• salmon


  • salmon

    first again no!

    • 29er

      How can you be first again if you commented second? You sir, are a twat. And a fishy smelly one at that.

  • Dan


  • ABCdario

    The only epic here is the music. It shows us how important is music to bring up a scene
    Can we know the name and artist ?

    • http://barb.fr Barb.fr

      Kavinsky – Roadgame

      • https://www.facebook.com/fecanolopez Felipe Cano

        thanks sir

  • noegod


  • etcrr

    That dog needs that treadmill bad

  • 29er

    That music makes me want to punch dance the rest of the day.

  • SmokinLamb

    Makes me want to punch dance on the people who say "first". Especially when they try it twice. Jk,
    Cool vid!

  • dirty toe nail

    I dozed off. How did it end?

  • AngryScouser

    Every fucking video I try doesn't fucking work ahhhhhhhh. If the next video doesn't work I'm…….. I'm……….. I'm gunna go outside and punch a fucking swan!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh

  • Just A. Jason

    You say get creative, yet when artists send you creative things you do nothing with them! You sir, are a liar! How do I know this you may ask? I know many great/creative people who have sent you stuff. Yet you post the same damn photos 3 times in one week. For shaaaaaaaammmeeeee!!

    • Haha

      Relax, sunshine…the shit you sent them was just fucking retarded…that's why they haven't posted any of it.

      • Just A. Jason

        Maybe you should learn to read, tool box. I wasn't speaking about stuff I personally sent. They have posted things I have sent in. I was referencing other people. Had you not been birthed by a crack whore of a mother and were born with even partial brain activity you would have picked up on that. So eat a sack of baby dicks.

        • Tyler

          You sound upset. You say that you are referring to other people that have sent things in; however, your anger makes that seem highly unlikely. You are also forgetting the fact that the Chive did not put this video together. You're also referencing pictures, whereas this is a video. When was the last time they repeated videos? Your logic is nonexistent. Get your panties out of a bunch (or whatever that saying is).

          • Just A. Jason

            Woooow. Another jerk-off making assumptions. Tyler Tyler Tyler. I assume that's an alias. For your sake I hope it is as a grown man named Tyler seems quite embarrassing. Anyway, where you came up with the idea that I was just referencing pictures baffles me. Also, I don't recall saying they repeat videos. If you read what I wrote (you must be just as ignorant as HaHa) I specifically said "photos". But I don't expect anyone who is trolling and trying to be funny (especially one named Tyler) to actually READ before jumping to conclusions. You know what the say about people who make assumptions….they have names like "Tyler". Maybe you should focus your attention on something more constructive.

  • socal dude

    Vimeo is better. Chive I would like to inform you that your video player suck a big one.

    And this video sucks, not because of the content but because it is not in HD contrary to your claims of many pixels.

    • http://barb.fr barb.fr

      You can watch the video in HD here

    • Tyler

      Click the HD button. Caution: requires small amounts of competence.

  • Ballen

    Sub par post chive….

  • BHam69

    Does this video make anyone else want to do something extremely terrifying and incredibly awesome?

  • just some douche

    mac….you post very sucky videos.

  • BladeIcewood

    Decent video…I would like to see a list of the original videos tho to check em out

  • Rafael_RS

    go Brasil's Carnaval!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=560388456 David Irving

    what is the name of the skiing video?

  • wow

    what is the name and artist of the music behind it? it's awesome

  • Cantaloupe

    Let's take 3 second clips of 40 cool videos; that'll make an awesome video, amirite?

  • http://www.facebook.com/sam.bjorklund3 Sam Bjorklund

    Song located "Roadgame by Kavinsky"

  • A.J.R

    That was legit

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