dudes sticking it to a supposed klan member at his own rally(albeit by posing stereotypically)

    • stonewall_79

      Stop that shit, you had you black girls gallerie some days ago, now wait until next year. Thanks.


        Your bullshit racism stalls evolution.

        • thedude325

          Your bullshit evolution stalls racism.

    • trish

      we call them "colored folk" around here.

  • Will Hahn

    #34 dream wife, #35 beautiful, MOAR!

    • Grosse Baleine

      Duck Face alert !

  • akbrown006

    Doesn't matter….had sex.

    • stonewall_79

      I think it's the only sex he's gonna get.

    • Habsy

      Still, not as gay as Twilight.

    • Edd

      i thought woody only liked teenage asians….

      • Holy Shit WTF

        or his cousin..

  • SaltLakeChiver

    #9 Owned.

    • Awesome

      Fuck that guy. I like how all the people in the pic are just laughing at the guy, not angry or attacking him like he wants. Great way to KCCO guys!

    • Jtbrown

      So anything white heritage is associated with the Klan now?

      • swag

        Hi on the pic itself it says "white heritage(Klan)"

    • Sniffer

      If you're black, it's OK to openly identify with your specific culture. If you're anything else and do it, you're a racist.

      • Cantaloupe

        If you're pretending to "identify with your specific culture" as an excuse to be racist… then yea, you're a racist.

  • 7 foot long

    #35 where can i find her?

    • Oltimey

      Until Chive finds her….Only in your dreams

    • carl

      i bet she's farting in that photo.

    • Chris


    • nyr8er

      dude, enough with this jaime laycock! it's not her. you're dumb and increasingly annoying.

  • Mitch Cumstein


    Seems legit.

    • Optimus_prime

      Such a lovely place

    • Skrattie

      I've actually been to this same tent almost 8 years ago. It's one of the first base camps before Mount Everest (barely seen in the background) on the Chinese side.

  • ..l

    #34 Someone give mine the memo..

    • Rhino

      And she'll use that memo and a lighter to start the house fire… with you in it.

    • riverjns1234567

      I gave her the memo, then she screwed me, sorry mate

      • you

        Cut your hair, dick..

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