I’m not gonna sugar coat it, kids scare the hell out of me (41 Photos)

  • Monte Chiver

    #1 Love the look. "What?"

  • https://www.facebook.com/crisjaeger Cristian Jaeger Ricalde

    #19 Napoleon Dynamite!!

  • Megan

    This is why I'm on the pill AND use condoms.

  • Coribeth

    #24 What is wrong with that woman?

  • Matt

    Thank you for the free birth control Chive.

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #12 yes son that is how you put out a tire fire

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    […] You see: This is the difference between people with kids and without. People with kids think most of these photos are adorable. People without kids think it’s validation for their choice not to have them. (The Chive) […]

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #12 awesome kid!

  • dawgbone

    #10 heard that 20 frog souls are worth 1 human one.

  • pjal

    #19 Is that John C. Rilly as a kid?

  • Stick

    Rick Morannis?

  • KatieO

    My tubes just tied themselves.

  • Infamous

    Not sure what's scarier the kids or the parenting….

  • TiaP

    My kids have done pretty much all of these things except lick a pigs nose. LOL… and drink beer.

  • Brandon

    More like "Bad Parenting" than "Troublemaker Kids and Toddlers"

  • John

    #19 Will Ferrell as a child?

  • no scrolling ads

    scrolling banner ad suxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  • Shanayyy

    So yeah #11 WDF!? and #27 …. I have a dirty mind im sry o.o

  • Rebecca

    I'm so glad I decided to not have kids. What a fugging terror

  • Kyle

    #16 (1) What a mess, but (2) Be thankful it's only peanut butter

  • sean

    #24 is quite the cutie. erm…the girl i mean >.>

  • honeybunny

    #29 is my daughter at roughly a year old. Learning to self feed is such an adventure :p that was the first and last time she ate beefaroni, not for lack of offering it, she just hates meat. she was only orange until bath time about 20 seconds after the pic was taken!

  • Jake

    Comment section. Over half of you people don't have kids. Some of these I tires are rare occurances but most happen to every parents kid at one point. Fact is kids just don't give a shit what others think of them and you can't keep an eye on your kid every min of every day. So don't knock the parenting especially if your not a parent. The fact is no matter the mess or chaos created my our lil rebels. We still love ya. And all you peeps with no kids who don't get it. You don't truly know what love is untill you wipe someone's butt besides your!!! Daddy******.

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