Don’t be afraid to be inspired (27 photos)

  • Joe

    # 27 reminds me of me the lonely person

  • TiaP

    #7 is a great thing and all… but… um… a dog named "Nig"..


    • @MegaSuperiorGol

      Exactly! WTF?????

    • OnOneWheel24

      Things were different in 1944

  • Dan

    "my friend said something to me and I didn't listen, I read the same on the chive… life changing" -MAD

  • theartofmelody

    #6 Long's Peak!

  • LA Chivette

    I'd like to high five all the guys who posted compliments on the amputee pic. I've been informed by my docs that I may have to have my leg amputated (bone cancer damage) and needless to say, I'm not taking it well. Your posts made me feel just a little less scared to death… XO

  • yeah

    Nobody is really afraid of heights, they're actually afraid of depths. Looking up doesn't make you feel vertigo!

  • Tara Gusea

    This is so true. Dont let life get you down, go do something amazing!

  • howley

    So many great pictures but the one I felt hit me most was #27.. Yet I'll never tell my friends it feels like this!
    KCCO or what's the point!? ❤

  • Branz

    #23 Poeception

  • Sam


    "-George W. Bush"

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  • Tigers

    #3 # 4 #7 and #18 Thank you!

  • Jessica Johnson

    I love this post! So many good ones!! #8 #25 #26 🙂

  • David

    I've never commented on the chive before, but this post is so f*cking fantastic I had to!
    Way to go chive! MOOAAR!!

  • Philip Alvarez

    These are the kinda posts i like to see instead of a bunch of attention whores posting pics of themselves.

  • Dickle

    #7 I'm sorry but one of those dogs were named "NIG", what kinda of racist ass handler did that dog have?

  • Blakejake Joe


    Samurott learned Surf !

  • tmc102464


    Young lady,

    Whoever you are, and wherever you go, may God bless you.

    P.S. – And yeah, your confidence is as stunningly beautiful as your legs – BOTH of them. There, I said it.

  • Ed Jones

    #3. #8. Welcome home and thanks for your service. Hold tight, but not too. 🙂 For #8, don't sweat the small stuff, just make a little difference every day, and it will add up.

  • RG Player

    #1 Sums it up.

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