NHL Ice Girls will warm your cold heart (24 Photos)

  • asdf

    This is just pathetic. We live in a society where a website like the chive dictates criminal activity. This post is asking for users to stalk women against their will, find pictures of them, and post personal information about them.

    How creepy is that?

    Would you want some creepy 40 year old men with a semi-original idea for a website to ask it’s users to find out who you are and stalk you?


    I mean seriously . This is just so messed up!
    If you are against this website, and want to shut it down like me:

    1)Email me at chiveisrac ist@gm ail.com
    2)Go to facebook and vote down their website and report it as spam. Facebook will shut them down
    3)Contact your local media and report the chive’s illegal activities
    4)Make your voice heard!
    5)Together we can accomplish change we can believe in.

    God Bless,
    Mayer Jacoby



  • https://www.facebook.com/heyjj10million Anthony Joseph

    Yet another reason hockey is amazing!!

  • Bradyized

    This entire post is why hockey is AWESOME!
    and #20 you are amazing

  • Shane

    No Canadian teams? That would change if you saw the blonde bombshell in Calgary. @Biznasty2point0 tweets about her every time he is in town.

  • Anonymous

    OH dear God do I need to start watching hockey!

  • Hawaii Chiver

    OH dear God, I need to start watching Hockey!


    #4 I do love the Islanders Ice girls, another great reason to go to the games!

  • OPZ

    #23 needs to be found yesterday

  • DrewGW

    My buddies wife is a member of the Storm Squad (Hurricanes Ice Girls). God, i love going out with them and her friends!

  • Secretly hate my job

    Find them all!!! MOAR ICE QUEENS IN TIGHT CLOTHING, please.

  • https://www.facebook.com/mike.arthur.18 Mike Arthur

    Go Stars!!!!!!!!!!

  • starchild

    #6 DEVINE!

  • Mister_Reed85

    #6 #16 #17 #19
    I lived in Dallas all my life and have not been to stars game….I need to start going.

  • genghistron132

    #23 find her!!!

  • DaMitz

    I'm a big fan of the Blackhawks…. #1, #10 & #23… but who is that lovely #20?

  • Houdini112

    please moar of #9 and #20


    #20 Perhaps a trip to Winnipeg may find her. Too bad the Thrashers moved.

  • drbman

    #23 this is why i wish i were a professional athlete

  • Eric

    No lightning girls? Come on. You're seriously missing out.

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  • Dave

    some of those girls have a webcam show at hot69cam.com

  • Marlon



  • Irish

    #12 I really like the tall blonde. She's really hot.

  • onlinefunland

    Reblogged this on onlinefunland.

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