Meet the fastest amphibious vehicle on the planet (22 Photos & Video)

Via Fantasyjunction

  • Chadlty

    watercar's python, goes faster and hell it looks a hell of a lot better. and the icing on the cake is its AMERICAN MADE.

  • damn

    This is an ugly a$$ piece of $hit

  • celticsquid

    Why would you need two bikes? There's only 1 seat.

  • SARmedic

    That was filmed in Emeryville, CA. I used to live very close to that marina and recognized the path they did most of the filming on and the launch he used.

    Google Map:

    #20 you can see those orange bumpers in the map too, lol.

  • Screwdriver

    So the video shows it doing maybe 5 mph in water……where is the 60 mph?

  • yeah dude

  • real cars go fast This is the real worlds fastest amphibious vehicle. set the water speed record at over 60 and land at 150. corvette LS9 engine in it. google worlds fastest amphibious vehicle, this silver tin can thechive is showing is not even on the first page. Watercar is the first and they even have video and picture proof of speed of both land and water

  • Dameson

    Doesn't seem faster than this

  • northerner

    Cool car, cool concept. Don't dis inventors. It's how we got here…it's how we got V-Dubs and Vipers and the Mustang, and the Corvette, and airplanes and cell phones and…just don't dis creativity…

  • Deltacharlie

    How the hell does he see where he's going?

  • Knobby34

    Zombies won't stand a chance now

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