Don’t be afraid to be inspired (27 photos)

  • drbman

    #27 I don't know about the rest of you guys! but these inspirational posts go staright to the heart! thanks Chive!

  • zach

    #4 I have the weirdest boner right now…

  • jjab

    #27 hit close to home.

  • Amigo

    all I need is money, then I could do epic shit everyday, the problem is I'm stuck at work, with just enough money to get by.

  • SaltLakeChiver


    Yes. Words to live by.

  • Dan

    I think it's really great and all that some people get inspired by quotes from historical figures, but just because they said it doesn't mean they're right.

  • tv_paul


    Take that Hipsters!

  • Yayaca
    Taylor swift lyric. Just so you men know

  • sigh

    Elevator Music……

  • Frank

    #12 –

    Gotta be ugly to think like that.

    • Adam1

      Yeah, pitty the man she's with, cause you know the pain he'll be in

  • Ranman

    Christopher Robin was a pussy. #1


    #16 Jeremy Clarkson at his finest

  • Emily

    #12 HAHAHA. So so so so true. That little feeling of… Superiority ? 🙂

  • Alpha0010

    How exactly is #17 inspirational?

  • SadeShadz

    #8 Sums everything up.

  • carl

    zero point zero

  • @cmc7890

    #27 So very true!

  • :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    Great Post!

  • craigmarchphotography

    #26 is going on my wall!

  • swank

    #2 that's why guys love buttsex so much

  • Chelsea Huls

    I always look forward to this post. Thanks Chive, you make Mondays that much more bearable!

  • Lance

    This is one of the better motivational galleys so far!
    KCCO…… 🙂

  • ladderzombie

    Damn, that´s what I needed right now. Thank you so much for this gallery.

  • Squiddie

    #3 Welcome home, soldier.

  • Zuul

    #27 the words the picture all makes sense

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