‘Merica. Is anyone else concerned about the future of our country? (35 photos)

  • Skribblez88

    #6, the Big Mac guy from Supersize Me

  • Derpington

    #15 go punch yourself in the gunt you fat welfare fck. I work 60 hours a week and I've never even tasted lobster.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cody.symes.3 Cody Symes

    #9 Wouldn't that mean that god (whichever one of the many this could be talking about) allows violence everywhere, even the places that it is allowed?

  • PO2 Willie

    #12 #13 #31 #32 #33

    I fail to see a problem

  • manowarz

    #3 Because we know that apostrophes are for possessives, not plurals.

    #12 That's actually really clever.

    #2, #19, #32 These seem more like arguments FOR 'Merica.

  • West

    #9 The 4 little kids from the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing might not agree with you.

  • Concerned Brit

    don't worry Americans… the rest of the world is worried about you too.

  • sean

    if you dont like America, then get the fuck out

  • http://www.facebook.com/dermagraphicartist Jeremy Chive-On Hughes

    @14- that guys from springfield il. hahahahahah
    there are just as many 'Mericans here as texas!

  • Big H

    #26 should have a canadian dog tag

  • Drew

    I am absolutely NOT concerned about the future of our country. I have merely accepted its imminent (or already current?) demise. Was fun while it lasted though.

  • Drew

    Reason #36 – See the posts on any internet message board; including this message board.

  • LadyTam

    So….general cultural quirkiness = the end of existence as we know it?

    Am I worried about America because of these photos?

    Not particularly. XD We're no more or less quirky than anywhere else. 🙂

  • yohy

    Dear God,
    Why did you allow so much violence during the crusades, inquisition, witch trials, and other holy wars?

    God: . . . oh, hey, look at the time, gotta run.

  • seriously.

    #20 … when a paid journalist writes "none of them was injured," you know that there is no hope for your country.

  • jeremy

    #24. Sadly I actually live in Louisville, KY around the corner from said barber shop. Might have to start getting hair cuts there and win an ak

  • Nicole

    It scares me that I know which gas station #28 is.

  • Brodie

    When will people learn that it's mostly the meathead frat boys and alcoholic rednecks from the south that behave this way

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