Green eyes, hazel eyes. Potato, potahto. It’s all beautiful to me. (43 photos)

  • Beta

    #11! MOAR!

    • Shannon Coverdale


    • Testing

      Acceptable duckface.

      • Testing

        Thumbs down eh… Unacceptable duckface?

        • its_forge

          When it's less extreme it's called "kissymouth."

    • Chiefhenry27

      stunning contrast with those eyes. I like!

      • NonBrit

        No doubt they turned the contrast way up when they developed this shot. Thing is, I like it!

      • AssClown

        Here's a 1900×1200 wallpaper (the link goes off the comment area, so just drag your mouse all the way to the right. OR add 0e1ba799df6.jpg to the end, right after 340b300):

    • dollbaby

      absolutly stunning

    • carl

      derpity berpity boo!

    • Frank

      Ahhh, nothing like a gorgeous set of "fuck me" eyes to make me jizz in my pants prematurely and sit sobbing on the edge of the bed…

    • IceColdBuddha

      Waaaaaaaay MOAR!

    • Vargasm

      Moar MOar MOAR!!

    • SteelhorseCowboy

      Amazing and Perfect are the two first words I can think of……..

    • Jon


    • kang

      FIND HER !!!!

    • Mark

      Please be a porn star, please be a porn star

      • Yessirr

        she does look alot like Nikki Rhodes

    • eino

      I think if Bill Murray were to see her, he would definitely ask for MOAR!
      find here pls.

      • eino

        wow…….I wish i could speel

    • bdg

      Beautiful!!! MOAR

    • john819

      beautiful……absolutely beautiful moar please

    • Alan Carlson


    • Henry

      Her name is Katya

    • noegod

      Aye, a thousands times aye!

  • echogeo

    #3 #10 #30
    Can't help thinking of the Caribbean ocean.

    • carl

      caribbean queen, billy ocean, good song

    • Stephen Simmons

      yup exactly what i was thinking esp #3

    • Willy Nilly

      Technically it's the Caribbean Sea…but who cares….eyes don't

      • Philip

        haha I was thinking the same thing.

  • Jason

    Sure are a lot of pretty women here

    • BabyFarts Magizax

      #22 Megan Fox…oh yes please and #26 Hayden, you are my dream girl… marry me 😀

  • echogeo

    You can never have too much Evangeline.

    • TX_Country_Boy

      that Kate from lost??

      • Mido

        Yup… Always looking good.

    • Lost

      Evangeline is one of the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • TX Country Boy

    I love #3 & #9. Oh, and the freckles on #41

    • boobman

      #41 is smokin

    • Skermitt

      The smoke and the red hair and the eyes and the freckles… oh mah gawd.

    • Blame_anxiety

      I think #3 is Kaya Scodelario

  • Liz

    Pretty sure #28 is probably about 14

    • ElDiablo69

      WTF are you talking about? Do you mean on a scale from 1-10 right?

    • carl

      you must have a yeast infection. kinda cranky?

    • SMT

      you mean #27

    • Ctan

      Meisha Tate

    • Your name

      You misspelled "Lez"

      • Matt

        Bahahaha!! I thought the same damn thing!!

  • jjj

    #9 MOAR

    • sfb101


  • drbman

    great eye post but could we see the bodies that they belong to expecially #11

    • The Woim

      I agree. Scrolling this post made me realize what a freak I am for Bewbs. I was picturing them in my head while looking at the faces, however beautiful they are.
      Actually to be honest I already knew how much I adore Bewbs.

      • Lotus

        A post based on something as insignificant as eye color is pointless give us some real themes dammit! I suggest birthin' hips because that hip bone post with all the anorexic girls was nasty!

  • Anthony Young

    Any of you order shirts in one size and then your email confirmation says you ordered smalls?

    • chrisdg74

      Hell, I haven't even gotten a confirmation at all. Money's been taken though.

      • Justin Lentz

        Thats telling you thats the last size left

        • Anthony Young

          When completed my order it said I ordered large but then the email said I ordered a small

          • tom

            same here said i ordered smalls and it cut half of my shipping address off so dont even know if im getting mine

  • Idius

    #35 Umm… You have a little something coming out of your nose…. Oh, you know? Ok, just making sure you know you look like you have a beetle trying to crawl out of your nose.


      Idius you are an idiot. I believe you meant #34

      • no doors

        great job nut sack!

        • no doors

          well I guess I'm the asshole

        • carl

          y'all be a bunch of nut sakz! LOLzers to the maximatius!

      • I'm Mike

        I thought Idius was THIS IS MADNESS!!!

    • Whoa!

      Yeh, one of the absolutely worst things a girl can do.

    • Evie Rose

      but yet another girl u will never get

      • lolatyou

        Haha exactly, Evie. These tools will try and dis some of these females but yet will never have one like them.

  • SaltLakeChiver

    Black KCCO still for sale! Discount code Chiveon! for 10% off. Have fun guys!

    • cDubya

      Confirmed! Can't buy one myself but KCCO black IS IN STOCK! Least I can do as a loyal chiver is spread the word. Read a book to get one 😉

    • chris the medic


    • cDubya

      Wow. Thatd didn't take long. Congrats to any who got one.

      • SaltLakeChiver

        They were in stock when I posted the link, that was real fast.

        • chris the medic

          Benefits of living in the east coast got my early this morning

    • Clo

      On sale almost all yesterday

  • Matt

    #11 is simply amazing.

  • Martin_McFly

    #21 Welp… There goes my ability to think straight..

    • Guest

      Kristen Kreuk

      • AussieChivette

        Knew I recognised her from somewhere… Smallville!

  • jreddy23

    #5…sweet poof yo.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #32 Love the freckles

  • Amanda

    #11 wow…that is all

  • Jake

    #11 Holy damn!

  • tv_paul


    Emma Stone….there is no substitute.

    • Jaba

      I'd totally pee on her.

    • MsAnneThrope

      Ashe Maree is her equal. In more ways than you can imagine

  • Mike Keller

    I'd like to thank the chivette who requested this thread last week 🙂

  • Big A

    #11 MOAR!!!!!

  • AmBush_Steve

    #11, #19 & #37 – Red hair & green eyes. Perfect combination.

    • Havaard

      Where I am inclined to agree with your comment, #11 is uber shopped, #19 has grey eyes and auburn hair at best, and #37 has hazel eyes on a light day. #25 and #41 are where its at as far as red hair and green eyes go.

  • Bud

    #22. Those aren't green. I'd say more… Slutty.

    • AdamBaldick

      Slutty I like

    • tv_paul

      I do believe those eyes have a splash of green in them, if you're counting Brian Austin Green DNA.(Lucky Bastard)

    • Simon

      Doesn't matter… Megan Fox

    • Vent187

      She's as hot as they get.

    • lolatyou

      If you're a dude and saying "slutty" in a negative way then you're either a total fucking fag OR you're not getting laid. -golf claps- If that's not what you meant… you're probably still not getting laid.

  • Oltimey

    The eyes have it! (couldn't resist….sorry guys)

  • @lackofabetter

    They are all green with envy of sumthin ….tsss….tssss

    • Ant

      Oh how I hate Chip

  • DDD

    Aishwarya Rai mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • longshot421

      She is just astonishing. Been a fan for a looooonnnnggg time.

      • Benje

        Haha! That's her name!! Yes she is so so beautiful!

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