I miss college: Graduation edition (55 Photos)

  • guest

    could that kid on the right in #29 be any more of a tool how bout we get a shirt that fits next time

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/CuseHD wes

    hey guys my buddy is trying to get his youtube channel started up and doesnt think he can hit 1000 subscribers. I know how the chive likes helping out and figured id ask yall to take a minute and check his page out and show him how the chive community does it. Its sports and gaming as well as all sorts of random things. Please check it out and subscribe if you like it! Thanks KCCO

  • another chiver

    #4 is that a one player game?

  • Houdini112

    would't mind playing a game or two with you#28

  • Mr. McGibblets

    #28 Can we get this chick an internship or something????

  • Lyss

    Love the wizard staffs 😉 Go NAU!!!! KCCO

  • Jammy

    #15 Can we stop showing these now???? They stopped being funny 219 posts ago

  • beverageninja

    #28 It wasn't until I saw this picture that I regretted moving out of Washington. Also, you had to know that posting a photo with an Xbox controller was gonna cause the geeks to freak. So, can I get your gamertag?

  • PKDubs

    #28, that's not even fair.

  • kushwizard420

    or you can enjoy it like the rest of us that use the site and dont check it daily if your a whiner and complainer cause thanks to the first amendment good luck getting rid of this and go away

  • kushwizard420

    oh and PS KCCO!

  • bob

    #3,#8, #18 and #28 – love college

  • Rick

    Actually I really did miss the grad ceremonies. The Dean's daughter and I did not wake up in time so we just stayed in bed and graduated again.

  • abc

    #23 wat ??

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