‘Merica. Is anyone else concerned about the future of our country? (35 photos)

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    #5 Thats right, now go make me a Sammich.

    • Underbaker

      and call MTV, you is going to be famous.

    • FLA

      Why would anyone vote this comment down

  • Chiefhenry27

    #33 That is just badass.

    • MT White

      A couple weeks ago the Jeep club that I am in did an offroad weekend for wounded veterans. The company that makes these had a bunch of them out there for the Vets to use when they weren't in our jeeps. They really do kick ass.

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    • Habsy


    • Coin Lowe

      I worked with this guy in Houston, TX the whole month of March!!

  • Cecil

    #5, remember, don't be that guy!
    Go look up the ad campaign, it makes it much more amusing.

    • fakename

      you could post a link to it or something for us.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Should be handed out with class assignments at the beginning of the school year.

    • rromero

      YOLO, but when you get pregnant YOYO (You're On Your Own)

    • clint beastwood

      don't be a dummy….leave it on her tummy.

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    #28 damn look at dat ass.

    • Bob

      I'd still tap that…

    • GMAN

      How can you miss it-get out the flour…..

    • Underbaker

      #18 You know it occurred to me that you don't go into Harlem and start calling people nig… (can't bring myself to do it even on the internet) and you would go to the south side of San Antonio and start calling people wetb… (yeah I try to be polite). So why would you come the internet and start talking shit about fat Americans, don't you realize that we fat, proud, american citizens probably out number the rest of you internet users 10 to 1, if not greater?

      • Grant

        Are you serious? You are comparing obesity to racism? It is perhaps because of the fact that you spend most of your time on the Internet that you are dealing with being fat in the first place. Put the mouse down and go take a walk…it does wonders for your self-esteem. Damn it, I really cannot believe that you are defending your "right" to be fat. When you get sick later in life, don't come crying to me to pay your healthcare costs. Being big is who you are – being fat, however, is entirely in your control. Being fat is nothing to be proud of – signed, an American who, like you, struggles with weight…but at least I try to exercise and eat healthy.

        • Underbaker

          Dude, hatred is hatred it don't matter what title you put on it and way to pull information out your ass. I walk 3-5 miles at least 3 times a week, I lift weights, don't smoke, don't drink, but because I am a little overweight you automatically assume the worst. It has even been medically proven that those with a few extra pounds (I admit I have more then a few) are usually healthier then what doctors used to call the ideal weight. But still everyone thinks it is OK to pick on people because of their weight.

          • Underbaker

            OK I calmed down now, not going to delete my prior posts because that is not how I do things. I wasn't comparing racism with Fatness, I was just trying to create an analogy of not disrespecting people on their home turf (that didn't go so well) and end it with a poignant humorous realization for some that the internet is the home turf of fat Americans. Sounded funnier in my head, so apologies to any I offended with my extreme dry humor.

            • Grant

              Okay, fair enough. I took your post to read "I am proud to be an American fat person." Perhaps I misinterpreted your meaning – if I did, sorry. I guess it just rubs me wrong when people are proud to be ignorant (not you, but others) or fat, or uneducated, or whatever. It's not pride; it's defiance. I certainly do not want to make fun of anyone, but I think that we all reserve the right to criticize those who brazenly stand in the way of logic or healthy living just because they are lazy. It's along the same lines as those who criticize politicians without voting…you know?

              • Carl

                Apologies on teh interwebs? o.0

      • kovit

        It's because most people can't outrun blacks and latinos…

        • Underbaker

          I tell my friends they wouldn't like me when I'm angry, so just run away for about half a block and I will run out of breath chasing you.

      • Bob

        If you are from the SOUTHSiDE, you are fat! Don't kid yourself.

        • Underbaker

          No, I am in the NW side, the area that is actually SW, but some marketing genius got everyone to call it NW. I do have friends in the South though…

      • Stabber

        You damn sure outweigh us.

    • Habsy

      How does she wipe that? There is no way that her T-Rex hands can reach.

    • ... and?...

      Um, its spelled "Dam"… (See definition 3)
      [ dam ]
      1.barrier controlling flow of water: a barrier of concrete or earth that is built across a river or stream to obstruct or control the flow of water, especially in order to create a reservoir
      2.reservoir confined by dam: a reservoir of water created, confined, or controlled by a dam
      3.something like dam: a barrier that resembles or acts as a dam

    • Oltimey

      People People, can we please KCCO on here….I think we are all missing the bigger picture…..Somewhere, Someplace, they have pork rinds on for $0.99, we must find this place!

    • thedude325

      That's a huge bitch!

    • Martin

      Have you ever heard a pair of sweats scream?

  • tv_paul

    #11 For the love of god don't give him the carving knife.

    • Habsy

      He only cut's the white meat up.

      • punabutter

        Too soon……

  • Jezdezpez

    #10 I hate that dudes stupid head! I can't wait until this haircut is dead forever!

    • Charlie

      Cera – Canadian

    • http://twitter.com/Albino_Cheetah1 @Albino_Cheetah1

      When was it ever popular???

  • yherth

    #32 Not so bad

    • Jezdezpez

      I bet there is a big ol' welcome rug underneath those shorts; it's pretty bad.

      • northerner

        Proof…please…based on what assumption?

    • longshot421

      Let the jokes about flags and running them up
      poles begin….

    • beatbox

      Except that's a dude.

      • northerner

        Based on what evidence? From the tush, it's not bad at all. Granted, there are some terrifying and disturbing pics like that that prove to be dudes. Very sad dudes…hope you're wrong about this one…

    • banana flapjacks

      i pledge allegiance to that assssss

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    Oprah wolfing down a corny dog!

    • camtastic

      only meat thats ever been in her mouth… poor stedman.

    • Fappity Fap Fap

      someone please photo shop!!

    • padresfan420

      Not like this Mingey!

      • Cynster

        Holly Shit!! I scrolled right by this one just thought yea ok Fat ASS eating a dog whats the big deal…. lol and kind of thought it was a guy.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Why do I get the feeling they're siblings?

    • Fappity Fap Fap

      if they weren't siblings he would have probably had hover hands!!!

      • Hugh

        'are you sure he is a he?

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      It's Skrillex, as a child.

      • tv_paul

        It's Hillary Swank.

  • yes sir

    everyon should be worried about the future of the US…but not for these reasons.

    • grip death

      idk many of these images do bring up disturbing thoughts about the inevitable crash of our empire. if there is anything i learned from those history books is that empires do collapse, the rest is all a blur.

  • Bob

    #15, Come on people this has to stop!

    • Fappity Fap Fap

      They saved $8 on the diet mountain dew!!!!

    • Poorasfak

      You than sell these for cash to pay bills, most ppl eont get this since they never been poor or had to rely on min. Wage. Which is long hours for shit pay lol

      • monocogger

        I'm not sure about everybody else, but, I don't go looking for poor people when I'm trying to buy high quality lobster and porterhouse steaks.

        • MarkusEsq

          I'm not sure $9 lobster tails and $12 steaks are considered "high quality."

      • Dipshit

        Haha because non poor people love to buy their steak and lobster from the trunk of a chevy caprese… At a reasonable mark-up of course

    • Geaux Tigers

      Friend works at grocery store, told me a woman had some dog food in her buggy. the food stamp card wouldnt allow her to buy dog food with it. She took the dog food back, and got 10 ribeyes in its place. which of course was completely legal.

      • The_Dood

        I've heard a similar story from my cousin. He was in line at the grocery and the lady in front of him had a cart overflowing with 2 – liter bottles of soda. She payed for all of them with food stamps. When he got to the register, he was talking to the cashier about it and she informed him as to why she was only getting pop. "Her family owns a Chinese restaurant and this is how they buy the drinks for it. She's in here a few times a month."

      • Ross

        Yeah and crawfish at 3$+ a lb is ok too.

    • abird

      + $12.00 if they recycle the cans

      • rorey

        ^ Dam what state are you recycling in ?

        • DaveStinson316

          Right? I'll start saving cans like they're drowning puppies at that price.

          • abird

            The receipt is from Michigan. You pay a deposit for of $0.10 for cans. 5-24packs =120 cans $12.00.
            Crackheads and drunks will spend all their food stamp money on bottles or cans of whatever is cheapest and dump them out for the recycle money.

            • Bollyver

              You won't find an empty can on the side of the road here in Mi.

            • Stabber

              I played disc golf near Detroit once. I went out with some locals for a practice round. Being casual, we all had beer. I finished my beer and put the can in my bag. They finished theirs and threw the cans on the ground in the middle of the fairway! Even though I'm not a tree hugging greenie weeny, I protested because I don't care to see litter. They explained: There's a dime deposit on each can. The old black guy we saw in the parking lot collects the cans for the deposit. For him, it's easier and cleaner to pick up the cans from the middle of the course than it is to dig through a trash can. Hearing that, I put my cans with theirs.

              True story.

    • GR8 Scott

      Yeah, I agree, the give-aways funded by the taxpayer are off the chain. But, contrary to popular belief, some of the largest corporations in America receive more money in corporate welfare than the people in the trailer parks across our fine land. Companies like Xerox, IBM, Motorola, and General Electric, just to name a few, receive roughly $100 BILLION, YES 100 BILLION a year in subsidies from the US government. That does not cover the favorable tax laws that work in their favor, or the farm subsidies received by agricultural companies like Archer, Daniels Midland. I guess it is easier for people to single out the EBT card user at the grocery store rather than the CEO and board member of the large corporation as the ones who need to get off welfare.

      • Hugh

        easy there GR* Scott……just some folks expressing a little righteous indignation, today we chive tomorrow we start the revolution.

        • Eric oeffer

          i agree but it is very important to prepare proper ideology for time of crisis when revolution occurs otherwise all that emancipatory energy can end up very sloppy.

      • dawgbone

        They also generate a lot more than that through the taxes they do pay and the people they employ. When IBM gets a giant tax break, that allows them to contribute more to the economy than someone abusing the food stamp program ever will.

        • GR8 Scott

          Dawgbone, next time you mindlessly repeat corporate propaganda, at least paraphrase so you don't look like a paid shill or a fool. Seeing that I am a trusting person, I will assume you are the latter and heard that fairy tale on Faux News or CNBC. Ah yes, CNBC, owned and operated by General Electric, who paid $0 taxes in 2010, earned 14 billion profit, and received $3.1 billion refund from the US government!

          "Something to think about as tax day nears: General Electric is so good at doing their taxes, the government pays them. In 2010, the company reported global profits of $14.2 billion, $5.1 billion of which came from the U.S. But using a combination of offshore accounts and aggressive lobbying for tax breaks, GE managed to not only pay no taxes, but get a benefit of $3.2 billion. GE spent $200 million on lobbying in the last decade. At one point, when a generous tax break was about to expire, the head of GE's tax team met with Representative Charles Rangel, then chairman of the ways and means committee, and begged for an extension on one knee. Supposedly it was a joke, but GE got its extension, and Rangel got a $30 million gift for New York City schools. GE is an extreme example of a historical trend: The corporate share of the nation's tax receipts went from 30 percent in the 1950s to 6.6 percent in 2009."

          And GE is just an example of a whole host of companies playing the same game. Exxon posted at profit of $40 billion a couple of years ago and paid no taxes.

          So, who is the real problem, the sad sap paying with an EBT card or the corporation earning billions of dollars in profits, who pays no taxes and gets billions of dollars in refunds! And the money that is reinvested by these companies is invested in Mexico, India, China and any other country where they can pay wages a fraction of what they have to pay in the US.

          It is this kind of greed, coupled with the total ignorance expressed by you and people like you that is the real problem in this country. Dude trying to buying a T-bone with his EBT card is the least of our problems.

          • Thedude

            Where The fuck did you get your facts from? Because 90% of this is the definition of stupid

          • GR8 Scott = parrot

            Ha ha! I love it when people accuse others of being a shrill of the right and then repeat the PowerPoint presentation they saw at the last We Liberals Are Smarter Than Everyone meeting.

            • GR8 Scott

              Wow, it is hard to argue with that level of stupid. I' m not even sure what part of it is the most pathetic: 1) The inability to spell or read for context; 2) The belief that everyone who objects to large corporations receiving subsidies and not paying taxes is a liberal, or #) The fact that your views represent 90% of the Republican Party

              To those who gave a thumbs up to reason in this thread, Chive on and write in Ron Paul for president in November.

              • Gr8 scott is booty

                Write in deez nuts

          • WhatThe
        • TheJesus

          GE payed nothing in taxes last year.

        • elbruces

          Nope. Money going through more hands = more cash flow = more GDP. Money going into a Swiss bank account = less cash flow = less GDP.

      • Catman

        Not even close to comparable.

      • dlbone

        Whatever. Tell it to the proletariat, ya commie.


    • hazel

      i work at a grocery store and see this shit all the time, they get more in food stamps then i get paid in a month

      • coop cashier

        me too. the best is seeing people buy organic pre-packaged sushi with EBT, or kombucha.

      • elbruces

        Sounds like you should apply for food stamps.

    • jer

      my exwifes cousin had more kids just for more gov assist… she gets $1000 a month in food stamps and then bitches when they ask for proof of how she is getting X money for rent bills and the such… self entitled fuckstick is what they are…. some people really need that stuff and those people buy hamburger helper and the such to get by not lobster

    • Nickimacattack

      In MA you can just go to an ATM and get cash using your EBT (food stamp) card you can spend it on liquor cigarettes hookers……

    • Dr.JFever

      Total fake!! In the last year or so it would read 'Debit Quest card'. We have not had "Food stamps" here in over a decade.

    • socalmarti

      You're absolutely right! And it makes me sad for the people that these a-holes are ruining it for people that really need the help! I work part time at shelter for homeless women and lunch is ramen with frozen peas and carrots daily!

    • http://www.facebook.com/alan.carlson.96 Alan Carlson

      this is what all you young peoples hero Obama is all about

    • Well...

      To play devil's advocate: until you saw this, it never affected you. And if this is changed five minutes from now, it still won't affect you. X% is needed from you, so X% is taken from you. Thereafter, it goes to all kinds of things that we would really rather not know about.

      So why shouldn't these people, who are just about at the bottom of the rung of our society, push something out of the system that essentially put them there? Yeah, it's dishonest, but can you honestly ask them to play fair in an inherently unfair system? People will do whatever it takes not to die. I mean, what would you do if you were facing an encroaching destitution?

      • http://www.facebook.com/GunnyMo Mo Morris

        I am a disabled veteran, single dad who only gets $180 month in food stamps. While you make a couple of good points, the "bottom rung of our society" is fucking insulting. Don't lump me, and others like me, in with the retards who are milking the system. I don't buy Porterhouse steaks or lobsters.

        I can, however, say without a doubt that the system is definitely flawed and gives massive preference to women with kids with very little oversight or follow up. I've had to fight tooth and nail to get the small amount I receive. Despite all that there are people who need the help and don't abuse the system.

        Don't be so quick to judge what you haven't experienced.

      • elbruces

        If it changed five minutes from now, the people complaining wouldn't know that it changed, and still would be complaining that it hadn't.

    • Evil Dung Beetle

      The whole EBT system needs an overhaul to more closely resemble the WIC program. Allowing only certain products to be purchased with EBT cards would eliminate the buying of unnecessarily "upper crust" items. This would also allow for things like toilet paper and other essential, non-food items.

    • waty

      You can thank the dems for this… cause everyone should be entitled to nice things regardless if they earned it or not. November can't come soon enough…

  • tomas

    In #8, classic white fat kid watching TV while the Asian kids read books.

    • Tommy

      I was having a hard time with the humor. Thanks for the explanation. Ooooooh stereotypes!!!

    • elliott

      Oh i thought it was a black kid playing bball my bad

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Dat explains it!

    • Common Sense

      Dear God,
      Since you are omnipotent and the Father of all creation, why don't you let yourself in schools? Or, for that matter, allow violence against innocents in the first place?

      Common Sense

      • mikeltn

        Dear Common Sense,

        Don't be a douche. I do what I want! Plus it isn't really free will if I control everything.


        • http://www.facebook.com/matt.gabrielson.3 Matt Gabrielson

          Dear God,

          The Bible gives plenty of examples where god sent Angels or directly interfered with the affairs of man–going so far as to kill every animal and every thing that wasn't on a boat. Why are you being such a pussy?

    • http://twitter.com/LuNcH_bOx13 @LuNcH_bOx13

      Who knew god could be stopped by school rules. Dumb ass shirt!

    • Atheist

      Dear God,
      Why do you let your priests molest children? In your own house? Is it cause you don't exist?


      • mikeltn

        Dear Atheist,

        Believe if you want, don't believe if you don't. Spew your hate elsewhere and quit trying to ruin everyone else's fun.


        • Logic

          Mikeltn thinks that protecting kids from molestation is ruining everyone's fun? Wow.

        • Atheist

          I don't hate God, because he doesn't exist, I hate pedophiles, I don't think there are too many that will argue that stance, but you have, good job. Honestly anyone who thinks that God could stop violence in schools if religion was taught in schools is an idiot and deserves ridicule. The Bible is full of violence or have you not read it?

          • fuk

            hey buddy im in your corner but i gaurantee if your from the states and under 30, there is no way in hell you have read a book cover to cover, fo sho not the bible.

            • Atheist

              One, it's guarantee, and two, your is possessive you're is you are, you got it right the first time, not the second. If you're going to criticize someone for not reading you may want to learn to spell. Still really not sure what your point is either. I don't really need to read it cover to cover in order to see how much of it is crazy. Unless you believe in witches, that bats are birds and you should never cut your hair.

              • Logical

                Every atheist I've ever spoken with is a raging douchnozzle. Solution? Stop talking to atheists!

                • Atheist

                  Such a strange response from someone not even involved. Also, given that your defense is just name calling instead of a logical argument, maybe you should have chosen a different screen name. Besides I only responded to his insult of all of America by pointing out that he was an idiot, of which I have evidence, instead of just assuming as he did.

                  • Atheist is a jackass

                    ^jackass. I don't Believe in god but refuse to call myself an "atheist" because doing so comes with a MASSIVE superiority complex, as demonstrated by you. Some people were raised differently. Quit acting like you're better than them.

                    • http://www.facebook.com/cody.symes.3 Cody Symes

                      So you're an atheist that doesn't like to be called an atheist because you don't want to be stereotyped. And yet you assume said stereotype anyway… It's so stupid it just might… No, no it's just stupid.

                    • Wow Cody

                      You're a high school kid built like a middle school girl…
                      And yet you feel superior and call people stupid. That's the point.
                      Intelligence comes largely from education. Not how much time you spend on the internet reading things and re-posting them elsewhere.

            • http://www.facebook.com/cody.symes.3 Cody Symes

              I'm an eighteen year old atheist and I've read the bible cover to cover… fo sho.

    • Matt

      Right thump that bible elsewhere – unless you think God is really in favor of the religious zealots that bomb planned parenthood, and shoot doctors for performing abortions, which are by the way perfectly legal procedures…

    • TheHappyMiddleGround

      nope school needs some violence so retards who don't listen or have rich pricks can be informed they need 2 smarten up. Hell i got the belt when i was little and i know i was stupid enough 2 need it but hey if they brought back punishments that kids actually feared then their would be no super nanny or whatever its called now and America don't need that……….

  • hahaha

    #3 is amazing.

    • 1C451

      We're not, because……..#7

    • Llama

      well, if someone from Europe was trying to make a joke against America, they shouldn't have added that apostrophe to Americans. Dumbasses.

      • Mark

        You are a stupid American whose feelings get so hurt by even the slightest insult. Don't you see the Irony of these photos? They are all making fun of how stupid Americans have become. You're all so happy to make fun of the Japanese for being a bunch of weird people and yet can't take a joke when it's flung back in your face. Man up and deal with it I say otherwise you don't have the right to judge others.

        • jaketaz

          This must be the most ironic of all of them, because it's a joke about American intelligence and there's a very obvious and common typo. It's a funny joke, and if that person misspelled it on purpose, then it's even funnier. If the poster misspelled it by accident, then the poster is just as much of a stupid American as anyone else on here.

    • Hoser#1

      It's stuff like this that makes the rest of the world look like a bag of douches.

      • hahaha

        oh just accept it was a joke against your country….typical response from ya'll.

        • Hoser#1

          yeaaaaahhhhhh, not American but hey whatever makes ya feel better about being one of the douches. o_O

        • Apostrofoolish

          I think we've found the author of the text in the image – don't you mean "y'all"?

          • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=674105656 Jordan Tunnicliff

            How about you all go to Reddit or something as drap if you want to have long winded bitch fests? This is TheChive where people know how to take a joke. Have a coke and a smile and shut the f**k up.

            • nanope

              HA, you mad bro?

              • Luke

                Haha the comments on this are so stupid. You think you can judge an entire country based off of a couple ignorant people. I could go to any country and find ignorant people just like these.

                • dlbone

                  Yeah- especially France. Those bastards.

  • KFG

    #34 Dollar, dollar, bills ya'll

    • Oltimey

      Cash Rules Everything Around Me….

      • KFP

        The ammount of money I make would hurt your parents feelings….

        • Oltimey

          Let me guess…..You drive a Ferrari, 355 Cabriolet, What's up? have a ridiculous house in the South Fork. have every toy you could possibly imagine. And best of you are liquid.

        • HatBomb

          Not as much as your spelling hurts my brain…

  • KeepinCalm

    #9 Well Said #31 mistake*

    • titan04

      #31. I suppose it just shows the education level of the typical voter though.

      • clos

        Or the skill of whoever photo shopped this to try to make you believe that if you're against Obama, you must be illiterate and and idiot.

        • Filbur

          Well there ARE quite a few…

        • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666


        • BillSPreston

          Spelling error's aside, it's still true.

      • smart voter

        Vote independent!

        No Republican or Democrat is there for the common person, just the corporations that support them.


      misteaks are the best medium rare.

    • http://www.facebook.com/cody.symes.3 Cody Symes

      Poorly said, actually. When the text is sppeaking for your god it should say "Look around, I allow violence everywhere."

      • Idiot

        Get off the computer and hit the gym. Nobody is going to believe that you're smart, no matter how much crap you post. But everyone can CLEARLY see you're built like a middle school girl.

  • Kodos

    Did he carve that himself?

    • I didn't do it

      No, he's still looking for who did though.

      • Paula Fan

        First post to make laugh! That was awesome.

      • thedude325

        …and then he wrote a book about it.

    • TheUChiver

      He probably did, but it doesn't matter…He used ill fitting gloves to do so.

  • Grant

    #28 I am an ass man, but…

    • TheUChiver

      Could be posted not as hump day, but hump week and a half.

    • bobolink

      Did you mean "I'm an ass man, butt…"?

      • Andy Valentine

        "…butt I can not lie, you other brothers can't deny"

        • Dee

          I'll bet even SirMixaLot doesn't like butts THAT big…

          • Becky

            Oh my God!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=678012713 Ryan Brown

    #33 was invented by a dad for his son so he could still go out in the woods after he lost the use of his legs.

    • Derp

      Like a boss

  • chaosd

    #31 the truth hurts

    • titan04

      So does missing the point of the picture. I suppose it just shows the education level of the typical voter though.

      • Bryan


        • Turrebo

          You spelled 'douche' wrong. You also spelled 'touché' wrong. You spelled two words wrong with just one word. Amazing!

          • Anon

            It's pretty common in English to omit the accent mark on 'é' nowadays, especially since it's a pain in the ass to enter when typing with a standard English-language keyboard.

            • Bubba

              The pretty common term for that is 'lazy'…

    • freddy boy

      Especially when Mistake is Misspelled.

      • Honest


    • https://www.facebook.com/johnathan.augustine Johnathan Augustine

      So does being stupid enough to put in all the time to make that and not proof reading.

      • Jen


    • Chris Buek

      …and is spelled wrong. Misspelling "mistake" is the very definition of irony. And that guy's just effin' stupid.

  • KO617

    #15 pisses me off SO MUCH. I go to a store where legit 8/10 people in the line I'm in will buy all brand name products, and none of that shit is on sale. Then I see them pull out their EBT card and all I want to do is scream at them and their fat kids. Meanwhile I'm spending my hard earned money, which barely gets me from paycheck to paycheck without eating ramen. LIMITS NEED TO BE PUT IN PLACE. #ImMadBro

    • Grant

      At least they will be dead soon. "There are no old fat people" – House, MD

    • KeepinCalm

      Mandatory drug tests for all welfare recipients would go along way to curb that shit. But then that's a violation of their right to get fucked up on our / my / your money. Can't have that….

      • NonBrit

        It's not even a question of rights, it's just bad policy. You'll spend more on providing them free drug tests than you will get back in disqualifying recipients.

        • pigeyez

          panel screen test r extremely cheap and easy to administer so whole hardily disagree. and I'm not even from 'merica

      • http://www.facebook.com/JosiahSilas Josiah Silas Michael

        I don't know why the poor need to pass a drug test acquire food stamps. You can't buy drugs with food stamps. If you're concerned about state money being blown on extravagant or illegal substances, why not drug test politicians? I can at least feel better about holding them up to a higher standard than I can the poor.

        I don't know what it is about conservatives that fires them up more than how the poor are spending our government resources. There's waste at every level of government spending, and requiring the lower class to jump through more hoops to get the help they need isn't going to solve anything, it's just going to make it a bigger pain in the ass for honest, law abiding lower class that depend on those programs.

        • FLA

          People can get cash back.

          • Dia

            No, you can't. The cards were put in place to remove the social stigma of the paper 'food stamp' and to make it a harder to trade currency. (It can still be done but it's more effort than cash % for x amount of paper stamps). The cards serve multiple purposes though. Any cash benefits are also placed on that card and at check out you have the ebt food or ebt cash option to tell the computer which choice to with draw from. As it stands your average household gets almost nothing close to what your average weeks pay a month equals in food stamps and if you're feeding more than one person you find that money doesn't go very far anymore. As for the above who commented that it's faked, they are correct. The system stopped identifying them as food stamps several years ago. I love the stories of welfare queens and how the reality of any such creature is pretty much a myth. Y'all go on believing what ever makes it ok to justify your hate of someone though.

          • flyzeyez

            no the fuck they can't you fucking douchenozzle!

        • OTR

          if you're hard up enough that you need food stamps then you don't need to be spending the rest of your money on drugs.

      • B8ovin

        Florida tried this, and under pressure did a cost analysis of the program. They spent money on the tests and came no where near recouping that cost in denying aid. Furthermore, studies in Florida, Massachusetts and Rhode Island have ALL concluded that drug use among those receiving state and federal aid is LOWER than the general population.

        Of course, it's always easier to have stereotypes. Makes having an opinion so cheap.

    • mikeltn

      Occupy Welfare. The more Socialist efforts we make to equal everyone out means that those who won't work get to live better than those who do. Survival of the fittest.

    • annoyed

      yeah it makes me sick…everytime i go to the store during "welfare week" you see an ocean of unruly kids running around the store and thier mommas walking in high heels,fake nails and a full blown wig thinking she's the hottest thing known to man…meanwhile she's on welfare!

      and don't get me started on those teen age broads…WELFARE..is the answer they spread thier legs and push out kid after kid AFTER KID!

      and my check get SIPHONED OFF by the feds every pay check!..


      • comrade7apaches

        Not everyone. I'm a single father with two kids.I have EBT because it helps us get through the month. I pay my taxes and have a job that pays so so. We don't go on vacation or even buy candy or soda. My kids wear hand me downs and we live within our means. I wouldn't consider everyone who uses EBT a welfare succubus. check yourself troll. Once i can afford to not be so depended on EBT I'm giving back to my community more and more. so go fuck yourself 'annoyed.' we are the richest country in the world. Why can we help out others who have a bit less and need basic things to keep their kids feed?
        Did you ever get a check from mom? did dad let you take his car out? Did you pay for college with your money you earned? No? The GFY.

        later douche

        • mikeltn

          Qatar is the richest company in the world. The U.S. ranked sixth last year.

          • linkx

            You mean country, and yes they are the richest thanks to their oil fields and very low population. Have 300 million citizens in Qatar and then we'll see if they are the richest.

        • annoyed

          first of ASS WIPE i wasn't talking about "YOU" i was talking about who i was talking about!
          and if you felt the "NEED" to place yourself in my conversation about bitches on welfare like they won the mega millons THAT'S ON YOU!

          i wasn't talking about families WHO NEED THE HELP…so please next time MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS…I WASN'T TALKING ABOUT FOLKS LIKE YOURSELF.

          • comrade7apaches

            ass wipe? yikes, I hope your ma doesn't delete your WOW account after that language.
            "i wasn't talking about families WHO NEED THE HELP" so who were you talking about? People who don't need the help? Because that makes sense. What I wanted to point out was you just classified everyone who has some sort of state welfare in one group. Yes. Yes you did. And yep, I felt like I did need to put my comment in your verbal diarrhea, to defend myself. You shouldn't label folks during tough times. Once a woman/man is drunk enough to fuck you and/or start a family, then you will understand how hard it is to get by raising a family on your own. Who knows, maybe your of age and have children. But I DOUBT IT WITH THE NEED TO CAPLOCKS!!! grow up. And another thing boy, you don't know the story about this 'momma.' you have no clue what her story is friend, so YOU should mind your own business and stop validating someones worth on what they wear or look like. I hate to troll like this, but you sir are a turd sandwich…

            CAP LOCKS!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

            • annoyed

              look "noodle dick"..please stay in your lane i was talking about people who abuse the welfare system and it seems your one of them instead of arguing with me online you need to find a way the get the fuck off welfare and get the fuck out of my pockets….

              you sound like and over grown loser who can't take care of your hungry ass kids….i don't have kids nor do i want any..i'm too young any way……but i work and i pay for your kids to eat LOSER!…i bet your old enough to be my father and yet you find time to argue with me about something you had nothing to do with and i wasn't even talking to you….

              what a low life loser…..

              so like i said SLUM DOG…MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS

              • comrade7apaches

                you are a sad little boy. I wish someone would give you a hug.
                Dont ever talk about someones else;s kids. You are a troll. and you don't pay for my kids to eat. What world are you living in. You got it all figured out don't ya boy?

                if you take offense to something so easily, then why post it? You are very defensive. Sounds like you are going to have a great summer break trolling on the websites. Have fun. If I was your teacher, I'd talk to your mother about your grammar and sentence structure. You should go to summer school.

                Again, don't talk about my children. You need to learn the basics of a common debate or argument.
                Later Kyle.

              • that's not nice

                I worked in a grocery store and I have never seen anything like that. Most of them buy TONS of frozen one dollar banquet or marie callender meals. It makes me sad because I have so much and never deserved any of it. Don't pick on people, especially if you don't know their story.

        • socalmarti

          Keep your head up partner! Not everybody is like these lobster people! I work at a homeless shelter where everybody has to pool their fs and they're eating ramen daily, people just like to bully the poor, because they are an easy target, focus on the banks and corporations I say!

      • pigeyez

        just a question but don't u guys pay like no tax? I'm from canada and am in the second highest tax bracket which is 33%. granted i get free health care, our schools are awesome and our infrastructure isn't crumbling i don't mind how much could they possibly take? i completely agree your guys socialist system of absorbent government handouts is why your country is crumbling and ours is the envy of every economy on the planet id just like to know how much REALLY is getting syphoned off? i pay $2000 A WEEK in taxes and i am very middle class.

        • guest

          Your health care may be free but its quality sucks compared to Americas my cousin waited 2 months to have her gallbladder removed while I had mine taken out 3 days after getting sick.As far as your infrastructure and education goes your country is doing no better than any other western nation.While living in Canada I noticed you have all the same problems with the only difference being that your people refuse to acknowledge them.

          • cheddar

            The quality is quite good, it is just that since it is nearly free, we all get in line and wait for the next available slot. If we want to pay for our procedure, nobody is stopping us and we can get it done asap at a private facility. As far as education is concerned, Canada is consistently ranked at the top or in the top 5, depending on which study you look at. The US unfortunately hovers around the 20 mark. (I checked it on the interweb). Which problems do you suggest we are refusing to acknowledge? Unavailabilty of guns? A too stable economy? Lack of racial tension? Lack of foreclosures to bid on? Too much clean air and water? Lack of an over-heated patriotic bravado? Every country has problems and they are all different.

            To take a step back and address the Lobster, it was obviously an attempt to point out the issues that face the program (and the country) in a humorous way. Given the debate it inspired, I think it hit the mark!

      • http://www.facebook.com/ItsJustKK Karen Schubert Skladanowski

        I agree with you 100%! I am also not going to vote for Obama, who considers it a badge of honor to be referred to as "the welfare President." This has to be stopped…our country can't afford it. Vote the socialist out of office…at least it will be a start.

      • b8ovin

        I am always so readily swayed by anecdotal evidence. For instance, your outrage was no doubt justified because all the people who annoyed you wore signs identifying them as welfare recipients. And of course I accept your generalization of teen mothers as fact, because it just has to be true or why would so many intelligent Americans be saying it?

    • sheoncebelieved

      stop voting for liberals.

      • comrade7apaches

        yeah. we need more guys like mitt and newt in office. y u so dumb?

        • ShakeyTheMoyle

          Cause Obama, Pelosi and Reid are doing a bang up job =/

    • Cantaloupe

      The same people who piss and moan about welfare piss and moan about abortion. Guess what, you pick one or the other. You can't get rid of both.

      • snotrocket51

        if you cant feed them don't breed them…they chose to have children they need to pay for it! why is it my responsibility to pay for their mistakes…

        • OTR

          especially when they're having more gets to get more money. it's a fabulous system.

    • Nugget

      EXACTLY. It PAINS me when i'm at the store behind people like this, because as a full time college student who is working ALMOST full time as well, I barely have enough money to pay rent/car/phone necessities, and then have groceries to worry about, but I'm still working my tail off to try and GET that money. Fuck people like this. Only take what you absolutely need, lazy bastards. Oh, I see you have the new iPhone but you're also on food stamps….how'd you manage that one?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=656311938 Stephen Gondek

        I couldn't agree more with you. I also am a college student who works almost full time with no benefits. To be fair, my parents are paying for my college, but i receive no additional aid from them. i have had to choose, more then once mind you, to either pay my rent, buy food or pay off my credit cards minimum amount due. While a government hand out will help in the short run, it does nothing for me in the long run.

        People do not understand this and are unwilling to live within their means. They get stuck in a loop of debt and dependency that can only be broken by extreme self control. we will always have poor people in this country, but some of them are the way they are because they can not prioritize their finances/expenditures.

        hell, i didn't have a cell phone for over a year because i could not afford it.. i would give up cigarettes and drinking before i had to go on government assistance. Almost no person will make these personal sacrifices to stay out of the system. that is why we, as a nation, are slowly deteriorating.

        … enough ranting. Time to KCCO!

    • http://twitter.com/abrasive_punk @abrasive_punk

      People like this make me embarrassed to admit I need aid. But it's also really shitty that because of this, on the rare occasion I put a sucker in with my normal groceries (baby foods, fruits, vegetables, whatever meat happens to be on sale, and rarely anything name brand), I get the fucking stink eye.

    • insidejessicasheart

      I see this shit all the time as well. I hate it so much.
      I complain about it all the time on facebook.

  • Jo-Dye

    #7 America!! FUCK YA!! So kiss my ass and suck on my balls!

    • Hunter X

      WTF is the matter with this one?

      • borisborov

        Just a little over the top.

        Much like 'Merica.

        • Fig

          mexican learning kung fu with american eagle = not american or is it now?

    • Falthor

      that looks like the kids from the Foot Fist way… nothing more merican then that.

    • Cap'n Dildo

      Green card, you wanna see my green card? How 'bout my green belt, perra!!!

  • GomerPyle


    • 'Merica


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