Biff Tannen’s business card has some interesting FAQ’s

Tom Wilson who played Biff in Back to the Future is overwhelmingly asked the same repetitive questions on a daily basis. He now carries a business card that he hands out with some interesting FAQ's to save time.

You may also remember the song he made awhile back. Basically never ask Biff a question ever again.

  • ass


    • Wilson


    • MylesofStyles

      You're an ass….wait…never mind.

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    If I could only get my hands on that sports betting book…..

    • carl

      wouldn't do you any good. it was a 1985 edition.

      • Cowboy1354

        The sports book covered the years 1950-2000 Marty bought the book in 2015 to use in 1985. So yeah you would still be too late.

        • Dantheman

          It's called an almanac not a "betting book"

          • Cam

            We all obviously knew what he was talking about chill out if he wants to be an idiot thats his business

  • bob_the_cook

    So, he Biff'd the acting thing?

    • MrSusan20


    • Ned_Plimpton


    • LessLeo

      That was so bad I'd prefer to browse a Leo post than revisit it.

    • herp de derp

      he accidentily the whole fleshlight!

  • Dakota

    This guy seems like a douche. Can't even answer peoples questions.

    • driftwoodprose

      He is answering people's questions. It's probably very annoying to be asked the same questions repeatedly, so he wrote out the answers and gives them to people who ask. Then, they get their own questions answered, plus extra tidbits. He could just ignore them, as he's had to deal with it for 25+ years at this point. He doesn't owe anyone anything, so this is a pretty cool gesture on his part.

    • anon

      Imagine being asked the same 7 questions for 30 years. You'd get tired of it too.

      I heard him on the Nerdist Podcast awhile back and he's super nice and friendly. The card is a way for him to share a little moment with all the BTTF fans he meets, which is probably everyone on Earth.

    • Doug

      it's been 17 years. I'm sure you'll get fed up with that same shit

      • Corky

        Unless you just stepped out of the Delorean, it's been 27 years….

    • C C

      and you seem awfully self absorbed

    • IncrediawesomeED

      I met him last year in Orlando, he is a really nice guy, and very funny. not at all a douche.

    • Mark

      He is a complete Douche, back in Philly he used to pick on kids in high school, much like his character… My Friend got punched in the stomach on many occasions by Tom when he was a senior and my fried was a freshman… You know it's true Tom.

      No one liked you on set because you had a huge ego too… That's why you no longer keep in touch with anyone – SS could have put you in any number of his movies, why didn't he again? This is one guy who deserves D bag of the week, which isn't a thing but should be… Oh well KCCO

      • Pete

        And you are…?

  • james

    i need to make one of these for my parents

  • Takingbackcider

    Still can't believe Biff tried to "force" himself on Marty's mom!

    • Ned_Plimpton

      In the 50's it was consensual if the man was white & said it was.

    • Turd F.

      I can't believe that 30 years later, the family hires the same rapist as a handyman.

      • hello please

        ^funniest comment ever seen on theChive.

      • Dantheman

        Auto detailer

  • shitfaced

    Read this, save time:

    A bunch of corny comments from people who think they are hilarious. There. Now you dont have to scroll through this whole thing

    • @LuNcH_bOx13


      • shitfaced

        Sure thing school girl

    • zzzzz

      you are obviously so much better than everyone else ..the superior human being

    • IB Manchild

      I feel so inferior to you now. Thank you for enlightening us with your wisdom. I only wish I could be as cool as you some day.

    • 'the real' shitfaced

      Hey fucktard. I've been going by 'shitfaced' on the chive for a few years now. You try to sully my name because I ripped on you when you posted this same stupid shit last week? You are a grade A cumwad sir and I hope that you have a horrible day.

    • laughing at idiots

      I think it's hilarious that you morons get so upset about what this guy posts. His comment must hit too close to home for you all to care so much.

      • whatever

        morons? idiots? i think you are lost? go troll another website or KCCO

        • laughing at idiots

          Really, is that a question or a statement dipshit?

    • patov40

      Where's Fry when I need him? "Not sure if a troll, or just stupid."

    • Sober

      Haha. Isn't that exactly what u just did – tried to make a funny, corny comment. Let me save u the time sir, your post wasn't funny either

  • hmmmm

    He coined the term Butthead? Really?

    • Bored

      That's not what he said butt head.

      He said that of the many improvisations he coined the phrase butt head- meaning that there were some bits not in the script- Butt head was one that he added.

      Now make like a tree and bark.

    • Nolanator

      He coined the term "butthead" with respect to the movie. It wasn't in the script, it was an ad-lib.

  • punabutter

    Marty schooled him with his improvised skateboard. great scene ending in the manure shower for Biff

  • SomethingClever

    I was convinced as a kid we'd have flying cars by now…

    • SXO

      I just wanted those damned hoverboards…..

    • Holy Shit WTF

      Fuck that noise. I'm still waiting for my light sabre and my r2 unit.

  • Penal_Colony

    I've seen the Biff Question song years ago when my younger sister (a huge BTTF fan) sent it to me. Tom Wilson is awesome. Also, he was really even more awesome as the gym teacher on Freaks and Geeks.

    • Dirty_Dingus

      He probably lives in a Van, Down by the River.

  • Sebastien

    Nobody calls me 'Mad Dog'!

  • YEMX

    Still the the best trilogy FTW!

    • Internet Police


    • Cam

      Uh no.. The first one was alright the second and third were practically the same movie

    • Allenavw

      I love BTTF as much as anyone else, but we all know LOTR takes the best trilogy cake. Hands down.

  • DrunkOldMan

    "You know you want it, and, you know you want me to give it to you." Classic

  • funbus3131

    "you aint nothin but a guttless yellow turd"

  • Throttlefan

    Saw him live doing his standup – he was really funny, and made the best of the fact that he has been stigmatized and pigeonholed for playing one part many years ago. If his show comes to town go see it.

    • Pit

      When they make bttf 4 I bet he gets the part

  • HardenLong

    "Great flick, great freaking flick" Kids probably won't get my quote.

  • Matt

    He was also excellent as the gym teacher in "Freaks and Geeks."

  • alex duchin

    chances of a biff shirt?

    • Ricky

      same as the chance of you getting near a vagina tonight

      • alex duchin

        oh so clever, lol classy.

  • shitfaced

    "He's like herpes; he keeps coming back"…exactly the kind of corny shit I am talking about. Lol you probably think that was a good one. Moron

    • simtafa

      You got something on your face.

  • SaltLakeChiver

    Class act. Glad he's still doing performing, I would like to see his comedy show someday.

  • guitarz333

    He was my favorite character from the BTTF trilogy, and his video is HILARIOUS. If I had the chance to hear a quote from the movies, I would wanna hear "I do my killin' before breakfast!"…

  • IncrediawesomeED

    I met him last year in Orlando, he is a really nice guy, and very funny. I would have to say he is one of the nicest comedians I have met.
    When I took a pic with him I had to resist the urge to ask him to "Hello, McFly" me.

    • Gabe

      did he give you a card like the one in this post?

  • Warslov

    Hello, Mcfly! Great idea

  • givethedjabj

    I messaged him on myspace years ago and he REPLIED – what a top guy

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