• Eezo


  • BabyFart Magizax

    Haha, andrew w.k…

    • ajh


  • Whiskey_Drinker

    Now that's a helluva way to wake up! I wonder if that's the only song he does it to or if he has a different 'rise and shine' for different genres too. Play some Sinatra and he's all smooth and debonair 🙂

  • dabhand

    Parenting, you doing it right

  • AndreChamer

    The kid is the drivers little brother, at least that's what the newspapers around here tells..

    The story is also that this kid is only 3 years of age!

  • MissChris

    Keep Calm and Rock On kid!

  • Oscar

    Epic Parents for Nirvana teachings….

  • Canofeles

    This kid got a place in my memory with the "marley baby" n "metal baby"

  • dsf

    I'll call troll on it.. Fake, but not gay

  • T.G.

    Nice wake up, good thing they didn't crash. Kid's head would've came off, peep the seat belt.

  • Thor

    the only cool thing about this video is the hottie on all fours

  • Morgan

    That is a kick ass kid to bad it was a shitty song

  • Hotchman

    Now this is a funny kid!

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