Daily Afternoon Randomness (52 Photos)

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  • Chris

    #16, #25, #32.

  • Jeff

    That video gives whole new meaning to getting caught with your pants down. Compliments shouldnt and were not to be confused with derogatory remarks, its not the same as being called a retard, nigger, spic, faygo etc. thats far mre personal. But all you self deceived uneducated blockhead feminist son of a bitches wouldnt really know the difference. They should call it sexual orientation harassment, otherwise they dont and people on the internet are stupid enough to misunderstand harassment for sexuality.

  • jim

    #19 Absolutely stunning.

  • FAP


  • Lolzitron

    #38 THIS IS SPARTA!?!?

  • http://www.autocad.carbonmade.com _Beau

    #51, oh thank you!!! Yes please!

  • http://www.facebook.com/zach.faulkner.7 Zach

    #19 Where are you at in country right now? I'm in RC-East!!

  • rohirrim


    Yes, please.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.ryderberg Andrew Ryderberg

    number 23

  • tyron039


    defiantly chive worthy without question or doubt😀 KCCO

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