I know what you’re thinking, Find Her (34 Photos)

  • skoal

    #2 looks like sasha grey NSWF

  • John S.

    #19 yikes

    • AtlChiver

      Yea, no rush here.

    • Irish2Ice

      Find her a paper bag……..

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Ok… After a second glance, she does kinda look like David Schwimmer.

    • McDuffy

      aw you guys are brutal. that much rack on that small a frame? i mean, her face may not stand up to that of some other chivettes we've seen but still, i'll take her.

      • thatguy


      • Has Standards

        Its big of you to admit that you have no standards…i tip my hat to you sir

        • AnthonySyl

          it is big of you to admit you are shallow

          • No Ugs

            Haha wouldn't shallow be…disregarding her face because her body looks good?

            • LAXEGuy17

              No shallow would be writing her off because she doesn't have the prettiest face… She might be an awesome person.

      • Needlegun13

        I also agree – yum…

      • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

        She is not ugly, and that body seems like something i would never complain about. I support your opinion man

      • Capt. Bo Jengles

        Smokin body, I'd ask for another pic to finalize this face thing but after these comments I doubt she follows the chive anymore :/

        • Butterface

          I do still follow the chive. It just happens that im in the Navy on rotating shiftork, working 90 hours a week, and my schedule changes every 7 days. I really don't care what people think of me. Im 117 pounds, 65 inches, with DD boobs. My body doesn't mean anything when I put my uniform on a do my job. Thats all I care about.

          • Pharmacy Guy

            Thanks for your service. I'd like to be around when you get liberty!

            • Emery

              Well you could but I don't know why that would make me spending time with my fiancee wierd

            • Emery

              ha ha

          • Pharmacy Guy

            Keep on submitting pics, girl! Haters just gonna hate…….

          • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

            if that is really you, I would love that you submitted more… thanks for the service, and kcco

          • SaintSinner6LO

            I think you're cute. To hell with what these fucks are saying.

          • Edgek

            Chivette, Your Hott period and your in the Navy so from an Air Force guy to a fellow service member, Thank you and DONT STOP Submitting I'd like MOAR pretty plz!

          • dustin_b3

            They're dumb. You're hot.

          • Willzyx

            Dear Butterface,
            Real men think you're georgous. Thank you for your service. KCCO

          • LAXEGuy17

            I'm in the process of joining the Navy, so, kudos! 🙂

    • TheJesus

      It's just the expression on her face…looks like she's trying not to poop.

    • Greg

      Looks like Lady GaGa in that weird ass music video….

  • jake wilson

    #26 her name is bryci and she is an online model…fyi

    • Robert C

      Online nude model to be exact…

  • jim richalds

    one love

  • Blue Balls


    • DaUndeadDodo

      Thank you, but next time, keep that to yourself. Or at least, you know, away from the rest of us.
      Tell whoever the hell else you want to, but please, please don't force those of us reading the comments to see something like this.

  • sts


  • mike

    wow, baked cheddar and sour cream ruffles are good. i like lunchtime.

    • http://thechive.com LukeTheTerrible

      Me too Mike. Lunch is great!

    • P.Whiskey

      Best… Chips… Ever…. Period.

  • boobman

    #31 nice tan line!

    • Anjin-San

      too bad she's probably 13 years old

      • xxx

        she looks at least 17.. so, you're almost cool

      • its_forge

        Look at the hands and elbows, she's at least 22.

        • Frank M

          Adult hands & elbows?

          • its_forge

            Little girls under 18 or so still have signs of babyfat around their knees, ankles, wrists and elbows. Women lose that last vestige of childhood around 22 and some get that kind of elegant tapered look to their arms and legs that the fashion industry loves so much.

      • monthly

        old enough to read…old enough to bleed

    • http://twitter.com/xgbarry @xgbarry

      yea swimmers!

    • _me

      Agreed, those are very interesting racing stripes.

    • Otter

      And you know as she was getting changed she looked down and saw those tan lines and thought "aw, fuck."

      • Dork

        Strange – That's kind of what I was thinking I wanted to do too?

  • yep


    • A_O

      that ruffly shirt is hiding some chub i think, cute face though

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      What was it Jean Luc Picard used to say? "Make it so!"

    • GrayDog

      Possibly Julia Bonetto, but Facebook photos are not always reliable. http://www.facebook.com/people/Julia-Bonetto/1000

      • asdfl

        yeah you are right can't rely on fb photos anymore. given that she only has 10 friends i'm going to say that isn't the real deal.

        • asdf

          this is fucking sad you really stalked a fbook profile to get the pic?

          • GrayDog

            How do you stalk a Facebook profile? Sneak up on it with Google Images? And nothing could be as sad as your efforts to shut this site down, stuf.

    • Torden

      Damn she is hot

    • Shat_Thrice
    • Jaden Ayala

      2 words. ^Beautiful and Stunning^ Ure smile? OMG Girl !! Do you model for crest or colgate??? I would love to meet ya!! Have a wonderfull/blessed day after you read this babaaaaay!

  • JTK

    #26 is bryci

    • carl

      Hi Bryci! I'm pooping!

      • Kyle

        Can I get her number

        • Johnny

          No, but you can pay to see her naked, she has her own porn site.

  • bob_the_cook

    #17, #34
    Hello Monday. It feels strange saying this, but I've been looking forward to you.

    • Big_Curt

      #17 brings the taste of cotton candy to my mouth

      • Needlegun13

        I thought the same thing!!

  • Hardin Long

    #1. Havent' we found her yet????

  • Andyrew711

    please find #4. and MOAR #28. please please please. just wow.

    • Steve

      Thank you so much for repeating what this page and pictures are already saying. Why do people feel the need to comment "moar, find her, please find, etc." when it is obvious that that is what they're trying to do.

      • fuk

        Fuck you Steve. Why do people need to trash what other people do on the internet. Oh ya that's right douche baggery.

      • Underbaker

        So they can put their mark on the first page of comments in hope that if someone does find them they would use the post on the first page to report their findings and the original poster will get notified by intensedebate about the replies to their comments. So basically laziness in not wanting to check through all the comments to see if she was found and a little bit ingenious.

  • Acesevens

    I think it would be hard for her to hide with those.

    • longshot421

      Looks like Denise Milani. Or rather, "they" look like Denise Milani.

    • 14O

      Too much maybe? When they get too big it's not hot anymore, I prefer quality over quantity in this case

      • Acesevens

        I agree that there can be too much, I hate to say too much of a good thing but those huge ones that drag down to the waist are just not what I'm looking for. Quality is better than quantity.

      • Otter

        I was going to post something similar. I don't find this attractive at all.

    • vilkatas

      Jana defi aka princessa

    • nike

      please find 10

  • BCBC

    Is #25 a young Kat Von D?

    • Chad

      She has tattoos so it must be her, good find bro

    • theblenny

      They all look like Kat Von D.

    • MasterFlash

      Except that Kat Von D has an ugly face, where as this girl definitely does not.

  • akbrown006

    Incase you overlooked this while scrolling, we need more of her. John, work your magic man.

    • Adam8129

      I went to APPSTATE! Represent!

    • ssft

      agreed, by far the most urgent must find

      • Seattlechiver

        MOAR…100x MOAR.

    • Djsan99

      Chive pls finder her! I need moar!

    • BonerBoi

      …Very impressive,oops -just earned my name:)

    • MountainChiver


      For a while I've been saying it's Meghann Forshey – I have her in a class and she's been working on the tan and she has a great ass.

      • MountainChiver

        Don't let the haircolor fool you – she changes it all the time.

        • Appstate Chivette

          for a while i've been telling you its not meghann

          • MountainChiver

            I know, I know – I guess you've convinced me – I will stop now. But I'm going to let my imagination continue to think it's Meghann just for the hell of it. So I'm assuming it's you then? You are very sexy! We have tons of gorgeous women at App State and you are repping us properly. Thanks for the pics and send some more please.

          • luke

            really only one way to find out appstate chivette!!!

          • MountainChiver

            Erin G.? But hair is too long. Maybe older pics?

            • PHchivette

              I know exactly who this is just so you all know and it is not any of the names listed.

    • 140

      Chivette of the week Plz!!!!!!!!!!!

  • boobman

    for the love of god find #10

    • http://reddit.com sdfsdf

      #10 is christina iannelli

    • ander

      CHristina Lannelli

      • introtripcolleruphus
      • Scofield

        Good spelling, bro.

        • asdf

          those boobs are disgusting

          who would ever want to date someone w/ those things?

          • MasterFlash

            Ummmm, people who love big ol' titties?

          • Tarkus

            *raises hand*
            me, for one…

    • The Woim

      Maybe people who are into girls looking like young boys would love to date her. And who said anything about dating? Are you that delusional? I am sure you would be like, "naw baby, those are too big for me."

  • Jeff

    #31, I see tan lines I'd like tracing with something.

  • Geoff

    #19 butter face!

    • yep

      Moar of this cutie!

    • Rick


      Face does not match the epic'osity of her body. Especially so when her smile looks like she's a bit terrified.

      All is great, but her face. I could go with MOAR but less smile O_o

    • Ned_Plimpton

      I don't think she's a butterface. Just an awkward pose & expression with camera looking down. I'll bet if we saw MOAR, you'd think differently.

      • Emery

        Oh yes trust me she is gorgeous

    • LessLeo

      That body is utterly amazing. Who cares.

    • oldboy

      Geoff – you are obviously a teenager who spends too much time on the web.

      • Emery

        I enjoy this very much good thought.

    • MattyDeuce

      Wait, she has a face?

    • Dangerballs

      She looks great. There are way too many judgemental dudes on here, probably none with a girlfriend as good looking as this young lady.

      • Emery

        Yeah thats part of why I encoureged her to post. thanks man.

        • Edgek

          Thanks for encouraging her, shes smokin!

      • Chief Slapahoe

        Here, Here! I would bet my left nut any of those tool bags calling her "butterface" would take her home in a skinny second… and last just a fraction longer.

        Moar gratitude and less attitude!

        • Edgek

          Totally Agree Chief!!!!!

    • Rob

      She is smoking hot!

    • What She said

      Your way off She's not… Just because her smile shows she's a bit uncomfortable with the camera doesn't make her any less attractive. Did you choose the name Geoff on here because La Douche was already taken?

    • Matty Mo

      butter face
      pillow case do it once in
      outter space

  • http://www.facebook.com/fantastikbadr Badr van der Meijden
    • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

      #2 You're Welcome

  • Martin_McFly

    #34 For the Love of the Saints and all their humble glory PLEASE FIND this Aphrodite!

    • Aints cheat

      In spirit of the Taints…..do you want to put a bounty on her?

      • Martin_McFly

        Yes.. but I can only pay in what I have readily available… LEGO.

        • Bruce Wayne

          Looks a lot like Jenny Lee Berns…

    • Seth

      agreed. PLZ!

  • thetalkingbass

    #13 Kelly Brook. From her tumblr.

    • stonewall_79

      Put the link man.

    • Tanya

      not fair, too hot!

    • bsp

      Camps Bay South Africa right there.

  • Dylan

    #13 Kelly Brook

    • derp

      From her tumblr.

      • BonerBoi

        In Cape Town…

  • ObiOne

    #15 oh my gawddd!

    • Das Hos


    • Bud

      Thought this was Tori Black at first… Looks just like her. Definitely not though.

    • quik

      she must be found……

    • vilkatas

      Jordan carver

    • Bruce Wayne

      Becky… look at her butt!

    • Guest

      JESUS MOAR!!

  • Monte Chiver

    So much hotness. But I hafta give special mention to these #9 #10 #14 #15

    • Hiro

      9 = Claudia Sampedro

    • Mee

      #9 = Fardo Chopped. lulz

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