Time to relax, and enjoy your trip down memory lane (30 Photos)

  • http://twitter.com/Aiamii @Aiamii

    I had an action figure that was Chomper, I carried that thing EVERYWHERE.
    I wish I knew where it was now…If ever I find it, I'll definitely submit to this post!

  • MNDave

    #22 TMNT were awesome! That looks like my bro and I in the picture! whoever submitted that….find me!

  • broseph stalin

    I'm going to watch this till I get off work, for some reason it's hypnotizing

  • ezwelchman

    #12 fuck childhood, i still eat that shit

  • DFWChiver

    #28 I had all of those!

  • Stacey

    At 26 I finally threw my old Teddy Ruxpin out – he'd been missing an eye and had his arm chewed on by the dog but still worked. Wish I'd kept him now!


  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.barstow Kevin Barstow

    runnin low on nastolgia pics eh? even after i sent a pic over a month ago and it's not yet been featured 😛

  • thekujo

    #5,its 40 yr old virgin, still MIB….mint in box. yes i'm a geek also. i have some or the sideshow statues that you have. money in the bank for the future!!

  • Stephen

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CMCB

    #23 Ray Charles gif bomb

  • Mike


  • Mdot

    #5, Gave my husdand boner.

  • Jason L.

    These never worked for me…

  • chivemind

    #24 haha had the same jacket and i know so many ppl that did too 😀

  • HillLena

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  • Deep sea chiver

    #5 you're my fucking hero

  • sean

    music box, duh 😛

  • Mariya

    Tomb Raider, hell yeah!!

  • sam


    Looks like someone watches DopefishLives.

  • Paul Chuchmuch

    #5 can I come over and play?

  • bekahwek

    aaah #12 is to this day my all time favorite cereal!!! Whatever happened to this amazingness??? 😦

  • MikeyB58

    I never have been able to see stereo-grams…. good riddance!!!

  • J9!

    The dude in picture #24. Your a cutie!

  • ANB


    my fav game of all time

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