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Soooo…. you got wasted (26 Photos)

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  • saucypants

    What a perfect opportunity for a MILF post. Opportunity missed.

  • itstanrum

    #13 I totally read that as "Goat"

  • Livin' Legend

    #9 Well yeah, I guess that's an acceptable method of killing zombies…

  • BigOkie

    #25 I only ever find random loose change in my sofa cushions… I guess this would be a step up?

    • bdg

      It would be better if she was face down!!! Nice thick legs!!!

  • Dusty

    #25 This isn't a picture of someone wasted. It's a picture of supreme comfort.

  • Kodos

    Seat 13 strikes again.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #4 Made me LOL

  • markkens

    less puke more duct tape

  • Dylan Braun

    #1 very dangerous. a pledge died doing this at my school a few years ago.

  • Jack Henoff

    DDamn.. Look at that puddle of puke! #22

  • wepo

    #1 looks like beach week 08 to me.

  • Mike

    #25 NOM NOM NOM!!!

  • HAL

    was #22 taken at dolphin stadium/pro player/ landshark stadium/ joe robie?

  • calmer thn u are

    jackpot #21

  • goodguysfan

    You probably get this a lot. This isn't the real Caesar's Palace is it? #18

  • elcampeador

    Reblogged this on et cetera*.

  • LucretiusCarus

    #16 I have managed to dupe you all into thinking I am awesome. Worship me.

    Yeah…which one said that?

  • proveme

    The new red-headed step child of the chive –

  • Mike

    #21 Dear Diary, SCORE!

  • boner

    Hooray! And with this post, my friends/family may finally be able to bring themselves to watch geo-party with me. Or… at the very least, get off my fucking back for being trashed by 8:00 at night. 'Cause I love me some jeopardy. And the inflated sense of ego that liquor brings can offset the inevitable malaise brought about by missing every single answer in the "art history" category.

  • Mondiggler

    #5 I just lol by myself and woke my roommate's. Classic..

  • Androaz

    #26 I like his attitude


    #2 Holding on to his beer like a champ!

  • Avenger


    Buried in the sand and forced to do beer bongs. There are certainly far worse tortures than that! LOL

  • Doug

    #25 looks like a hungry couch….

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